Fried Rice Fuckers
Fried Rice Fuckers 3361 Fried Rice Fuckers I'm sure anyone that reads the name of Fried Rice Fuckers already has an idea of what the site is about! And they are right, nothing but the hottest Asian pussy getting fucked.
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Fried Rice Fuckers

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Fried Rice Fuckers

Short Review

I'm sure anyone that reads the name of Fried Rice Fuckers already has an idea of what the site is about! And they are right, nothing but the hottest Asian pussy getting fucked! The site is well designed, and offers members access to an impressive bonus package; 19 sites and plenty of DVDs to keep you busy for months to come!

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

I right away knew what to expect when i logged on to Fried Rice Fuckers. Who else is famous for friend rice, other than Asians? So i had a hunch that this site will be about hot Asian babes. And boy, was I right! Featuring some of the most popular names in porn, Fried Rice Fuckers is devoted to hardcore interracial action where these oriental sluts get their juicy pussys rammed hard, or give deep throat blowjobs!

Fried Rice Fuckers is part of a new porn site network, so you get an awesome bonus offer, access to 19 sites for the price of 1. There are 70 scenes featuring well known Asian porn stars and 415 photo sets.

The content at Fried Rice Fuckers can be viewed online as a live flash, or MPEG, or WMV video. They seem to have forgotten the option to download the videos, as members can only view them online; there's absolutely no way I've found to download them. This is a huge minus on the site's part. In addition, the video scenes don't have a synopsis or a short story line, their titles aren't even properly done. The video page looks like it was put together by an amateur web designer who just threw the content in there without much care for the members and their enjoyment pleasure. The videos are not too good quality either. Yes the videos have some hot action; but that's not enough! Today we prefer quality, and an interactive and engaging interface and members area!

I was very disappointed with the video content, so when I clicked on to pictures I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Nope, the same lack of attention to detail follows the picture area. The sets are not titled properly, they all have very generic names. The photos can be viewed in a standard thumbnail gallery format where the pictures are pretty high resolution at 768px 1024px. They have a slide show player, which is great but there is no way to download/save the entire gallery as a zip pack. Members have to go through the hassle of savings pics one by one! That's about it for the content, the scenes are pretty good but the quality, and the way it was posted for members to see looks incomplete/thrown together.

The bonus offer includes access to 19 other sites, some of these sites have some really good content and better organized members only pages; however there are some that are even worse than the members area at Fried Rice Fuckers; with the same throw together content look and feel. Members also get access to online feeds that they can watch through their web browser.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Fried Rice Fuckers has a pretty cool design, using the standard Chinese red and yellow colours we can find in their flag. However, as we have learned from exploring the members area a good design doesn't mean anything if the content and the way that is delivered is thrown together.

After members login they are taken to the HOME page where they have options to "DOWNLOAD PHOTOS" or "DOWNLOAD VIDEOS" see the latest "HOT OF THE PRESS" content, look at the "TOP PHOTO SHOOTS" and visit the "BONUS CONTENT.

Well, let me tell ya you can do anything but download Asian videos on this site. All of the video files seem to execute an in-browser live streaming player. I tried to right click to find a save option but to no avail. They didn't include the most important feature that's very important to us collectors; DOWNLOADING videos! The content is throw together, they use generic titles for each of the scenes, there are no story lines, no way for members to rate a scene, add it to favorites, or even leave a comment. Bad, bad very bad!

The photo content is a little bit better than the video area; however the same horrible organization and lack of titles/descriptions haunts this area as well. The pictures can be viewed using a high resolution thumbnail gallery, where members can select how big thumbnails they want to see, and execute a live slide show player. However, they forgot to include the download gallery as a zip file option, so the only way to save the pictures to your computer is one by one! That is a time consuming process; not to mention there is no way to add to favorites, rate the picture sets, or add comments either!

Yes the site is easy to navigate, yes it has a cool design. The bonus area is not bad, and it's easy to jump to the 19 plus other sites members get access to. But until they redesign how the content is relayed to members, and take out those ugly generic titles, add in some stories/descriptions for the scenes, make the members area more interactive... until then... all I can say is, there are way better sites offering asian babe hardcore content.



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As good as Fried Rice Fuckers looked on the tour, it wasn't all that shabby on the inside. The members area has a nice design, but the way the content is managed is horrible. Generic titles, no descriptions, no interactive features and the list goes on. Movies cannot be downloaded, no zip packs for pictures, etc. etc. I suggest if you are looking at joining a good asian hardcore site, to avoid this one and look at our other reviews.

Pros & Cons

  • + Fast Server
  • + Nice Design
  • + Simple Navigation
  • + High quality images
  • - Horrible content organization
  • - No video downloads
  • - No zip Packs
  • - Generic titles
  • - No interactive features