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Forget other social media, when you're looking for some hot babes (or guys) to hook up with, when you want to share your dirty videos, your homemade tapes and photos, when you want to find a date, whatever you want to do or show off, you can do it here. It's free to register then you buy 'Dirtycents' to spend on downloading images and videos and away you go. You can search by country and all kinds of other things and really indulge your own dirty hobby, as long as it's to do with sex.
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Our total rating: 83/100

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My Dirty Hobby is a mix of a site: part photo and video sharing, part hook-up, part Tube site Three's a lot to see and do here and how much you spend on your hobby is up to you. It's better than model making, stamp collecting or cigarette card saving. As it's all about amateur guys and girls being as filthy and 'porny' as they want to be. There are lots of sections to check out and so this isn't going to read like one of our usual Review Porn reviews.

Starting at the home page you find a long left column of menu items and, centre stage, the latest videos and a list of who is live online at the time. You may want to stock up on 'coins' first, and we'll look at prices later, or you may what to start searching and see who is near you. I checked out the latest videos first and found that there were 5,181 as uploaded by amateurs. Numbers are hard to pin down here - an earlier review from 2015 suggested over 349,000 of them and that may well be true but I don't know who counted them as I didn't find a full list, ditto photos where there are, apparently, over 235,000, but I know what I saw and, numbers aside, there is a load of content to check out.

These videos are all homemade; it's not one of those tube, sharing sites where you upload stolen content from other sites, it's all about you. So, I found girls from all over the globe with their BFs, or their hubbies, on their own or with their GFs, it's a right old mix. They are usually presented with good info and write-ups from members (and you can change the language of the site to suit you) and there are links to the profile of the members who uploaded. These are often clips and are shown with Flash streams up to good resolution levels depending on who took them and on what. Don't expect studio quality though, but do expect raw, amateur fun.

The same quality guidelines go with the thousands of images that members have added. More details, inks, and galleries where you have to buy the full sized images (you have to buy everything as you go, videos included) and the photos form part of the members' profile, so there are links to any videos and more information. It works well and you can spend hours searching for exactly who you want to form online friendships with. You can also search out for the top amateur of the year, the top online amateurs and the top videos and it looks like the site awards the 'amateur of the Year' by presenting their content here.

There are also areas for top newcomer and top videos, a section for your own playlists and others that people have shared, you can use a category list for searching and a search box that leads to a detailed search page and they even have an area for Video Sales where members have reduced the prices of their movies as special offers.

So, as you can see, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what is here and how it will be updated but, suffice to say, there is a lot, it's all amateur content and there are new guys and girls coming online all the time and adding new images. The Online area lets you see who is active right now and the Webcams area lets you pay for live shows from within the site. It's a wild and large gathering of everyone into the same stuff as you and if video and photo sharing, dirty hookups and exhibitionism isn't quite your hobby yet, it will be once you've delved into this site.

Features & Navigation:

Remember that you can access the site for free, but then you have to buy your credits, your dirty cents and then start to stream movies (good quality most of the time) and check out the photos. Having to pay to check profile images is a bit rough, but it must be done and you can see thumbnails for free. I found the costs were reasonable. Some videos were 1,200 cents, for example, but some photos were only a few. 100 DC (dirty cents) will cost you 10.00, and there is a range of prices where the more you buy the les you pay overall, so 6,000 will cost 75.00, for example. There are various ways to pay as well, and, if you've not got the cash to hand, you can add a clip to your wish list and check back on it later.

Probably the most useful thing to know about is the Account area. Here you have a console where you can manage everything. There's site news, you can see how much you have in the Cents department, buy more, see what you've already seen as a reminder and make up your own profile. When guys or girls pay to view your videos, you get a cut (as I understand it) so you can make money - Dirty Cents I assume - to spend on more hooking up and amateur porn watching.

It's an easy site to use, there are lots of interactive options, obviously, and it's one of those sites where the more you put in, the more you well get out.


I have to say, quite simply, that I loved My Dirty Hobby. It's better than many other amateur sharing sites as it's so detailed in its set-up and you can actually cover your own costs by uploading and sharing your own video and images. You can find mates and babes, you can simply view; you can spend or you can just check out profiles and swap messages. Whatever you want to do, you find amateurs from all over the world sharing their love of lust by sharing their own dirty hobbies; very nice!

Pros & Cons

+ Big and easy
+ Loads of amateurs
+ Masses of content
+ Earn credits with your own vids
+ Great interactive functions

- Some costly vids
- Some are not great quality
- Not exclusive
- Short vids
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