Arse Shafters
Arse Shafters 1137 Arse Shafters Can't seem to keep your eyes off a hot round ass? Ever get the urge to slam your cock up your girlfriends pussy but the feisty bitch won't let you.
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Arse Shafters

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Arse Shafters

Short Review

Can't seem to keep your eyes off a hot round ass? Ever get the urge to slam your cock up your girlfriends pussy but the feisty bitch won't let you? I feel for you and so do the developers of this site, cause all your going to be seeing on this site are hot round bubble butts getting impaled on huge throbbing wangs! sound appealing to you? Well check out the review and see if it's the site for you!

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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I gotta admit anal scenes are starting to grow on me, before I became a porn site reviewer I always used to feel a little sorry for the ladies cause I'd imagine getting a huge wang up your butthole would be torture, but apparently I was wrong girls love getting their asses impaled, in fact some would much rather a cock up their ass then in their pussies, anyway enough about that cause anal fans are in for quite the ass fest which is this site!

Obviously only the models with the hottest round asses made it to this site, so you can be sure to see some chunky asses you'd want to bite. There's also a nice mix of ladies to choose from ranging from bondes, brunettes, and Latinas, these ladies come in all shapes and sizes and different ages though you'll be glad to know there aren't any old nannies flaunting their stuff, as for the most part they're 18-19 year old girls or middle aged hotties.

I was a little bummed to find that there are only a handful of anal videos available, as I know they aren't hard to come by seeing as the anal niche is so popular. My only thought was that they may have only included exclusive videos, but information on whether that is the case wasn't apparent, oh well at least the videos they do have are pretty decent.

The 10 videos on offer are available to download in wmv format, each scene has been split into short scenes and are available in two different versions which include, dial-up and broadband. Obviously the broadband version is much higher in quality but larger in file size so they aren't really suited to members on slow connections, either way this gives the members a few options which is always nice to have.

The picture content available is a little more promising as far as content numbers go, all up there are 40 individual picture galleries to check out and the pictures included are simply stunning to say the very least. I was expecting to see some dodgey screen captures which is what a lot of network sites like this resort to, but I was blown away to find some crisp clean high-res photos which are definately drool worthy.

As a bonus members are treated with an assortment of goodies like a collection of hot video feeds and some raunchy sex stories which will really have you going if your into that kind of stuff. Best of all members are granted full access to all the other sites on the "Platinum" network. The bonus sites on offer cover niches like 18-19 year old girls, solo girls and hentai, you'll also find a few celebrity sites in the mix as well, which are definately a must see if your a big celebrity fan and want to see big name stars naked, in short this is an amazing network to sign up to, check it out you won't regret it.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

The tour pages of this site will make any ass fan cream their pants before they even get into the actual content! That's right the tour pages are so hot you won't be able to resist joining up. The pages are littered with pictures of hot babes getting their asses plugged with fat wang, and best of all potential customers can treat themselves to an eyeful of teasers.

After you log in through the tour page you'll be directed to what looks to be a portal page which consists of links to all the websites on the Platinum network, simply find the link to Ass Shafters click on it and you'll be taken directly to the homepage. To make browsing the site as easy as possible they've provided a navigational menu which includes links to the different sections of the site.

The homepage consists of thumbnail links and short descriptions to all of their latest videos, this is very convenient in that members can always keep up to date on what's the latest, only problem is they really need to put up more info on dates and if they plan on uploading any more in the near future as this can be crucial for members on deciding whether or not they want to continue their subscription.

To get to the picture gallery area click the link on the navigational menu situated below the site banner. Once your at the picture gallery section you are presented with thumbnail links to the line up of picture galleries. On default there will be 5 thumbnail links on each page but if your like me you won't want to be browsing through the galleries in fives, it's a good thing there's an option to show 20 picture galleries per page as this makes it a lot more convenient.

The videos section is laid out in a similar fashion to the picture gallery. Each episode is represented by a small thumbnail taken from a scene, which should give you a rough idea on what you can expect to see in the scene, each episode comes with a short description on what the scene involves, and clicking on the thumbnail link will take you to the downloads section of for the episode of your choice, from there you can access the different types of videos available for that episode.



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Well this site has all the makings of a great anal site, good content, easy to navigate and the site looks great in general, but there's just one more thing they need to work on is content numbers, lets face it 10 videos isn't going to last very long an avid porn viewer could watch that in a couple of days, and with no apparent news on updates it leaves me wondering whether I should give this site the thumbs up or not. Until they get more content Anal shafters is a pretty average anal site.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot anal vids
  • + Great Picture content
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Site presentation is nice
  • + Access to multiple bonus sites
  • - Could do with more video content