Anal Cum Junkies
Anal Cum Junkies 1305 Anal Cum Junkies Anal Cum Junkies brings you sexually alluring models, who love nothing more than seeing fresh warm cum oozing out their luscious back sides.
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Anal Cum Junkies

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Anal Cum Junkies

Short Review

Anal Cum Junkies brings you sexually alluring models, who love nothing more than seeing fresh warm cum oozing out their luscious back sides. So if your a fan of creampie content, then you'll more than likely appreciate the marriage of anal and creampie niches, to produce scenes which are definately not for the faint hearted. This site provides 100% exclusive content, and is a part of the awesome Meat Members network.

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Anal Cum junkies has been providing anal creampie footage since 2005. The content on offer could make people who aren't prepared for it, grimace in disbelief as they see the girls enjoying their asses get pounded, get it injected full of cum, then let it seep out their ass like a cream filled bun. So yeah I suppose you can classify the content to be a little extreme, maybe even put it under the fetish niche, as these anal scenes are anything but normal.

The lovely bunch of ladies starring on this site are as horny, and dirty as your going to get. I mean they'd have to be a little on the wild side to do what they do in these scenes. Although they're a bit crazy they're certainly nice to look at, plus there's a good variety to choose from as well. You've got blondes, Asians, brunettes, red heads, Latinas, and ebony babes to choose from, each one just as cum craving as the next.

All up there are 33 gorgeous models to choose from. Each one stars in her very own episode, with average run times of around 25 minutes each. These scenes are available to stream and download in short chapters, which are in WMV and MPEG format. Quality of the MPEG files were pretty average coming in at 700kbps at 640x480. The WMVs are noticeably higher in quality, with an encoding rate of 1500kbps, also with a video size of 640x480. In my opinion the scenes were a good watch, and definately a little on the crazy side, so if your after something which is a little more extreme, then you'll eat these scenes right up.

Some of the episodes come with two sets of picture galleries. A set of screen captures, and a set of high quality photos. The screen captures weren't overly impressive as usual as there's pixelation and blurring, especially when there's rapid movement going on. The screen captures come in dimensions of 720x480, which isn't anything out of the blue.

Unfortunately only the first 10 episodes provided high quality photos, while the more recent episodes only had screen captures. Either way the photos which are available look great, though I felt they were just a little too small coming in at 600x900px. In their defense the images look great, they're amazingly clear with awesome colors. Each gallery carried an average of 20 shots, which I admit is a little low, but you'll be too engrossed with the quality to even care.

Nav, Design & Features

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Sore, red, gaping assholes! is the main focus on the tour pages of this site, you can look down that asshole and see what the horny chick had for breakfast...well maybe not but you get what I mean. I had dinner before I reviewed this site, and the first thing I saw made my stomach turn just a little. Anyway if you like gaping then you'll probably love staring down that bright red tunnel, plus you can check out some trailers to get a better idea of what's in store.

After logging in you are taken to the members area for the entire Meat Members network. There is a total of 45 exclusive niche sites on offer, with new ones being developed all the time. Now you've probably figured out that your login will grant you access to all of these sites. So essentially your paying for 45 sites with your monthly subscription. Across the sites there are over 1300 scenes and counting, as there are new episodes being uploaded to the network on a regular basis.

Diversity is definately one of the network's strong points as you have access to a wide array of steamy niches. You've got everything here from popular mainstream niches, reality type content, p.o.v episodes, and there are even a few crazy fetish sites. A well rounded collection of sites to cater for a wide array of sexual preferences.

The main members area of the network contains all the usual information such as latest updates, and the top rated media. You can even view trailers of upcoming updates, these are great to keep the member's spirits up, knowing that there's something new around the corner. All 45 sites are easily accessed through thumbnail links, found in the middle section of the members area. You'll come across the link for Anal Cum Junkies among these links, simply click on it and you'll be directed to the content area of the site.

The content area for each of the sites are basically the same. There's a description on what the site is about, a link to the Meat Members forum, a drop down menu listing all the other sites for quick access, and of course the various download and picture gallery links. The episodes are represented with small thumbnails. Situated beneath the thumbnails are links to the photos, screen captures and the video downloads area, from where you can proceed to download the various formats, and chapters of the episode.



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There were few rough edges to the site, but nothing that could bring the site down as a whole. What impressed me most were the crazy climaxes of the scenes, a little disturbing I admit but it's hard not to look. Quality was decent, the models were great, and best of all the scenes are exclusive. My only gripe was with the quantity, but lucky the site has an enormous network of great sites to back it up. These will keep members busy as they acquire more content for this site.

Pros & Cons

  • + Cum dripping assholes
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Decent quality videos
  • + Tons of bonus sites
  • + Hot models
  • - Could do with more episodes