Anal Lick Fest
Anal Lick Fest 3758 Anal Lick Fest Anal Lick Fest is part of the extreme Meat Members network and focuses on anal sex and ass licking.
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Anal Lick Fest

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Anal Lick Fest

Short Review

Anal Lick Fest is part of the extreme Meat Members network and focuses on anal sex and ass licking. Each scene features two nasty babes in a truly vulgar romp involving all kinds of extreme sex, ass to mouth, rimming, and more. Membership comes with a large bonus package filled with more extreme smut.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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Anal Lick Fest currently offers 88 episodes. Each one averages around 40 minutes worth of video and 250 photos. All of the releases here are clearly dated, but there doesn't seem to be a set update schedule. It looks like the growth averages out to around one or two new scenes each month. When you factor in the included bonus package, the number of scenes available with membership is in the thousands. Since many of the included sites follow similar extreme scenes as Anal Lick Fest, the value in the bonus package here is probably considerably higher than many networks which offer a ring of essentially unconnected and unrelated collections.

Anal Lick Fest combines the anal licking aspect with hardcore anal sex. The gals lick each others asses in between getting fucked, and they also sometimes lick the male performers ass as well. It seems that part of the point of these flicks is to be as offensive, embarrassing, and disgusting as possible. Each scene features two babes, and at the beginning of the video they sit on the couch and do an "interview" with some guy who appears to be the director or maybe just interviewer for the site. Whoever this guy is, I found myself wishing he would shut the hell up about two minutes into my experience with the site. His voice is irritating, he asks the same questions over and over again, most of the models don't seem to like him, and he doesn't even always quiet down once the action starts. Sometimes, the only way to get rid of his constant distracting commentary is to turn the sound off. I'm probably a little bit more annoyed by the talking cameraman/director phenomenon than most people, but I think this guy could try the patience of almost any porn lover not completely enamored of the idea from the start.

Only a few of the newest releases here are offered video at the highest available quality level of 1280x720 pixel, 2800 kbps. Most of the videos on the site come at 512 x 288 pixels, 1200 kbps or so. This makes them suitable for enlarging somewhat, but when I went to full screen on my 17 inch monitor I found that things were too pixelated to watch. At 900 pixels on the long side, the photos aren't exactly tiny, but they aren't high-rez, either.

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Anal Lick Fest has a tour so bright yellow it almost hurts your eyes, but at least they offer some preview images and streaming video trailers for the scenes. There's not a lot of factual information about the number of episodes available in the members area or the update status, but they do list many of the included bonus packages so that you can get a better look at the sites that come with membership.

When you login to the Meat Members network, you can access the Anal Lick Fest collection by selecting the site from the drop-down menu near the top right corner of the page which lists all available site. Just below this drop-down menu, you'll find a small search section where you can access a category menu and a basic keyword search box. You can choose whether to return only photo or video results or both. A favorites feature is accessible via the main menu. There's also a model index available here. The search tools here apply to and return results from the overall network and not the individual sites.

The more recent releases here at Anal Lick Fest have more choices than the older scenes when it comes to accessing the videos. The newest updates are available in full-length files for streaming in Flash format or for download in WMV or MPEG formats. You can also choose short clips, and these are offered for both download and streaming in WMV and MPEG format in your choice of two quality levels. The photo sets may be viewed as slideshows or in thumbnail galleries, but it's not possible to download them. Not only is there no ZIP file option, but the usual method of right clicking and saving the images individually doesn't work here either.



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I'd like to see a little bit more of a reliable date scheduled here at Anal Lake Test, but overall I think the very large included bonus package more than makes up for any minor shortcomings to the collection. If this kind of extreme action with lots of anal play is your cup of tea, then you're definitely going to like what they have on offer here.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive rimming/anal sex scenes
  • + Tons of hot pornstars
  • + Large bonus package
  • + Some high-def vids
  • - Annoying director/interviewer guy
  • - No way to save/download any pics