X Rated Midgets
X Rated Midgets 808 X Rated Midgets Now if you have a fetish for these cute little midgets then this is the site you've been looking for, Xrated Midgets brings you the horniest little midgets they could find to bring you some hardcore m
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X Rated Midgets

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X Rated Midgets

Short Review

Now if you have a fetish for these cute little midgets then this is the site you've been looking for, Xrated Midgets brings you the horniest little midgets they could find to bring you some hardcore midget fucking, cum see the mini guys and girls on this site fuck like there's no tomorrow.

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Ok I've never viewed any midget porn until now as I'm not the biggest midget fan, but I can see how some men and women could find these cute midgets to be a turn on, they're just so light that you can get in the most awkward positions with ease, and they're just so cute but personally I probably wouldn't go out of my way to fuck one, but hey don't let my personal tastes waver your decision.

There's a nice variety of different types of horny midgets on this bizarre site, they've got Asians, blondes, redheads, brunettes, Latina, and ebony midgets. They've also mixed things with men, and women midgets so you can get the best of both mini worlds. The bulk of these scenes are standard girl on guy, with a few threesome scenes thrown in for good measure.

Currently there are 2 featured video feeds, and 15 downloadable midget scenes available. The downloadable scenes have all been split into 7 short clips to make the task of downloading a little easier on members with slow connection, these clips are also available to stream in low and high quality. The quality of the videos do tend to differ throughout the various videos, but overall they're generally pretty good to view.

The images available on this site are a mix of high quality photos, and screen captures taken from the featured videos, now the screen captures aren't the best of quality, and it's pretty much just like watching the scenes all over again in picture form, so yeah I wasn't overly impressed with them, but on the other hand the 16 high quality photo galleries are pure eye candy.

As a bonus members are treated to hundreds of bonus video feeds which span across a huge plethora of different niches, they've included everything from hugely popular mainstream niches like lesbians, pornstars, and general hardcore, down to kinky niches which involve foot fucking and BDSM, so it's safe to say that there's something here for just about everyone.

Hang on the extras aren't over yet! not only are members showered with hundreds of bonus video feeds, but they also get nice little extras like adult games, online dating services, and best of all full access to over 70 niched sites! which significantly boosts their content numbers, although the midget fans may feel a little disappointed in knowing that for the most part these bonus sites aren't midget related, but hey at least there's a shit load of porn to be seen right?

Nav, Design & Features

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Potential customers are going to drool all over their screens when they lay eyes on the tour pages of this site, the tour pages are strewn with high res pictures of cute little midgets getting their tight little pussies ploughed, not only that but you can also treat yourself to a few short teasers, to get a taste of things to cum.

The layout to this site is very bare bones. There's essentially only 6 sections to this site, the main members area, updates page, photo galleries, live videos, bonus video archive, and the games section . All of the featured midget videos, and feeds, can be easily accessed, from the main members area. All the downloadable scenes takes up a small section of the members area. This section includes small thumbnails of the scene, the streaming, and download links, a short description on what the scene involves, and a link to the screen captures.

Above the downloadable videos, you'll find the featured midget video feeds, these feeds are presented by small thumbnails of the feeds logo, clicking on the thumbnail link will automatically take you to that video feed's main page, from there you can proceed to watch as many of the steamy midget scenes you desire.

The bottom half of the members area includes the thumbnail links to the massive collection of bonus sites. They've made site crawling quick and easy as they've eliminated the process of having to re-enter your login every time you enter one of the many sites, making things a lot more quicker and believe me, you don't want to be typing in your login while your in the middle of getting yourself off.

That's pretty much all I can say about the site, now you can probably understand why I mentioned that the layout is bare bones, there aren't any fancy sections to try and make the site look bigger than it is, like so many other sites do. It's impossible to loose yourself whilst browsing this site, cause everything can be accessed straight off the main members area, making thing quick and easy to find.



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Now I'd by lying to you if I said that midget porn is my kind of thing, but as far as bizarre porn goes this site has quite a bit on offer and the scenes are just so hardcore, the downloadable vids are great, but the video feeds are a little inferior in quality. The main selling point of this site would have to be the massive collection of extras members are treated with definitely check this out if your a midget lover.

Pros & Cons

  • + Cute midgets
  • + Tonnes of bonus video feeds
  • + Featured content is decent
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Access to over 70 sites!