Bubblegum Dreams
Bubblegum Dreams 94 Bubblegum Dreams Have you ever found yourself allured to a full grown lady chewing bubblegum whilst twirling her hair between her fingers, I know I haven't, but that's because I've yet to come across that situation, b
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Bubblegum Dreams

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Bubblegum Dreams

Short Review

Have you ever found yourself allured to a full grown lady chewing bubblegum whilst twirling her hair between her fingers, I know I haven't, but that's because I've yet to come across that situation, but I could easily see myself being seduced by one of these bubblegum chewing women, especially if it were one of the ladies from this site, cause they are all so very hot!

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When we were little we all used to love bubblegum, hell even at the age of 21 I still enjoy chewing on a piece of gum, so what is it about a grown lady chewing gum that makes them seem that extra bit sexy? Is it because it seems to make them look younger? Or maybe it's because it gives them a tomboyish sort of look, what ever it is, it seems to be working and you can take my word for it that it takes some getting used to watching a chick masturbate while chewing gum.

Short episodes on Bubblegum Dreams are mainly softcore scenes that run for around 5 to 10 minutes, most of the scenes are of the girls masturbating while chewing on some gum or some sort of candy, some of the scenes are pretty funny cause you can sometimes tell that the chick is concentrating more on chewing her gum than rubbing her clit. Obviously these scenes weren't worth cutting into smaller chapters as all of the scenes are too short to even bother with this procedure. All of the videos are available in wmv format with the much sought after option of streaming.

The viewing quality of their bizarre videos is pretty consistent through out the different episodes, the videos seem to be of really good quality while watching them through a small screen, but putting them in full screen mode really hurts the quality, it's not overly bad but it's still very noticeable, as for the lighting and color, well they are pretty standard, at least there aren't any episodes that are pitch black. Currently there are only 12 short episodes available, I was hoping that they'd have more content, but I could imagine that bubblegum videos would be pretty damn rare, because I definitely haven't seen anything like this up until now. The site developers were kind enough to include 412 bonus videos of random hardcore scenes, I'm guessing that this is to componsate for the small amount of bubblegum content that is available, which is kind of a bummer if a member joined the site only for the bubblegum scenes.

Each of their 12 short episodes come with a picture gallery which consists of large crystal clear still shots of the starring lady in a number of tasteful softcore poses with a few pussy spreads thrown into the fray, now these pictures are impressive and I'm really glad that they didn't resort to using crappy quality video captures. I really hope that they are still updating this site as there really isn't that much content here at all and the episodes that they do have are really short, what they do have going for them though is that this type of porn is really original and you'll probably be hard pressed in finding another site with this sort of content.

Nav, Design & Features

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I've been noticing that most of the porn network sites I've been reviewing are really due for a cosmetic makeover, I mean you look at their free tour which is usually very eye catching, giving you the impression that the actual page is going to look even better, then when you finally join up and make your way to the home page your slapped in the face with a dull looking bizarre site, which leaves you scratching your head in a state of confusion, but hey lucky you got me telling you all about it right? Bubblegum dreams is no different to other network sites when it comes to general presentation, as the color scheme and layout is a little dull, but at least they did a great job in keeping the navigation side of the site nice and simple.

All of the different sections to the site can be accessed via the side menu bar which you'll find on the left hand side of the screen, all of their media has been divided into two different sections being featured videos and bonus videos, clicking on the featured videos link will take you to the episode downloads page, on this page you'll notice large thumbnails with two links underneath each one, the first link is a watch video link clicking on this will take you to a new page on which the video will start streaming in, if you wish to download a video to your PC then you'll have to right click on the link found below the video stream screen which tells you to right click and choose the save link as function, I could see this becoming a very tedious task after downloading a few movies, what ever happened to a simple left click direct download link? Anyway the second link is the picture gallery link this will take you to that episode's picture gallery where you can view the numerous softcore pictures for that particular episode, the bonus videos section to this site essentialy has the same layout as the featured videos area, the only difference is that there are no picture gallery link.

There are three other sections to this site, which probably won't get used much at all, these sections include Bonus feeds, Live Webcams and Sex Store, obviously these are really only novelty features to make the site seem a little bigger than what it really is, the bonus feeds section seems pretty interesting at first, but you'll find that it should of really been under the bonus videos section and like I said before they must of included this section just to make the site seem a little bigger.



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I hate reviewing sites like this, I mean there really isn't that much content here if you don't include the bonus videos, but I want to give this site a good review because the type of content found on this site is quite rare and original, which is something worth bragging about in the porn industry, I guess I'll say that if you like the idea of women masturbating while chewing on gum then you might want to check this site out, but you'll probably find yourself running out of content to watch.

Pros & Cons

  • + Originality of content
  • + Picture quality is superb
  • + Tonnes of bonus videos
  • - Small amount of bubblegum content
  • - General presentation is a little dull