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Home Grown Video 3097 Home Grown Video Homegrown Video is the original and claims to still be the best amateur site around.
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Home Grown Video

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Home Grown Video

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Homegrown Video is the original and claims to still be the best amateur site around. Since way back in 1982 the site has received 12 AVN awards so it goes without saying that there's no joking around when it comes to this site. Homegrown features videos and pictures most of which have been submitted from amateur couples to show the entire world their sexual prowess and hot bodies. So if you're an amateur fan and can't seem to find an amateur site you are satisfied with this one will impress!

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Homegrown Video has been around for an amazingly long time, there's information on the site which claims that it has been providing the net with amateur content since way back in 1982! Damn I didn't even know you could share porn over the internet back then, so obviously when it comes to amateur porn the guys behind the Homegrown Video site certainly know what fans are looking for. The site provides a myriad of different types of amateur porn ranging from girl on boy encounters, steamy solo masturbation scenes, and incredibly hot lesbian videos. There's something here for just about any type of amateur fan and there's a ton of it to boot!

Given that the site has been online since the early 80's it's no surprise that there's an epic amount of content available for members to indulge in. There's currently over 3500 videos to go through, needless to say that is going to take quite some time for members to finish and it looks like they won't ever get the chance to finish that entire collection as it is still being added to even after being live for so long the site is still very active on updates, some days there are up to 4 uploads! While others only feature one however uploads do occur daily so if you do the math there members are pretty much set for life when it comes to amateur porn.

Members have the choice of downloading or streaming the videos straight off the site. The streamed versions are available in wmv and flash format, out of the two versions the flash format comes in the highest quality with an encoding rate of (1200kbps @ 640x480) while the wmvs aren't far behind clocking in at (1000kbps @ 640x480). If you're after true quality and want to keep the videos on your hard drive you'll want to stick with the wmvs which are available in encoding rates of (2000kbps @ 720x480). The downloadable scenes can be downloaded in short segments or full scenes and have no DRM restrictions so if you wish to keep them forever you may.

Besides the videos Homegrown Videos also provides picture content despite the site title making it sound like it's a video only site. Either way it's a good thing that they provided photo content as they are looking quite nice. There's a current total of over 740 individual picture sets which carry up to 150 images each on average. The quality of the photos stays fairly consistent though you will come across a few galleries which aren't as great as the rest, for the most part however the photos look great, clarity is decent and the colors are rich, also they measure in quite nicely with dimensions of up to 750x536 pixels. Overall I am glad they provided photo content to keep photo lovers in the loop, not like they needed it with their massive video collection but it's always nice to have some picture content on the side.

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Upon loading up the tour pages some music will automatically start up which probably isn't a good thing if you're keeping your porn viewing on the low down though I have to say it's some what catchy. The tour pages certainly look a lot more professional than the average amateur site and it is quite flashy to say the very least, it definitely gives you an impression that this site is going to be different from all the other amateur sites you've been to and with all the propaganda stating how long it has been up and all the awards it's won from AVN will certainly give potential customers high expectations which I can safely say will be met.

Once you've loaded up the homepage for Homegrown videos you will immediately be presented with 3 thumbnails representing videos which other members are currently viewing. Going further down the homepage you'll come across the latest updates all of which are also represented in thumbnail form. To view the entire archive of updates you will have to click on the videos tab situated within the top navigation menu. Upon doing so you will be presented with the thumbnail links to all the past updates, you can browse through them via upload date, category, or series.

The same can be said for the photo gallery, simply click on the tab within the top navigation menu and you will be taken to the main gallery. From there you will be presented with the thumbnail links to the main galleries which by default are organized by upload date. Like the video gallery however you can also choose to browse through the collection via category. My only gripe with the photo galleries is that you can only view them through flash format, it would have been nice if there was the option of downloading the sets but I suppose we can't win them all.

Homegrown Video provides a nice array of other features which really give the members a sense of being in a part of a community. These include a community section from where you can keep in touch with other members via forums and chat, there are also live cam shows, and erotic stories to keep members busy if they need a break from all the saucy amateur porn. Overall it's a very well put together site, the layout may take some getting used to as there are quite a few sections to the site. My only gripe is that the site does look a little plain, but overall it's a fairly easy site to browse once you know where everything is.



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Well I would have to say that the site certainly deserves the crown for online amateur porn and it's no surprise now why the site has received 12 AVN awards. The sites trump card would certainly have to be it's content numbers and hey with over 20 years of being live it's no surprise they've got a massive archive of videos and pictures. Also as far as amateur sites of this nature go the videos are excellent in quality and the variety of different types of amateur scenes is quite refreshing.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tons of content
  • + Quality is good
  • + Nice mix of categories covered
  • + Has won multiple AVN awards
  • + Lots of extras
  • + Active community of members
  • + Exclusive ReviewPorn DISCOUNT!!!