Bikini Dream
Bikini Dream 560 Bikini Dream See the hottest swimsuit models shot by some of the best photographers. We're talking smoking hot bikini babes from around the world.
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Bikini Dream

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Bikini Dream

Short Review

See the hottest swimsuit models shot by some of the best photographers. We're talking smoking hot bikini babes from around the world! Exclusive photos and videos of bikini girls you won't see anywhere else.

They will bring the beach party to you! Travel to hotspots like Spring Break on Miami Beach to see the hottest girls getting wild and nude. come and see photos and video from the world's most infamous topless beaches!

This site is a must see. I highly recommend it.

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Ok let my start by saying that there isn't many videos on this site , it is a lot more like a photo gallery site, but please don't let that take anything away from this hot bikini site. I know a lot of you will be wondering if there is any pussy or tits inside this site. Well there is and there isn't. Its more of see-thru then anything, you have to remember that it is a bikini website not really a porn website.

Most of the images I viewed where 682px X 1024px , so they are a nice size. They are not anything too small but they are not high res either. I would have like to have seen more of the spring break sort of stuff like they showed on the front page.

There is 10 image sets per page and there is a total of 8 pages. So you will get a total over 80 image sets that you can download to your computer or just choose to view online. Out of those 80 image sets you will have around 20 videos that you will be able to download aswell. I think they are starting to add more videos as they do the updates.

Most of the bikinis that these hot young babes are wearing are those nice small thins ones, and when some of then get wet you can see straight through them and thats when things get hot. You will be able to see nipples and pussy. Thank god for making these women so dam hot, and thank the bikini designer for making the bikinis see through.

There is more to this site then just bikini babes , you will notice that you will get full access into over 20+ extra adult paysites free of charge. The owners of this site sure do know how to look after their members. You will get access to some of the most exclusive porn site on the internet. This alone is worth more then what they are charging you to be a member per month.

Nav, Design & Features

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This site is one of the easiest websites you will ever navigate. Let me start by telling you what you will see when you first log into the members area of the bikini site. The first time you log into the site you will see 10 sets laid out right in front of you, from there you will scroll down until you see a set that you like and them to view the set simply click on the thumbnail or if it has a video you will need to click on the video link to view the video.

Ok lets say you have clicked on one of the thumbnail images and it has taken you to the gallery that you have choosen to view. Now you will see a load of thumbnail images on the page, to view one of the photos in a bigger size you simply just need to click on the image you would like to see bigger and it will open it up. If you are like me and you dont wanna go through all the photos and look at them but would rather download them to your computer so you can look at them all at once then what you will need to do is click on the Download Whole Gallery, you will be only able to do this on some of the galleries. I am not sure why its not on all of them but i hope they update that sometime soon.

Everything else on the site is pretty straight forward, you shouldn't run into any trouble what so ever , but if you find yourself in trouble then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Contact Us link and you will find all the help you need there.



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Its good to see a bikini site out there, there isn't that many out there so its good to get a chance to review one.

The site is very well laid out and the content is dam hot , I would have liked to have seen more of the content that they show you on the front of the website. The content they do you is smoking hot , but its not what I was hoping for.

The big question I will get is, do you see any tits and pussy. The answer is sort of , you get nipples and pussy , its only see through stuff.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot Models
  • + Good To See A Bikini Site
  • + Nice Design
  • + Nice Content
  • - Needs More Videos