Polliana 7697 Polliana Polliana was a cute Brazilian hottie who set up her amateur site back in 2004 and ran it for around six years before moving on and leaving behind a very personal archive.
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Polliana was a cute Brazilian hottie who set up her amateur site back in 2004 and ran it for around six years before moving on and leaving behind a very personal archive. She was 18, had friends of a similar age, and posted softcore erotica of her life by the beach in short videos and large galleries. The site remains a collectors' edition of cute, youthful images and clips that members can still access, and comes with a forum, her diary, outtakes and behind the scenes secrets.

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You're looking at a little piece of porn history here, and one that's worth a look if you collect images of 18 + teen girls and their personal compilations of home movies, erotic poses, images, chat, webcam pics, diaries and all things youthful. Polliana was studying to be a nurse and liked to get topless by the beach and in the shower. She loved to pose and play, show off and generally turn us on with her erotic images and videos, and although the site no longer updates, it remains as a testament to a very sexy young model who wasn't afraid to post her life online.

Polliana is from Brazil and comes complete with a lithe, smooth body, pert tits and shapely hips. When she takes a shower, she does it in bikini bottoms that cling to her smooth, firm rump, and when she strips naked and bends over, you're treated to even more beautiful, dark flesh. She likes to stay demure, however, but she tempts and teases as she strips, and all the time, gives you a warm smile that invites you to delve further into her erotic collection.

You'll forgive the very old-fashioned look of the site because that's how things were done back then, and everything works fine, though it is rather basic. If you ask me, that adds to the appeal, and having done some checking around, I discovered that the site is still popular. It's an archive, and one that's a decent size too, so it offers you plenty to see and collect, including erotic videos, some nudity, girls-together sets, personal vids, a diary and a forum. It doesn't look like there will be updates, but what there is, is worth a look and is very easy to access and browse.

To start with, you have 71 videos to download (there's a download limit, but files are small, so it's not going to be an issue). These are softcore, poses, semi-strips and temptation videos, all very cute and sweet. You will find mainly short WMV clips of a couple of minutes, and these come down at 640 x 480. There are some movies that also have an Mpg option at 352 x 240. There's no streaming option, you simply click the file and download it, and I had no trouble taking these files which came down at a super-fast rate. Among my favourites was 'Polliana Wet Pussy a 1.30-minute naked shower scene that was simple, natural, and for its day, reasonable quality.

Along with those 71 clips, you have 208 photo galleries. These are a mix of poses, two or three girls posing together, bikini shots and some 'outtakes.' There is also a collection of 14 bonus galleries where you find Polliana in fishnets, a topless white dress, gloves and lace panties, adding a mild fetish element to parts of the site. There are six webcam sets too with caps showing her playing with her pert boobs and simply being herself online, and like the other galleries, these are easy to browse and collect, though they come with fewer viewing options than the 208 main image sets.

There, you find images available at a variety of sizes, from a small 600 x 400 px size up to a large 2,250 x 3,000 px size, and you can choose the size you want to see and keep before you open the gallery. There are around 20 to 100 + pics per set depending on the shoot, the quality is fine, and images can be viewed in a slideshow. Members can also save them one at a time, but although the bonus area mentions a zip file facility, there wasn't one.

There is no issue with the content at Polliana. It's a wonderful archive of work from a very cute young model that's worth browsing, especially as it gives you an insight into one young girl's life at the time. It comes across as very playful and natural, and is, above all else, an honest depiction of a youthful time of life. There are a few 'clunks' to the site, which we forgive, but which I need to mention for fairness. The diary ran out several years ago, and the site is not up to date. Similarly, the forum has not been in use since about 2014, but the posts are all still there to be read, and you can still post comments.

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As I mentioned, moving around the members' area is not an issue at all. There's a simple menu set out in a straightforward and wonderfully old-fashioned set of pages, and all the links lead to exactly what they promise. You're not able to rearrange the content as you can often do these days, but the index pages are clearly marked, and browsing is easy. There is a FAQ page and links to Polli's email should you need to get in touch, but otherwise, there's no interactivity other than the members' forum.

There are various ways to sign up to this personal archive, and the monthly membership stands at $24.99, which is a standard price for exclusive content such as this. Longer-term memberships are available too. There is a cross-sale to watch out for on the join page, but while you are there, you can also see exactly what is included in your membership, and the details posted are up to date and honest.



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Polliana's site remains a classic archive of a girl's journey through erotica when she was studying to be a nurse, getting by in Brazil and at that perfect age to show off youthful innocence and beauty. There are many collectors' items in here, from video clips to large gallery images, and there are some girlfriends of the same age too. Access to the archive is a reasonable price, it is exclusive, and although the site is old-fashioned, Polli herself lives up to today's hot-teen porn standards.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Honest and cute
  • + Erotic
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Simple downloads and pics
  • + Nice background info
  • + 3 Bonus sites
  • - No longer updates
  • - Cross sale
  • - SD or low-res content