Holed 7055 Holed Holed is an anal site where you get exclusive anal movies shot in amazing 4K HD and where the movies are from your point of view.
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Short Review

Holed is an anal site where you get exclusive anal movies shot in amazing 4K HD and where the movies are from your point of view. It's about as close to screwing a horny babe as you're ever going to get from a hardcore anal site, and it looks great and works well. The content has been growing regularly since 2016 and the update schedule has been good as it continues to add new movies week on week. But it's the quality of the babes and the visuals that grab you most and it's a site you'll want.

  • Trial: $1.00
  • Monthly: $17.95
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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 3/5
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Quality: 15/15
  • Speed: 14/15
  • Quantity: 13/15

You are looking at pure anal movies here, there's no doubt about that. There's a line-up of hot, youthful babes, in their 20s, who like nothing more than a serious anal session with a hung guy who knows how to dominate. We've all seen anal videos before and very often the ass-action is only a small part of a longer hardcore scene and kind of gets lost. But that's not the case here. There are stories (kind of) and set-ups to the scenes, there's some dialogue that's fairly natural and unscripted, but you're not just into the anal straight away in these movies; you get a nice build up to get you interested.

These build ups include close-up filming of the naked girls with their shaved pussies that they sometime finger and play with and then the 'eye' (the camera) travels all over their lush bodies. The girls are slim and fit and gorgeous so there are no worries or complaints there. Very soon after the start of a movie the guy is down there playing with her ass, getting it moist and open, ready for his cock. There's a fair amount of toy play and toy insertion going on which heightens the excitement and while he's playing with her ass, she's fingering and playing with her pussy. And the best bit; the camera is right in close, so the visuals are sharp and good, while the sound is natural.

The videos are about 80% POV filming, there are not that many distant shots and even when you do get them, it's still from the guys point of view. The close-ups are amazing, and you really do start to feel as if you're there yourself. There is some standard hardcore (BJs and cock play etc.) but when the anal action starts it's you who is in the pounding/driving seat, it's your dick stretching her wide and, after the event and the creampies, the cum shots and up to 30 minutes of action, she's left gaping wide. That's while they called it 'Holed' I guess; each babe gets 'holed' exactly as you were promised on the tour.

As for technical things: there were over 150+ scenes when I was at the site and a new one was being added each week. Sometimes there are two during a week, sometimes only one but updates had been regular as the site has been building. You can view the movies as streams in two resolutions; HD and SD with sizes up to 1,280 x 720 at around 7,000 kbps, and there are your downloads. There are 5 of these with an amazing 3,840 x 2,160 @ 16,000 kbps at that top, which is ultra HD, and also: 1080p, 720p and 480p all in Mp4 - so the smaller one should do fine for your phone, plus WMV at 720, so plenty of choices for full scene downloads. Some of the top files will be rather large and suit faster connections, but they are worth the wait.

Each scene also has some photos to view and collect, with around 100 pics per set shown on thumbnail pages that are easy to browse; links are on the video viewing pages so everything is in one place. They click up to 1,500 x 1,125 when at full size in the same scene (so you have to back button out), and there are zip files for taking the whole set in one go. Again, the quality is spectacular and there are posed babe shots and 'holed' ones, plus everything in between.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 7/10

Bonuses: Well, there's a line of other sites listed across the top of your pages and you can click to these to 'unlock them' which means, in other words, by a membership. But there is also a Platinum button in your top menu which takes you to a page where you can pay $69.95 and access all the sites by the same company for a one-time charge. As long as you keep your Holed membership thereafter, you should be able to access everything else. With Holed coming in at only $17.95 per month, and with discounts on longer-term memberships, this is a good way to go to get access to nine sites with teens and babes and 4K viewing.

Meanwhile, back at the members' area you will have no hassles with navigation. The top menu is clear and simple, there are ways to order the content and the models, good filters and search and sort options, the design is nice and bold yet simple and everything is easy to find and view. I'd have liked some more info in the model index, but there are big clear images of the girls and links to their scenes. There are a few details with scenes, but no descriptions (but then, once they start you can easily see what's going on and don't really need to know the background) and there are some interactive options:

Members can watch trailers, see screencaps or the digital galleries, and rate them. Down at the bottom of the pages you find comments boxes and you might like to leave a comment such as: Hot, horny, fabulous, and 'just like being there yourself!'

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You score a hole in one with Holed and it's worth getting on the wagon now to take advantage of the lower, discounted prices. You have perfect 4K HD viewing and it's POV, so it's like being there yourself, anally holing some totally lush young ladies in great quality movies. There's a bonus extension deal to consider once a member (and it's a value one) and at least one new scene per week too look forward to. Holed is highly recommended for exclusive immaculate quality anal action.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Ultra HD viewing
  • + HD Downloads and streams
  • + Regular updates
  • + Great quality
  • + Easy to use
  • + Discount pricing
  • - Not a lot of model info