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Its Real 2632 Its Real Its Real is what you would call the believe it or not of porn, or a freak show if you want to be a prick about it.
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Its Real

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Its Real

Short Review

Its Real is what you would call the believe it or not of porn, or a freak show if you want to be a prick about it. Its Real gives us a look at some of the more freakier things take for example a 19 inch cock or a girl with two vaginas! Yeah I know you're going what the fuck right about now! The site provide video and photo footage of some of the weirdest shit you will ever see, so if you are after something a little different then Its Real is definitely a good place to start.

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Well I'm not entirely sure if anyone could get off to this kind of crazy stuff but I can certainly see why people would join this bizarre porn sitejust for pure shock value. But who knows there are some pretty crazy fetishes out there, but here's guessing the site is for people who like to see stuff out of the usual or freak their friends out with some crazy porn. How crazy you ask? Well I'll just give you a few examples of some of the ones which stood out the most. Ok so there's a video of a guy with two cocks ploughing some chick for a start, a lady with three tits (kind of like Total Recall all over again), ladies with unusually hairy crotches, a girl with 2 inch nipples, and the list just keeps going! As you can probably tell by now it's not the kind of stuff you would jerk off to (at least I hope not) though they're certainly some good conversation starters that's for sure.

Since going live back on the 24th of October in 2007 the site has been filled with 16 exclusive episodes. It may not seem like a lot for a site that's been up for over a year though you have to remember freaky stuff like this would be extremely hard to find so we've to keep that in mind. It's nice to see though that the site is still being updated maybe not as much as it could be but the updates are definitely coming in at a slow rate. The last update was logged on the 6th of November '08 only a few days before this review was completed. There's no information on future updates just yet though I'm sure there will be more crazy stuff they will come across soon enough.

All of the 16 episodes come with both movie and picture content making the craziness that much more believable, I mean you can always fake pictures but when it comes to videos it does get a little more trickier. Members can either stream the videos straight off the site in full scenes and short segments, or download them also available in full scenes and segments. I should also mention that the videos haven't been held back by DRM restrictions so you can keep them on your computer as long as you see fit. Quality is pretty decent as the videos are available in wmv format in encoding rates of up to (1400kbps @ 720x480). I couldn't get my hands on an encoding rate for the streamed vids as they are in flv format but from what I've seen they do look quite decent as well, I had no gripes with how the videos look and with the various video options it does make things a lot more convenient.

Even better looking than the videos are the photos It's Real has up it's sleeves. I do feel they are a little small though they aren't tiny to be fair. What they do excel in though is being stunningly clear and very colorful. Each episode comes with a set of roughly 300 pictures each, so yes the sets are pretty much bursting at the seams with images. They're certainly a great addition to the video content plus they give you more angles to check out the craziness of all the stuff you get to see on this site.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that 16 episodes isn't going to last so the developers have been generous enough to give their members full access to the entire Muffia network. Including this site the network consists of 5 exclusive pages which are all based towards a certain niche. These niches are no where near as crazy as the one for It's Real but on the other hand they lean towards reality based themes and rather than being great for shock value, these sites offer porn which you can really bust a nut to. Just to name a few of the niches the sites cover there's Asian, foot fucking, and two purely reality sites. These will certainly keep members busy who are waiting for new updates on It's Real.

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Right from the get go you know this bizarre site is going to be pretty out there. First off you've got this chick holding a 19 inch cock above his head, further down you've got a lady showing off her three titties, and a guy with two cocks! Yes it does grab your attention quite a bit to say the very least. There aren't any sample videos unfortunately but I'm sure the pictures will be crazy enough for those of you who want to see some really weird shit. Once you make it inside it looks all very professional, you've got the Muffia logo at the top left corner which is the network this site is on, and to the right of it there are plenty of links which will allow you to browse the content on this site and the network as well.

There's a search engine which can be used though with a database of only 16 videos it's really not that hard to find what you're after. On the other hand the search engine will help you find content on the other sites on the Muffia network so I suppose it does have it's uses. At the top of the homepage is where the latest updates can be found, there's a link to the main movie and picture page, and below you'll find the rest of the 15 updates in the form of thumbnail links which will take you to the section dedicated to that particular scene. Below the thumbnails is the title of the episode, along with what date it was uploaded. If you're new and aren't sure where to find the best episodes look down the right side of the page there's a column which consists of links to the most popular episodes according to member's votes.

Clicking on the thumbnails which represent the episodes will take you to that particular episode's main page. From there you can check out more screen shots of the episode to get a better idea on what the scene involves, read up on a detailed description and find out a little more background on the freakiness which goes on. Down the right side of the page is where the download links are situated, here you'll find the links for both the full scene, and short segment downloads. You'll also notice the "picture zip" link which will allow members to download the entire photo set in a single zip file so they can view the photos offline.

If you wish to make your way to the other sites on the Muffia network you'll have to utilize the link within the top menu marked "sites", upon doing so you will be taken to a page consisting of large banner links which feature the front tour page for the various bonus sites. A single click on these will take you to the main members area from where you can proceed to view and download as much of the content you wish. The top navigation menu also includes links to a few third party services including online personal advertisements, specials on other great adult sites, and cam girl links. Overall navigating the site was quite simple as all of the featured content is easily accessible straight off the members area.



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What to say about It's Real, well it's definitely a unique site, the first of it's kind as far as I'm concerned so big points for originality here. There's not much content but really though how many freaky things can they make episodes of. Good thing is that even though you may not be able to get off to the content on this site and have decided to join up for pure shock value, there's always the great bonus sites which you have access to which provide traditional porn.

Pros & Cons

  • + Original concept
  • + Great quality media
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Access to awesome bonus sites
  • + Great looking site
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - Small amount of episodes