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Asshole Fever 1858 Asshole Fever Are you ready to have an ass-tastic time? Asshole Fever brings you anal, anal, and even more anal. If you love all things that have to do with asses, then this is the website you want to visit.
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Asshole Fever

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Short Review

Are you ready to have an ass-tastic time? Asshole Fever brings you anal, anal, and even more anal. If you love all things that have to do with asses, then this is the website you want to visit! You can enjoy yourself while you watch sexy European babes taking it up their asses and loving every minute of it. Be it dicks, tongues, toys, and even fists, these girls can handle it all, and they will do it all for your viewing pleasure.

  • Trial: $1
  • Monthly: $14.95
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  • Exclusivity: 4/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 14/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 13/15

I do not think you have enough time left on this planet to properly look at every video Asshole Fever has pumped out. Currently, this channel has 826 mind blowing videos all focused on one thing - anal. I am sure you will never get tired of seeing tight, young assholes stretching to fit in monster cocks, and this site has nothing but shots like these. The quality of the videos is amazing if you only look at recent creations.

The very first video appeared in 2005, and back then, the best camera we had could only film videos that are poor quality, when compared to the standards today. Therefore, you should not judge the old videos, even if the best setting to watch them in is 540p. The most recent videos are all in 4k, and you will really get to see what assholes look like up closely. If you wish to download the videos, you can do so, but remember that there is a 200 GB daily limit.

The format the videos arrive to your computer in is MP4. When it comes to the content updates, they are consistent, pumping out new videos and photos each month, sometimes even once every two weeks. The average scene on the site lasts about 25 minutes, with some scenes lasting more than an hour. Some videos are just about anal sex, while others have developed plots and acting.

If you just want to look at gaping assholes and big dicks, you can always download pictures. The galleries are generally large, having more than 20 pics on average. You can download a bundle in a ZIP format, or you can just click on individual pics and download them that way. Both the videos and pics are exclusive.

The subscription cost is good, especially if you consider the bonus content that comes with it. A monthly subscription will cost you $14.95, which is a discounted price for ReviewPorn members. There is also a $2.95 3-day trial, and you will get the chance to test out the site for a cheap price.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 6/10
  • Features: 7/10

I feel that a good starting point for the features section is the bonus content. As mentioned above, the subscription very reasonable, but you do not get access to just Asshole Fever. Asshole Fever belongs to a huge web of porn channels, all produced by Adult Time. You will get access to 58 other channels you can scroll through at your leisure, if you keep the subscription going! This means that you will get tens of thousands of videos and photos, albeit the genre will be different. To sum it up, the subscription is well worth the money.

Once you take just one look at the website, you will see that the money you spend for the site goes into good hands. One of those good hands is the web developer and designer of Asshole Fever. The design of this site is excellent - the whole channel follows a black and blue color scheme, with most of the website being black. Only the buttons and highlighted tabs will be vividly blue, so you will never lose your way. Although Asshole Fever does not have an advanced search function, they made things easier by allowing you to search through the content using tags, categories, dates, popularity, and much more. To top it all off, there is a nifty scroll feature that gives you the chance to filter the videos according to your sexual preferences. If you want to watch the videos without going full screen, the website will dim the buttons and suggestions next to the video, leaving porn the only thing that will keep your focus.

The model index page is full of gorgeous European babes waiting to have their assholes filled up. Currently, there is over 500 girls and guys waiting for you to discover them, and the number just keeps on growing. The page of the models shows their pictures, videos, appearances on other channels, but there is no bio and extra info about them.

Adult Time values simplicity, and so the members page is considerably basic. You can edit your username, change your profile picture, and that is pretty much it. But you can always interact with the community by liking and commenting, or by adding the videos to your favorites!

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Asshole Fever is the website you want to go to if you are a hardcore fan of anal. All the guys and girls there are experts in their craft, and you will get to enjoy hours upon hours of ass fucking, plus an amazing amount of extra content, all for the price of one subscription! The website looks great, the video quality is awesome, and there is more than enough material there to keep you busy for ages! Asshole Fever deserves all the attention you can give it!

Pros & Cons

  • + More than 800 videos
  • + Good quality
  • + Over 500 pornstars
  • + Great website design
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Discount price
  • - No info on models
  • - No advanced search