Fuck Me Grandpa
Fuck Me Grandpa 3362 Fuck Me Grandpa Some old dudes still like to chase young tail, and lucky for these old geezers, some young chicks like older man.
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Fuck Me Grandpa

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Fuck Me Grandpa

Short Review

Some old dudes still like to chase young tail, and lucky for these old geezers, some young chicks like older man! Here at Fuck Me Grandpa, you can see the XXX exploits of one 60 something man known as Uncle Jesse and a bevy of younger girls that just can't seem to get enough of his antique dick! Members also get access to 18 more sites in the network for the same price.

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Although this isn't the first site I've visited featuring much older men with hot young honeys, this kind of smut isn't exactly common. That being said, the materials here are definitely not original or exclusive to this site, and seem to be taken from a series of DVDs or perhaps even VHS tapes featuring one old guy, Uncle Jesse. Jesse is 60 something years old, but that doesn't keep him from scoring with much younger women on a regular basis!

There are currently 190 videos and 51 photo sets available here at Fuck Me Grandpa. Nothing is dated, and I'm pretty sure that the collection does not grow. The flicks can range from just a few minutes to over a half hour long each, and they all featured Jesse with younger women sucking and sucking in a variety of locations. This old guy lives quite the life, taking his younger dates all over the place for sex, from the park to the pool to his bed.

There are a couple of really major issues with the Fuck Me Grandpa collection. First of all, none of the videos here are available for download. Only streaming is supported. Perhaps even worse is the quality. Most of these are just 320 x 240 pixels with bitrates in the 300 to 500 kbps range. They're dark, discolored, grainy, blurry, and bad. Some look better than others, but on average this video collection would score perhaps a 2 out of 10 on the quality scale. The photos, which for some strange reason feature a much younger man named Pepe instead of 60-year-old Jesse, are a little bit better in terms of quality. However, many of the image sets listed in the photo section are actually screen captures from videos rather than actual digital photos.

Nav, Design & Features

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The mostly purple, grey, and gold tour pages for Fuck Me Grandpa offer video trailers, preview images, text, and more about the site. Unfortunately, it suffers from the same issues that most stores do in that it offers very little concrete actual information about the size of the site, updates, or the quality level.

The members area here is quite plain. An easy-to-use menu provides direct access to a video and photo sections, bonus content, customer support, and a few sections filled with ads. There are no search or sort tools here at all, nor is there any information about the scenes or model. Videos and photos are simply listed in galleries with brief titles like Uncle Jesse Volume 17 Part 2 and that's it.

The movies and photo galleries are listed 48 to a page. When you click a photo gallery, you'll be taken to a page where you can view all of the images in a gallery with variable sized thumbnails or watch an automatic slideshow of all of the pictures. Movies are typically available in WMV and Flash format, and both of these are offered for streaming only.



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Fuck Me Grandpa is a little bit different than most sites, but unfortunately the quality here is so low that I just really can't recommend it. The members area lacks personality and features, you can't download the flicks, and overall I just felt like this one was a dud. I think there are better spots to see old dudes with younger gals.

Pros & Cons

  • + Sticks to the older man/younger woman theme
  • + Bonus sites included
  • - Quality is not good
  • - No video downloads
  • - No updates