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Atm Lovers 827 Atm Lovers No this site isn't about horny guys shoving their wangs up automatic telling machines.
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Atm Lovers

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Atm Lovers

Short Review

No this site isn't about horny guys shoving their wangs up automatic telling machines! in porn slang the abbreviation of ATM stands for ass to mouth, ATM lovers brings you some of the most steamiest ATM scenes to date, so if you like good hard anal action with a bit of a twist then come see what this site has in store.

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It's mind boggling what some women will do to spice up their sex lives, and ATM would have to be up there with some of the most craziest sex acts known to man. Now to those of you who don't know what ATM involves, let me educate you a little bit. ATM is the sexual act where a man shoves his throbbing member up a ladies ass, after some good hard pumping the man pulls out his cock and immediately shoves it in the lady's mouth without cleaning, any of the slimy ass juice off, in other words the lady gets a taste of her own shit to put it simply.

The line up of gorgeous women is quite diverse with a nice blend of blondes, brunettes, Latinas, redheads, and ebony sluts, all lining up to get their sorry asses ATM'd. All up there's currently 12 downloadable episodes, and 10 featured video feeds for members to enjoy. I found that the video feeds weren't as impressive as the downloadable vids, as far as quality goes, but nonetheless they're still worth a look at as they can get very arousing.

Each of the 12 downloadable episodes have been split into 7 short clips to make the task of downloading a little more convenient for their members on slow connections. These featured eps can also be streamed in high and low qualities, making things even more convenient for all their members. Quality stays consistent through out the scenes and I must say they look stunning, though I did find that some of the episodes can get a little grainy if you were to watch them through a full screen, but overall it ain't so bad.

Each of the episodes on this site come with a set of either screen captures or high quality photos, needless to say the high quality photos are going to be a lot higher in quality than the screen captures, and besides I don't really classify screen captures as extra content, as they really are just the episodes in picture form, so your not seeing anything new, besides if your a real picture enthusiast you'll want to be checking out the real photos as they're pure eye candy.

Now the content numbers I've given you so far haven't been too impressive huh? Well things are about to change cause although there's only a humble amount of featured content, this site is overflowing with tons of extra content, including a massive archive of bonus video feeds, a formidable collection of bonus downloadable mpgs, an assortment of kinky adult games, and to top things off they've granted their members full access to 12 equally steamy sites, all this on one little site and for the small cost of $39.95 per month! dang I want my share of this deal!

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Although the pictures on the tour pages of this site are gorgeous and all, they can't do the videos on this site justice, cause you have to watch the ATM taking place to fully appreciate the craziness of this niche, so it's kind of a shame that they haven't provided any short teasers, but either way ATM fans will know what to expect, it's just the ATM newbies I'm worried about.

The layout of this site is down to the very basics, which is definitely a good thing because the last thing you want to be doing while having a nice old wank, is trying to figure out how the damn site works. The entire site is made up of 5 main sections, including the main members area, downloadable mpgs, live feeds, the bonus video archive, and the games section, which can all be accessed from the main navigation menu found towards the top of every page to this site.

All of the featured ATM videos can be accessed straight from the members area. Each downloadable episode takes up a small portion of the members area. This portion contains small thumbnails of the scene, the streaming and download links, a description on what the scene involves, and a link to the picture gallery.

Just beneath the downloadable videos you'll come across the featured Anal video feeds, these feeds are represented by small thumbnails of the feeds logo or one of the starring models, clicking on the thumbnail links should take you directly to that video feed's main page, where you can watch as many of the raunchy anal scenes your heart desires.

The bottom section of the members area bares the thumbnail links to their entire collection of bonus sites. They've made site traversing quick and simple, they've eliminated the process of re-entering your login every time you enter one of the websites making things a lot quicker and believe me, you don't want to be typing in your login while your in the middle of a nice old wank.

Thats pretty much the site mechanics in a nut shell, I'm confident that I've covered all the important information to keep you guys from getting lost within the site, but hey with a setup as simple as this you won't ever be in a confused state scratching your head, cause it's just so damn easy!



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Well I can safely say that I quite enjoyed the content this site has provided, although there's only a small amount of downloadable videos at the moment, I'm sure we'll soon see those content numbers swell in the near future, and cheers to that cause I can't get enough of their great ATM content, not to mention all the great bonuses your treated with! Definitely give this site a look if you love your ATM content, or even if your just curious on what this crazy niche is all about.

Pros & Cons

  • + Naughty ATM scenes
  • + Massive amounts of bonus video feeds
  • + Featured content is great
  • + Access to other porn sites
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - A little low on featured content at the moment