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All Japanese Pass 6267 All Japanese Pass Looking for Japanese girls? Then walk this way. Grab yourself an All Japanese Pass and you can get access to all the content from 22 sites in a large, modern and fun to use network.
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All Japanese Pass

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All Japanese Pass

Short Review

Looking for Japanese girls? Then walk this way. Grab yourself an All Japanese Pass and you can get access to all the content from 22 sites in a large, modern and fun to use network. There are thousands of movies and millions of images here and they are presented in a very neat manner. You can stream and download, check a model index, search and sort the content and get involved with rates and reviews. But, most importantly, you get heaps of Japanese porn movies.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

OK, so the content there is not exclusive, at least not all of it is, but there is a great deal of it and the sign-up price and offers are very good value. You will see the site stats at the top of your main page when you log in and they are impressive: 22 sites with 4,972 DVDs, 21,266 movies, 2,270 models, and 7,976 galleries. Content can be found via a category list which lists 28 categories, you can also find it on a site by site basis or you can start at the home page and work backwards. Whichever way you do it, leave plenty of time as there is a lot to see.

Starting on the home page, you see the most recent movies features first and then a set of thumbnails; everything is neatly arranged in this network so visually it works very well and you can easily see who and what is in each scene. The home page also houses top lists and DVD box covers, the highest rated content and has a set of icons for the various sites. Click to a video to want to see and there you find your viewing options.

You have a variety of viewing choices in these sites; it sometimes depends on which site the movie is from. Some of them have been around a while, some of the content is old and thus the kinds of players used varies. There are Flash Streams around 800 x 600 in size, there are AVI files, some Mpegs, WMV and Mp4. You find these via an icon beneath the streaming screen. Some of the more recent movies are now available in HD format as well, so some files are quite large. You also have the chance to stream n HD or standard definition.

Photo galleries hold various numbers of images each, and like the videos the quality can vary depending on the age of the set. Recent images are huge and digital and high resolution and go to massive sizes, but they are scaled down to start with so they fit your screen. Videos come with screen shots as well, so you can always browse them, though they are often not as clear as the main gallery photos.

And as for variety, well, you've got nothing to complain about there. The 22 sites cover all kinds of Asian kink from Japanese Milfs to schoolgirl fantasies, from medical fetish sex to gangbangs. There are sites that deal with teens and shaved pussies and others that take Bukkake and then office sex as their themes. There is also an art site with animations and drawings. All kinds of girls doing all kinds of hot stuff then, but all from the Orient, all Asian girls and all natural.

On the downside, this is general release Japanese porn and you may have seen some of it before. I doubt you would have seen all of it though, not with his many movies. And, being Japanese porn in particular, you find that some faces and cocks, pussies and hardcore close-ups are fuzzed out, the image is purposely pixelated so that you can't actually see some of the close up action. That's always frustrating but just how it is, and not all content should be like this.

So, masses of content with thousands of scenes, DVDs and galleries coming from 22 sites. As these are send up updates you can expect frequent additions to the site and these happen on a daily bases, sometimes with multiple updates to the network.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

The network and sites are very well designed. You have a top menu that takes you to the important areas, and this includes a drop-down list of categories. You can head to the sites page and find a specific site to view and then this opens in the same window, in the same template so you can easily go to the next site or back to home, or to the all videos list.

Movie viewing pages work really well. You have the stream screen at the top and beneath this you have all those neat interactive things like: a slider of thumbnails so you can skip through the scenes, like and don't like buttons so you can vote, information about the scene, there are places where you can leave comments and there is a function so you can add the scene to your favourites collection. More icons take you to the screen caps and download options and there are links to other scenes from that DVD where appropriate. Linked tag words and model names help you to click from one scene to similar ones and towards the bottom of the pages are visual links to other scenes you might like to see.

In galleries you're able to select how many thumbnails you see per page, you can like the sets (or not) and here are zip file downloads. Similarly there are these kinds of options with the DVDs and you are able to download full DVDs as well as stream them. The model index is all text to start with, so you simply have a list of names, but you can see how many movies each girl is in and then click her name to see a visual list. Top of the page sees a search box and your favourites collection plus all the social networking links you might need. Everything worked just fine here and my All Japanese Pass gave me no technical troubles at all.



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If you are fan of Asian, or Japanese porn you will love this site. It is not an exclusive collection but it is a huge one with over 22,000 hardcore Asian scenes to stream or download. I was very impressed with the numbers and the design of the site, I found it very interactive and easy to use, navigation was fine and I had only two complaints: The variable quality, which is understandable when you have older content, and the Japanese thing of fuzzing out the faces and hardcore elements.

Pros & Cons

  • + A huge site
  • + All Asian porn
  • + 22 sites included
  • + Some HD and good quality videos
  • + Easy to use
  • + Interactive and informative
  • + Frequent updates
  • - Variable quality
  • - Fuzzed out sex