Ass 2 Mouth Sluts
Ass 2 Mouth Sluts 1302 Ass 2 Mouth Sluts Ass to mouth is the dirty act of where a women sucks on a cock which has just been sliding up and down her asshole! In other words it's more or less a shit covered cock.
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Ass 2 Mouth Sluts

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Ass 2 Mouth Sluts

Short Review

Ass to mouth is the dirty act of where a women sucks on a cock which has just been sliding up and down her asshole! In other words it's more or less a shit covered cock. This is exactly the kind of content Ass 2 Mouth Sluts provides, and promises it in DVD quality. So if your after some good hard anal content with a twist, then by all means cum check this site out.

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Ass 2 Mouth Sluts is going to appeal to fans of the anal niche, because there's definately some hardcore anal ploughing going on in this site. But if a chick slurping a cock which has just been up her ass and is dripping with her ass juices sounds a little too crazy for you, then you'd best step back cause these are anal scenes which aren't for the squeamish.

The scenes on offer start off with the girls getting interviewed, usually acting all coy or just out right slutty. They then proceed to strip and do a little dance to get things all heated up. I got to say some of the interviews can get quite amusing. For the most part the scenes involve double penetration, though there are one on one scenes if you prefer those type of scenes.

Their humble collection of exclusive videos consists of 13 full length episodes which run for around 33 minutes each. The last update was loaded back in June of 2006 which was around a year before this review. There's no evident information on future updates, but here's hoping they add to this collection because the episodes are friggen hot. Plus it's a cock tease only providing 13 videos, I was definately hanging for more.

Although the site doesn't do so hot with quantity, the quality of their content is top notch. All the 13 videos can be downloaded in both WMV and MPEG format, available in short chapters. Out of the 2 formats the MPEGs came out looking the best with an encoding rate of 2280kbps at 640x480, they're definately a treat to watch. The WMV files aren't half bad either, these come in a video size of 640x480, with an encoding rate of 1404kbps. To be honest I couldn't really notice the difference between the two formats, either way you go they both look great.

Each of the episodes come with 2 sets of images including screen captures and Hi-Res anal photos. Needless to say out of the two sets the screen captures come in second as far as quality goes. They were a little too blurry for my liking, plus they came in small dimensions of 720x480, anyway who wants to delve into these when we got perfectly good hi-res photos available. Ok so as per usual the photos look gorgeous, they're stunningly clear and are bursting to life with vibrant colors. My only gripe is they come in fairly average dimensions of 533x800, I would have loved to see these in larger sizes because they look awesome.

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The pictures which litter the tour pages of this site will make you cream. The models are hot, and they look like they're in pure ecstasy getting their holes filled with hard cock. If the pictures aren't enough to win you over, then the free trailers surely will, and they show just enough to tease the hell out of you, and have you begging for more.

Once logged in you are directed to the main members area for the entire Meat Members network, which sports 45 exclusive niche sites. By now you have probably guessed that you get full access to all of these 45 sites, that's right your membership fee gets you access to 45 great sites, not just this one. Across the 45 sites there's upwards of 1300 scenes for you to drool over, you don't need me to tell you this, but that's a shit load.

You'll also appreciate the diversity of the sites provided. You've got everything here from popular mainstream niches, fun reality vids, p.o.v content, and there are even a few crazy fetish sites. Overall a very well rounded collection of sites to suit just about anyone's needs. Now the membership fee is definately looking like it's worth it after all.

On the main members area you can check future updates, and the latest uploads. You can also keep informed on what the newest sites are, with the last three additions found at the top of the site. All the 45 sites are easily accessible via thumbnail links which are situated in the middle section of the main members area. You'll also find the link to the Ass 2 Mouth Sluts among these.

The main area for each of the sites are practically identical. You've got a detailed description on what the site is about, a link to the Meat Board (forums), a drop down menu for easy access to the other sites, and of course the various episodes the site provides. Each episode is portrayed through a small thumbnail, below this thumbnail you've got links to the hi-res pics, the screen captures and the video downloads.



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Looking at Ass 2 Mouth as an individual site, the content numbers don't seem that great. What it does deliver on though is nice quality content, which is exclusive, and as hardcore as can get. Now if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you're going to be overwhelmed with the network backing this humble site. In my opinion, it's a down right bargain for $29.95 a month. You simply can't go wrong with this one folks.

Pros & Cons

  • + Nice quality content
  • + Extreme ATM scenes
  • + Hot models
  • + Exclusive content
  • + 44 Bonus sites!