Karups Home Town Amateurs
Karups Home Town Amateurs 3381 Karups Home Town Amateurs Amateur porn has been around for an awfully long time and it appeals to people in many ways. Amateur porn has a certain charm to it where it just feels genuine and real.
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Karups Home Town Amateurs

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Amateur porn has been around for an awfully long time and it appeals to people in many ways. Amateur porn has a certain charm to it where it just feels genuine and real. Karups Home Town Amateurs is a website that aims to provide you with this charm. They have thousands of amateur videos of solo girls as well as hardcore and softcore fuck scenes which contain everything you need for a good amateur masturbation session. There are also tens of thousands of photo galleries for you to explore.

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  • Exclusivity: 4/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 13/15
  • Speed: 12/15
  • Quantity: 15/15

Karups Home Town Amateurs is one of the sites in the Karups.com network. It concentrates on content which is centered around amateur porn. The pornstars in these videos are usually incredibly young and quite new to the porn industry. This makes them the ideal candidates for people who appreciate the innocent feel of women as they are trying things out for the first time in their adult acting careers.

There are over 6,700 videos on Karups Hometown Amateurs, many of which are in fantastic quality as well. With thousands of videos at your disposal, both softcore and hardcore, you will find the ideal porn film to jerk off to. They release a new one every couple of days so you can always expect to see something new pop up on their website.

They first started releasing videos on the Karups Hometown Amateurs website back in the year 2001. Their first video on the amateur website was released on February the 6th that same year. It is easy to see how far the quality has come in recent times since then. Karups Hometown Amateurs have picked up some things over the years and started using better camera equipment. That is the sort of advancement you would expect a website would make in nearly 20 years of existence and experience.

The quality of the videos you can expect with the latest releases goes up to 1080p when you are streaming, and up to 4K if you are downloading the porn. Unfortunately, those earliest releases go down to as little as 240p in resolution. It seems that Karups Hometown Amateurs did not keep any of the source files so that they could remaster their work. This is also unfortunate because the videos themselves are amazing.

If you want to experience their earlier work but in better quality, then you should check out their Karups Hometown Amateurs photo galleries. There are over 12,000 photo galleries to check out in their Amateurs section, and they go all the way back to the year 2002. With photos you can really see that the quality was always there, it was only the resolution that was the issue, especially for the videos.

If all of this sounds great and you want to get access to all the porn content we have covered in this review, then it will cost you $19.95 for the base monthly membership. There is also an option for a 3-day trial that will cost you a bit less than 5 bucks, just so that you can get a feeling of the website and the content it will provide you with. Three months bill at around $55 and an annual membership will cost you around $120. Certainly, premium prices, but also cheaper than some competition!

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 8/10

As you explore Karups Home Town Amateurs, you will notice that the other two websites in the network are also easily accessible. Sometimes you will find yourself accidentally going to the entire network when browsing content, but you can very easily switch back to the Amateur website under the Sites tab and dropdown menu.

When you are in the Amateur section, you will notice that you have two categorizations for videos and six categorizations for photos. The video categories are Softcore and Hardcore, whilst the photo categories are Athletic, Babes, Ethnic, Hardcore, Outdoors, and Toys. All these categories are quite useful when you want to get a certain vibe from the content on this website.

As for the design, Karups Hometown Amateurs looks quite modern, but it does have a few aspects that could be improved. Namely, the diamond shaped pink elements on the center of the banner image are a bit too much. They work great as page section separators, but for the banner image they just clutter it for no reason. Those should be removed, leaving only the image up there.

Browsing through content pages could also be made easier. Right now, you can only jump 10 pages at a time as you try to reach some of the older content on the website. The navigation could certainly be improved as well so you do not accidentally leave the Amateur website when you are switching between Video, Photo, and Models content. These are all simple fixes.

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Amateur porn videos in Full HD and 4K resolution are not that easy to come by, so that is why you have amazing websites such as Karups Home Town Amateurs to bring these amazing porn films to you. It does not matter if you are looking for Softcore or Hardcore content, videos, or photos, you will absolutely have it all in one place with this gorgeous website. All of this will be around $20 a month, which is affordable when compared to some other competitor websites with premium amateur content.

Pros & Cons

  • + Been around 20 years
  • + Over 12,000 photo galleries
  • + More than 6,700 amateur videos
  • + Full HD 4K video quality
  • + New release every few days
  • + Affordable prices
  • - Older videos cannot be streamed