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Anal Try Outs 2513 Anal Try Outs Anal Tryouts now I'm sure it's pretty obvious what this adult site is all about.
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Anal Try Outs

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Anal Try Outs

Short Review

Anal Tryouts now I'm sure it's pretty obvious what this adult site is all about! Members are treated with hour after hour of poo pushing fun in the form of gorgeous picture and a mix of high quality and drool worthy HD videos that'll have your balls drained by the end of it all.

The archive of episodes includes over 270 featured videos and close to 370 photo sets. So if you love ass fucking just as much as you do pussy slamming then there's plenty here to go around.

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When it comes to the anal niche there's a massive selection of sites to check out on the internet, being so damn saturated it takes quite a bit of effort and quality content to stand out above the rest and that's exactly what we are here to find out, whether or not Anal Tryouts has what it takes to sway the crowds it's way and so far from what I've seen it looks like it just may have what it takes. Now obviously the site is all about steamy ass fucking but aside from that naughty act of sex the episodes also feature other nasty shenanigans such as scorching hot threesomes, interracial sex, savage face fucking, and naughty girl on girl action! Basically the content the site has on offer is so diverse you could pretty much treat the site as a general hardcore fest.

Anal Tryouts has been up and running for just under a year now, the first featured episode was uploaded on the 2nd of December '07. The collection of high quality videos consists of 230 full length episodes while the HD collection contains 40 which is understandable as the HD videos were added a while after the high quality videos started rolling in. 1 year in to it's life of being live and the site is being updated on a daily basis! Yup there's new content being added each day and there are even times when more than one item has been uploaded. That being said members won't have to worry about running out of porn any time soon that's for damn sure!

Videos run for roughly 15 minutes on average and are available to download and stream off the site, videos have been encoded in wmv and mp4 format and I should also point out that the downloadable videos haven't been held back by DRM restrictions so you won't have to worry about deleting them off your hard drive because they're as good as yours to keep. The only video option I wish they included is having the option of viewing the videos in short segments rather than only having them in full scenes as downloading entire scenes may get a little tedious for members on slower connections. Quality wise the videos are fairly good, that goes for the standard videos though but when it comes to the HD videos...well they're HD so obviously they look stunning! Here are the specs to give you a better idea on the quality you'll be in for.

wmv: (800kbps @ 640x840) standard
wmv: (4000kbps @ 1280x720)
HD mp4: (600kbps @ 320x240)

Like the video content the picture galleries are as hardcore as can get and also cover a myriad of secondary niches other than the primary niche of anal. The collection is closing in on 370 photo sets with an average of 100 pictures per set. I've to admit that the consistency in quality with the picture content compared to the videos is a little low. Don't get me wrong though overall the photos are looking pretty damn fine I just wish all of them were all of the highest quality. Anyway the photos are as professional as can get with great lighting, erotic shots, crisp clarity, and vibrant colors. The main aspect of the photos which tend to rise and fall is the dimensions they come in, the largest pictures you'll come across measure in at (1200x800 pixels) however not all photo sets offer images of this size.

As though all the great featured content available wasn't enough for their members the developers have bombarded them with a ton of bonus content! The bonus content is available in video feed form and are highly focused towards the anal sex category. All up there are 18 video feed sites to indulge yourself with if you need a break from all the great content on Anal Tryouts. I will mention however the content on these video feeds aren't downloadable plus they can't hold a candle against the quality of the HD videos available on Anal Tryouts. Either way they're still nice to play around with just to mix up your porn experience. :q!

Nav, Design & Features

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The quality of the content really shines through as you check out the tour pages of Anal Tryouts, not only is it apparent in all the gorgeous sample pictures and drool worthy sample videos that will grab you by the balls and never let go, but there's also a heap of information in regards to the HD content including the specs they come in. Obviously the developers really want to flex their spec muscles to sell the site and hey! With HD content available they have every right to do so. Anal lovers will cream their pants upon viewing the seemingly endless amount of sample pictures featuring beautiful ladies getting their asshole plugged with cock!

When you make your way to the main members area you're immediately presented with 30 of the latest updates, this includes both the video and picture updates. Towards the bottom of the members area is where you'll come across the top rated episodes, these will certainly come in handy if you're a new member and aren't sure where to start. Down the left border of the site is where you'll find all your navigation tools including the navigation menu and search engine. The navigation menu has the content organized in the various media types including anal pictures, anal movies, hi-def anal movies, and the bonus content. Also down the left border you'll come across the picture of the day, along with the movie of the week and thumbnails of the upcoming updates. All in all a very informative members area including all the important info members want to know.

The episodes are organized in a gallery made up of indexed pages which presents the episodes from latest to oldest. Each episode is presented by 5 thumbnailed screen shots of the episode to give members a rough idea on what the e[aside involves. Along with the screen shots there's info on the model's name, how long the video runs for, and when the episode was uploaded. Below the screen shots is where the link to the main video page is situated click on this and you'll be taken to the section where you can stream and download the various versions of your chosen scene.

The anal picture gallery is easy enough to use and in ways has the same layout as the video gallery in that the photo sets are organized from latest to oldest spanning across indexed pages which include up to 40 photo sets per page. All the photo sets are represented via thumbnails which features one of the photos within, below the thumbnail is the name of the model, when the photo set was uploaded, how many photos are included in the photo set, and the general rating. Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to a photo gallery which is pretty standard so if you've ever used a picture gallery before (which I'm sure you all have) then you'll have no problems what so ever utilizing these ones.



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So the question on whether or not Anal Tryouts has what it takes to take some of the spot light from all the other anal sites is pretty clear now. Outstanding HD videos, drool worthy pictures, and daily updates? Yup Anal Tryouts certainly has what it takes to sway the crowds it's way and seeing as the collection grows every passing day members won't have to worry about ever running out of hot anal content. Anal Tryouts gets my full recommendation check it out all you poo pushing lovers!

Pros & Cons

  • + Good amount of content
  • + Videos look great
  • + Picture content is awesome
  • + Daily updates
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Lots of bonus feeds
  • + Info on upcoming updates
  • + All around great site