Shoot Ourself
Shoot Ourself 6989 Shoot Ourself Of all the six sites included in this membership, Shoot Ourself is my favourite; the others are not bad either but there's something genuine about this one.
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Shoot Ourself

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Shoot Ourself

Short Review

Of all the six sites included in this membership, Shoot Ourself is my favourite; the others are not bad either but there's something genuine about this one. It's all about real East European couples making out, sucking and fucking in professionally made videos. They simply get on with it and the naturalness comes across; there is nothing scripted or staged. What you see on the tour is exactly what you have as a members' area, but only once signed up can you fully stream and download, in HD.

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All the content here is exclusive to the little network the site is part of. Shoot Ourself, though not strictly speaking correct English (it should be Shoot Ourselves, or course) is a very honest and simple site. There's loads to like about it starting with the transparent tour and finishing with the high quality movies. They've found these ordinary and yet good looking, sexually up for it couples, who are, apparently, couples in real life, and they've put them in a home/studio setting and told them to make love. That's it really. The scenes start with the couple stripping down and getting intimate and then they develop into full-on fuck scenes with cum shot endings in the true style of hardcore porn.

The couple are all in their 20s as 30s, and though they are amateurs, they could easily pass for respectable porn stars, the looks and bods are good, the dicks are big and hard and the girls are natural and booby, pussy-ready you might say and sexy. There are no complaints there; if you want real amateur action then you get it with this site.

There were 69 movies when I was checking things out and you can see shots from each one on the tour before you sign. The older ones and newer ones alike all have the same HD viewing choices with streams at 1080p and 480p to choose from, plus two downloads. One is at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 8,000 kbps and the other at 854 x 480 @ 1,800 kbps; file sizes vary, but expect them to be around 200 Mbs up to 1 Gb or so. These are full scenes, though some are shorter than others, and there are no clips or parts to take.

Where the action is natural and unscripted, the filming is also handled in a natural way, with roving cameras getting in close, and there are also long shots. You don't feel that you're in a studio or looking at a porn movie at times, it all feels very homely and intimate. The sound is natural, the image is sharp and the movies are exclusive and well made.

The thing is, there are no galleries and so the only other content you have here comes from the bonus sites. There are five of these as your membership is actually to a network. It's an East European one and comprises: Teen Playground for some hot teen movies, Melone Challenge where a top Russian porn star takes on hopeful amateur guys in exclusive hardcore try-outs and full fuck scenes, Fake Shooting where they get girls in to do porn auditions but don't actually have any work for them other than the hardcore they get tried out with, POV Bitch which is all about point of view movies, and My First Public where amateur Russian girls have sex with guys outside in public places like parks and fields, for the first time. I've seen these sites and they all run in the same way and have the same easy viewing options. You link from one to the other at the bottom of the main pages though you may need your access details to get into them first time round.

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This site, and all the others in the network that link from it, is very easy to handle. You can tell from the tour that it's a case of seeing large sample shots of each video on simple index pages, and there are your two download options (click to open the dialogue box) and the link to the stream. The stream player lets you go full screen and control volume, and also change the resolution. That's it. There are no search or sort options though there are linked tag words so you can categorise things that way. I have to say, some are redundant, I found some videos where the tags were 'Sex' and 'Couple' and as the whole site is all about couples having sex well, it was a bit of a no-brainer.

But I found no technical issues with the site; the streams ran fast, it all worked well, there were no real issues except for what's not there; galleries, rates, comments etc.

Your sign up deals are fine for a network site too, particularly as this is exclusive content. You've got the one-month deal at $29.95 which is a standard price for a site like this with five others attached. You can pay less for longer, as usual, with a six month pass working out at the same as paying $11.66 per month and a 12-month one the same as paying $8.22 per month. There are three ways to pay and I found no pre-checked cross sales, though I did find the advertised price in dollars changed to Euros to suit my location when I went on to the actual sign-up page.



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Shoot Ourself doesn't shoot itself in the foot, it does well and is a refreshingly new idea and a one that is well executed. Real East European couples make out and ball on screen in genuine, making-love movies that you only find on this site. They are decent lengths, HD at 1080p, the site is well priced and it come with five bonus sites included in a small, unique network. There are no frills and no galleries, just simple, well produced hardcore with genuine amateur couples.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Genuine amateurs
  • + Well made
  • + HD and downloadable
  • + Easy to use
  • + Bonus sites
  • - No galleries
  • - Not interactive
  • - Very little info
  • - Not a huge site yet