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Japan Hardcore Movies 2941 Japan Hardcore Movies Japan Hardcore Movies brings you a massive collection of full blown hardcore scenes featuring some of the most gorgeous women the country of Japan has to offer.
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Japan Hardcore Movies

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Japan Hardcore Movies

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Japan Hardcore Movies brings you a massive collection of full blown hardcore scenes featuring some of the most gorgeous women the country of Japan has to offer. There's currently over 730 scenes to indulge in all of which are full length running for a good 30 minutes each. So if you love Asian women but are looking for Japanese babes in particular then you couldn't have picked a better site to check out. Proceed to read the review to see if Japan Hardcore Movies caters to your needs.

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With Japanese or Asian ladies in general being in such high demand you'll find that most of the ones that make it to porn sites are some what dolled up to Caucasian standards which is good and all but I feel the real Asian beauties are those who have natural beauty, the more traditional ones which have an aura of seductiveness but are still as cute as a button. Well here at Japan Hardcore Movies members are bombarded with huge amounts of beautiful Japanese women who still have that traditional shy yet I wanna be fucked look.

Obviously being a site which specifically focuses on Japanese women there's really not much room to work with as far as diversity in women goes. Where diversity does show however is in the different shapes and sizes the lovely Japanese women come in, also you'll find dark skinned and fair skinned women, busty and petite ladies, and also hairy and shaved Japanese women in the mix. So even though all the women are Japanese the developers have done a great job on keeping things varied as far as body type goes.

Not only does the site excel as far as diversity in Japanese women goes but the site also provides scenes which fall under a myriad of different types of secondary niches. For those of you who like general hardcore there's straight sex scenes to enjoy, there's also fetish scenes, role playing, and self masturbation scenes to check out. All up there are 31 sub categories to choose from, in other words members won't be bored by seeing the same type of content over and over again as there's quite a nice buffet of secondary niches to enjoy.

Japan Hardcore Movies is literally bursting at the seams with content with over 730 full length scenes which run for approximately 30 minutes each. As though 730 videos isn't enough for their members the developers continue to load the site with new content on a daily basis. Now there's no information in regards to whether the content is exclusive to the site or not but with a massive amount such as this at your disposal I'm sure no one would be complaining. Anyway if you do the math, 730 full length videos plus a new video added everyday it's pretty safe to say that members won't be running out of content in a hurry.

Videos are available in DVD quality with the highest quality videos available in an encoding rate of (1400kbps @ 720x480), this version comes in wmv format and can be downloaded off the site with no DRM restrictions. The site also provides mp4 versions of their videos which are perfect for playing on a portable device which supports video playback. The mp4s are available in an encoding rate of (500kbps @ 320x240) which may not seem to impressive compared to the wmvs however they do look nice on a smaller screen. The only thing which I would have liked to see the developers include is the option of downloading the videos in short clips rather than only having them available in full scenes. Other than that though I had no problems with the quality and video options.

So that's it as far as content goes on Japan Hardcore Movies, there's no picture content on offer as it is a movies site after all though I'm sure no one will be complaining about the lack of pictures when there's a massive collection of perfectly good videos to indulge in. From what I can see there's no bonus content which isn't really a bad thing considering that the collection on offer is quite large. Overall I was quite pleased with the content available on this awesomely hot Japanese based site.

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The logging in procedure for the site is quite odd in that you won't find a designated login link, instead members will have to try to access one of the videos and from there will be prompted with a login screen. That being said there's no real tour pages to the site as potential members can pretty much browse the entire site just like a full member would, only they can't download the videos. Allowing this will show potential members exactly what they will be signing up for, and hey with the amount of content there is and the hot Japanese women on show they definitely don't need to hide anything behind a bogus tour page.

There's a lot of information in regards to the new videos available on the site including the specs of the videos. Below the section dedicated to the video specs there's a section which is dedicated to the 11 newest updates, with a link found towards the bottom of the collection which will take you to the entire archive that has been organized from latest to oldest. If you want to be more specific with your browsing however you can always use the category links situated down the left side of the site or use the model index. If however you find it a little hard to choose where to start (I won't blame you if you so) because all of the Japanese ladies are so gorgeous, you can check out the Webmaster's Choice section which includes links to all the favorite models.

The content has been organized via models, if you come across a scene which you find appealing you will be taken to the starring model's main page from where you'll find the particular scene you were after along with all the other scenes that pornstar stars in. Each scene is represented by 4 thumbnails featuring screen shots of the scene along with all the various genres the scene falls under. To download the content members will have to click on the "detail" link. Doing so will take them to a page with more screen shots of the scene along with all the download links to the various versions of the video.

So that's pretty much how the site works, as you can no doubt tell it's quite easy to make your way around the site thanks to the basic interface. I feel the site presentation could have been better though as it does look somewhat dull. Thankfully I'm not one to fuss too much about how a site looks and if you're anything like me then you won't have any qualms with the site. However in all honesty the site could really do with a make over.



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Wow I've found myself a new favorite Asian site. Sure there are certainly quite a few Asian sites out there which are outstanding but none provide extremely beautiful traditional Japanese girls, also the magnitude of their collection is epic and it just keeps growing bigger every passing day. Japanese fans or Asian fans for that matter owe it to themselves to check this site out now! You simply can't go wrong here people!

Pros & Cons

  • + Beautiful traditional Japanese women
  • + Lots of content
  • + Daily updates
  • + Quality of videos is great
  • + Lots of categories
  • + Great search tools
  • + Many HD Movies
  • + Quality Streaming Videos