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London Shaggers 1282 London Shaggers London Shaggers main stars are the scorching hot blonde twins Sasha and Misha who look like barbie dolls come to life.
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London Shaggers

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London Shaggers

Short Review

London Shaggers main stars are the scorching hot blonde twins Sasha and Misha who look like barbie dolls come to life. This site features some of the hottest scenes they've starred in, including a number of scenes which star some of their hot European girlfriends. If you've ever fantasized about getting it on with blonde identical twins, then the scenes provided will make you melt.

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I've heard of the hot blonde twins Sasha and Misha before but I've never had the privilege of seeing any of their scenes, so you can imagine how excited I was to find that I got the chance to review this site. After taking my time browsing through the site however, I felt a little let down to find that there were only a handful of scenes starring the blonde twins, because the tour pages gave me an indication that they were going to be the main stars of the site.

To make matters worse the collection of scenes is very small, with only 11 scenes on offer, longevity isn't exactly the site's strong point. London Shaggers has been around since September 2006, with the last update on the 19th of February 2007, which was around 4 months before this review, and with no news on further updates it looks like 11 scenes may be all that's available.

The video files on offer are in wmv format, which are available to stream and download in short chapters and full scenes. All the episodes are available in high and low qualities, with the high versions coming in at 600kbps, with a resolution of 320x340. Now those numbers may not be overly impressive but actually watching the videos aren't that bad. Though you will find things start to get a little messy if you were to blow them up to full screen, especially when there's rapid movement involved, and being a porn scene there's a lot of that going on.

As much as I like the stars on this site, the content just keeps on letting me down. The only picture content available are screen captures of the scenes which are quite underwhelming, which isn't exactly a surprise as screen captures usually aren't that great. On a lighter note, as far as screen capture standards go these ones are fairly decent, sure you'll see the odd blur or two but they've done a good job on keeping it to a minimum. Personally though I would have loved to see the twins in proper high quality photos.

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The content of the blonde porn site may have it's fair share of rough edges, but browsing a site couldn't get much easier then this, plus the general presentation of the site isn't half bad either. From the moment you step foot on the tour pages the general look of the site will capture you, with it's pastel colors and the various pictures sprawled across the tour pages. Potential customers can even treat themselves to a few shot trailers to get a better idea on what the site has to offer.

The main members area of the site covers the latest, and most popular of the media they have on offer. Including the last 5 uploads, most popular photo galleries, and the top 5 movies. To view the entire list of episodes click on the vids link within the navigation menu, found towards the very top of the site. This will direct you to the main content area, where you can browse through the 11 episodes.

Each of the episodes are represented by a small thumbnail of a screen capture, so they'll give you a rough idea on what the scene involves. Clicking on this thumbnail will take you to the main content area for that episode where you can view the pictures and video files that episode has available.

Lets go back to the main members area for now. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the page you'll find numerous banner links representing the various bonus items members are entitled to. These bonuses include video feeds, picture galleries, and niche sites which cover a wide array of popular niches.

Now obviously the 11 episodes available on this site isn't going to last very long at all. So it's a damn good thing that members also get full access to 13 bonus sites which are a part of the Extreme Porn Pass network. The bulk of these sites cover extreme fetishes, with a few mainstream sites thrown in for good measure. I've personally reviewed some of these sites myself and I've gotta say that although this site may not be superb, some of the bonus sites are.



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The site has enormous potential featuring the hot twins, but unfortunately it's let down with a lack of content, and it's lackluster media. The twins are enough to bring in the crowds but this site is going to need a lot more, to keep that crowd coming back. Lets face it, 11 videos is going to last what? A day or two for the avid porn viewer. Luckily there's a ton of bonus content to keep members busy while more content is uploaded, my only concern is that those updates may not come.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot blonde twins
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + 13 awesome bonus sites
  • - Small amount of content
  • - Only screen captures available