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The Sins Life 6997 The Sins Life Meet Mr and Mrs Sin, a couple who have their own very professional looking website that's all about their sex life.
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The Sins Life

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The Sins Life

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Meet Mr and Mrs Sin, a couple who have their own very professional looking website that's all about their sex life. This isn't the kind of homemade amateur porn we're used to seeing, this has class and style. It also has exclusive videos, photos, a blog, a good background section and original content that ranges from the couple together in sexy home videos, in HD, to wild threesomes and travel sex-adventures. It's probably going to become the top amateur adult site on the net.

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When you hear 'amateur' you might think it's all going to be dark and dodgy home video footage shot in a hotel room, or in a living room with rough sound and with mediocre models; not that I am putting that down, there's something very horny about natural, amateur movies. But here at The Sins Life they've got the 'amateur' tucked up and have turned their fun pastime into a well-respected and good looking site. The couple are Kissa and Johnny Sin, a handsome pair in their 30s (I think) and who look good and play hard. They love sex, basically, and they also love to share their sex life with their members. They get other girls to come and join in, Johnny has various babes he plays with, sometimes they play together in threesomes or more, Kissa masturbates relentlessly, there are some holiday shoots and some background videos and it's a great collection that gets updated pretty regularly; at the moment, every few days.

There are 100 videos here at the moment including three from their recent trip to Mexico, and the movies are easy to find as the site is neatly laid out with a clear menu. Each movie runs for its own length of time, which sounds pretty obvious, but what I mean is some are seven minutes while others are 44 or more. Taking a standard length scene of 25 minutes, I found there were five stream options, from 720p down to 160p for phones. These were shown in an embedded player that could be seen at full screen, the sound was good and the quality was fine. I didn't see any downloads though.

There were screen caps to go with the movie, 80 in the case of this particular movie, and these were shown in good thumbnail pages with solo pics going up to 714 x 408 in size, though that was scaled down from the full size at 1,280 x 720. You can see them at full size and also download them one at a time; they come with simple navigation buttons too.

Checking across the top of the pages and the menu I was able to find the Mexico section, a new section with three videos from their recent sex adventure in Mexico. These are also featured on the main video list. There is their blog too which gives you some background and photos of what the couple are up to, with their sexy babes and chicks that they find along the way, and it looks like the blog gets updated as and when something new and big happens. The last page was titled Erotica and this is another blog style site that holds written accounts of their life together and a kind of sex-adventure diary. I had trouble reaching some of the chapters here, they were returning 'page not found' errors, so that needs looking at. The porn listed on these pages also sends you back to the main members' area.

What you have for content, then, is 100 original and exclusive, amateur videos in up to 720p quality available for streaming only, with updates happening every couple of days.

Nav, Design & Features

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One thing that this site definitely is, is interactive. Members can do a private Snapchat with Johnny and Kissa if they want to. The home page starts you off with a very welcoming welcome message and a members' poll, there are pages for Q&A and background, news of what's new and what's coming soon. It's all neatly set out and looks very professional. The videos are stored in easy to use index pages and come with the simple streaming player and drop-down list of resolutions to suit your connection speed. There are descriptions and details about each scene as well.

Members can comment on the videos and these comments are then displayed on the viewing pages, as are the models who appear in each movie, and these model pics link to lists of other scenes that girl is in. An About page fills you in on the background, there are links to the Erotica area and the Blog, and also to some other sign-up deals for other sites.

I had no technical trouble with the site (apart from some pages not being found in the chapter list on Erotica) and it looks good, though the top banner is pretty large so you always have to scroll down to see the actual page, no great problem there though.



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It's a shame that The Sins Life downs; let you download the movies, but the streaming quality is good and you should be fine viewing online. The price is fine for exclusive content and the updates are regular, content is good quality and there's lots of variety in the action. It's all very personal, welcoming and interactive - members can do Snapchats with the couple, and it looks good. All the tour promises are kept to and it's a pretty high class amateur site run with great enthusiasm.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive amateur content
  • + Up to 720p HD
  • + Very interactive
  • + Decent quality
  • + Regular updates
  • - Streaming videos only
  • - Galleries are screen caps
  • - Small site still