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Anal Mega Pass 2013 Anal Mega Pass Anal Mega Pass slaps you in the face with more fudge packing action than a single man can handle.
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Anal Mega Pass

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Anal Mega Pass

Short Review

Anal Mega Pass slaps you in the face with more fudge packing action than a single man can handle! With this ass rendering pass you get access to multiple sites featuring intense hardcore sex, the way anal fucking is always meant to be. Members also get full access to dozens of other sites which cover a myriad of other popular and kinky porn niches. So what are you waiting for? Check out the review to see if this pass will quench your anal fucking needs.

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To all you crazy anal lovers out there, this is what you've all been waiting for. A single pass which grants you access to three awesome anal sites including Ass Hookers, Dirty Anal Girls, and Hooked on Ass. There are over 680 scenes available across the three sites, they may not be exclusive but with a decently sized archive and with guaranteed daily updates, I'm not going to be crying all the way home to mommy.

Most of the episodes on offer include arousing (sometimes corny) story lines, while others just get straight into the hardcore anal ploughing. The anal fucking you'll witness is indeed hot as it always is, there's nothing bizzare or out of the ordinary here, but at least the anal fucking is raw and hardcore. Other than getting their tight butt holes drilled the ladies get up to all sorts of kinky shit. They deep throat, tit fuck, enjoy threesomes, and get their poop chutes pumped full of cum. You'll even get to see some girl on girl action in some of the episodes, definately a plus for lesbian fans.

I appreciated the variety of scenes available. Rather than featuring static one on one scenes filmed in a bedroom, the producers have done well on mixing things up to keep members interested. Episodes are filmed in various locations and the cast of women is very diverse and above all they're all very fuckable! You may spot a few familiar faces amongst the line up of jaw dropping hotties.

The videos on offer come in wmv format, all of which can be downloaded with no DRM restrictions. Episodes run for a good 20 minutes up, so you can expect to view some lengthy anal fuck scenes. The video stats through out the three sites are identical, they clock in at a very decent (1300kbps @ 640x480). So not only are they nice and clear, but they fill up a good portion of your screen. Best of all, blowing them up to full screen doesn't dent the overall quality one bit.

Picture galleries come by the truck load across the three sites. With over 790 image galleries and counting, you'll be hard pressed trying to view every single one. The only downside is that people who are strictly after anal content only may feel a little bummed out that most of these galleries feature models in erotic poses. Either way the models are hot enough to get off to anal drilled or not, so it's not all down hill.

Being a part of the Movie Pass Network and Super Site Pass, the overload of porn doesn't stop at these three sites. Nope, you've got over 40 sites busting at the seams with hardcore porn. Everything an avid porn lover is after can be found cross the 40 plus sites. As if there isn't already enough porn on offer the developers have also thrown in a few bonus video feeds. Talk about a porn buffet!

To give you a better understanding on what kind of content the 2 networks provide, here's a complete list of the available sites. Ass Hookers, Black Dong In Hong Kong, Broke Black Bitches, Dirty Anal Girls, DP Fuckfest, Faces of Goo, Fuck My MILF Ass, Hooked On Ass, Models That Fuck, Mommy Got Fucked, My Asian Dreams, No More Boys, Poke My Mom, Poke My Throat, Sexcurity Cams, She Loves Negro Dick, Spicy Latina Whores, White Slut Black Nut, Bubblegum Dreams, Dildo Drill, Footjob Angels, Girl Girl Spank, Handjob Skills, Horny Tickling, Lesbian Panty Fetish, Lesbian Stepsisters, My Girlfriend Squirts, My Panties Are Wet, Pro Squirters, Rip My Pantyhose, Sexy Lesbian Feet, Smoking Alone, Spank A Bitch, Spank Him Hard, Titty Fuck Auditions, Kayla Banks and Rikki Lace.

Nav, Design & Features

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After the usual login process members are taken to the main page of Anal Mega Pass. This page includes information on the latest updates on the three sites and across the entire network. From the main page you can also access the free bonus feeds, and down at the very bottom you'll find links to the most popular models and niches.

Situated at the very top of the page are three drop down menus. These menus organize the sites in their respective networks, i.e Move Pass Network, Super Pass Network, and the two available solo sites. The three featured anal sites are situated within the Movie Pass Network. By clicking these links you'll automatically be taken to the homepage of your chosen site.

Once you're on the homepage of your desired site, every thing's pretty much self explanatory from there. You're presented with thumbnails and information on the 5 latest updates. Clicking on these thumbnails will take you straight to the main video page of the episode you chose. The link marked as browse videos will take you to the main archive of videos. Clicking on this link will present you with three other links, these include date, tag, and performer. These links mate it a breeze task to be specific on what videos you're looking for.

Once you're on the main video page of an episode, you are immediately presented with a streaming video screen. A simple click on the play button is all that needs to be done. Just below the stream screen you'll notice a link marked as download clicking this link will begin the download process, simple as that.

The image galleries are even easier to browse. You can access the entire archive by clicking on the link named image galleries which is situated within the navigation menu. After doing so you're taken to the main gallery which is made up of 23 indexed pages, each one filled with 35 galleries. Clicking on the thumbnails representing the galleries will take you to the main image set. From there it's as simple as clicking on the various thumbnails to view the full sized picture.



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I'm not a big anal fan myself but I thoroughly enjoyed what the Anal Mega Pass has provided. Sure the content may not be exclusive, but that doesn't deter from the fact that there's a ton of great quality scenes to go through! Plus with access to two entire networks and 2 extra solo sites, members will never be starved for porn. So if you're looking to satisfy your anal porn needs and are after a bargain as well, this pass could very well be what you're looking for.

Pros & Cons

  • + Large amount of content
  • + Media looks great
  • + Heaps of bonus sites
  • + Site looks great
  • + Easy to access sites on network
  • - Content is non-exclusive