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My Dirty Hobby 7077 My Dirty Hobby My Dirty Hobby gives you a unique chance to indulge in your favourite pastime (sex) with hundreds of other like-minded folks around the world.
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My Dirty Hobby

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Short Review

My Dirty Hobby gives you a unique chance to indulge in your favourite pastime (sex) with hundreds of other like-minded folks around the world. Here, you can share videos, share photos, get into some dirty chat or simply be a voyeur and watch what others post. It’s an online community for sex worshipers and those who like to share their home videos, their favourite clips and more, and it costs you nothing to register. It's grown in size since our last visit and remains as popular as ever.

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  • Exclusivity: 3/5
  • Updates: 5/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 12/15
  • Speed: 12/15
  • Quantity: 12/15

There are three key areas of My Dirty Hobby, but loads of other interactive features to explore. First, you have webcams where amateurs from around the world will chat and perform for you for a price. Each one has their own profile, some with more video clips than others, some with images and/or a blog. Cam chatting is easy. The site tells you who is online; you search the pages for a profile pic you like the look of, check the bio, and click the button. This is a PPV service, and we’ll talk about costs later. Each babe charges her own amount per minute, and prices are usually competitive when compared to other chat sites.

Next, you have the videos area where members have uploaded their home clips or their favourite videos from elsewhere. Many of these are exclusive, particularly the more modern and HD ones. Again, you have to pay to stream the videos. The menu organises them into Top Videos (321 when I was there), Video Sales where you can pick up some bargains, and Latest Videos (4,814). The numbers are misleading as there are thousands on the site, but I couldn't find a way of finding all of them listed over a complete set of index pages. The last time we visited (in 2017) there were over 5,000 movies, and as members are constantly uploading their own, you can imagine how many there are now. It’s just a case of finding them. A model, for example, may have 10 on their profile, which you only discover when you check out her/his page.

The third main area is the Photos area where there are now 3,037 latest photos sets. Under the ‘trending’ filter, there are 6,067 galleries. Again, plenty to see, mainly user-submitted and certainly very varied. You need to buy the images in order to download them.

So, who are these people who spend their spare time uploading images of themselves, and what are they doing? Well, there are a lot of youthful, pretty babes, some with their BFs, others solo with toys, and they unashamedly make home videos showing you how they get their pleasure. There are couples, solo girls and girls together. They come from all over the world, and you can filter by country. They get up to all kinds of sexy stuff, from kinky watersports to vanilla masturbation, but they do it on cam and then share it with you. You too can become a contributor and earn your ‘nasty cents’ so you can buy other people’s content, and there’s a profile area where you can upload your details and stock of home clips and pics.

We need to talk about the prices of all this fun. You can browse the site and register for free, and that lets you set up your profile. When it’s time to get serious and delve into other people’s debauchery, then you need to start paying. Again, things are in three key areas, and prices seem to be set by the model, not the site. So in Webcams, for example, one girl might charge 149 dirty cents per minute, and another might charge 249. (Dirty Cents are what they call tokens, and don't necessarily equate to the same value as a $ cent.) It looks like 99 cents per minute is popular, as is 199 per minute. Videos on the sales page range from 181 cents upwards, though some started off at 470 and are now reduced in the sale, while in the Top Videos category, you need to spend over 1,000 cents for a stream. Photos tend to be around 10 to 50 dirty cents each.

Your bank is topped up under your accounts area where you find a ‘get dirty cents’ link that takes you to the tariff. There, 2,000 cents will cost you €25.00 (Euros, note), and 6,000 will cost you €75.00. If you get the calculator out, you can work out that a 1,000 cent movie actually works out as costing around $10.00, while a 20 cent image costs $0.25, so prices are not as high as they appear.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 5/5
  • Navigation Ease: 10/10
  • Features: 9/10

One of the things that’s most stunning about My Dirty Hobby is the interactivity. In the cam area, you have everything you expect from a cam site, with a live chat screen, good quality playback and lots of information. It’s a simple case of finding the amateur model you want, and, after agreeing to pay the rate, simply click and chat. Videos are set out on index pages with loads of info such as country of origin and length, and there are links to the model’s profile, which are usually very well filled out with details. You can rate videos, add them to a wish list and share them, plus, there’s an area for comments, and loads of members join in with this, so it’s like an informal chat. Ditto the photos area, where you have the same functions.

A category page helps you decide what kind of content you want to view, and the fact that there are 65 categories shows you just how varied the site is. There’s also an Anal Channel to unlock if you want to spend 8,000 cents, and more channels coming soon. Technically, everything works well, the members’ area is packed with interactive functions, there’s a cool and laid-back atmosphere about everything, and you're not going to have any trouble meeting, chatting to or viewing the thousands of other hobbyists who hang out here.

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My Dirty Hobby is slick and sexy, more packed than it was last time we saw it, but just as much fun. It’s a great place for sex fans to meet others, share content and get chatting based on a PPV basis, but with loads to explore for free before you part with any cash. It’s got even more interactive, and is expanding to specialise in particular channels. This site attracts new members all the time, so there’s always something horny to see, and someone new and hot to meet.

Pros & Cons

  • + Big membership
  • + Competitive pricing
  • + Very interactive
  • + Easy to use
  • + Lots of members specials
  • + Worldwide coverage
  • - No downloads
  • - Some things can get pricy
  • - Not all exclusive content