Big Boobs Forever
Big Boobs Forever 2472 Big Boobs Forever Big Boobs Forever features plenty of sexy amateurs and pornstars with large boobies, but overall, this non-exclusive site is more of a hardcore variety site than a specifically big breast themed colle
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Big Boobs Forever

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Big Boobs Forever

Short Review

Big Boobs Forever features plenty of sexy amateurs and pornstars with large boobies, but overall, this non-exclusive site is more of a hardcore variety site than a specifically big breast themed collection. You can access tons of videos and photos featuring all kinds of nasty fucking, blow jobs, lesbian fun and more, and membership includes bonus feeds and erotic stories!

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Big boobs aren't exactly a rarity in porn, so just about any XXX collection aside from those specifically dedicated to smaller tits is going to feature at least a few pairs of big melons, but here at Big Boobs Forever, the main focus, on the surface, seems to be on large breasts. Once I got inside and started perusing the selection, however, I wasn't so sure. Overall, while you will see lots of big jugs here, it's not an entirely big breast focused collection and is probably best suited to those who want to see a variety of different kinds of women getting into all kinds of nasty situations.

Big Boobs Forever is a large site with over 1760 video scenes and 745 picture galleries. Although nothing is dated, the site does claim to make weekly updates and lists upcoming updates in the member's area, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt despite the lack of concrete information. The materials here are non-exclusive and seem to come mostly from DVD titles in a variety of categories. While there aren't really any off-the-wall fetishes or extreme acts here, you will see a good mix of one-on-one scenes, anal action, threesomes, lesbians and more.

There are tons of sites out there offering DVD materials in quality levels more than suitable for full screen, and I was hoping for similar results here at Big Boobs Forever. Unfortunately, the average quality level here is much lower than I would have expected. The size of the videos ranges from 320x240 pixels to 640x480 pixels, and the bitrates are from 350 to 2000 kbps, but it seems like most of the scenes fall toward the lower end to middle of that spectrum. Many look pretty bad to be totally honest with common issues like poor lighting, incorrect color balance, lines throughout the video, and graininess or blurriness. Photos are a bit more standard and are usually between 800 and 1100 pixels on the long side.

Nav, Design & Features

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The Big Boobs Forever tour is done mostly in yellow in a shade of pink so bright it almost hurt my eyes. Some scenes are previewed with small to medium sized images, and there is a gallery displaying some of the hot chicks you'll see inside, but there's not much firm info. The tour would benefit from some info about the size of the collection and more previews, including video trailers.

The member's area here is neatly laid out but lacks features essential to making a collection this size easy to tackle. The materials are divided into photo and video sections and break down into categories for big tits and hardcore, although there are certainly big tit babes to see in the hardcore section as well as the big boob section. I was actually a bit confused by the categories since they really didn't seem particularly helpful and more specific categories would have been more helpful. In terms of navigating the collection and finding specific things you want to see, the keyword search box is really the only feature at your disposal. It yielded pretty good results for me for many different pornstars' names I tried and some terms like threesome, lesbian and fetish, but complex queries sometimes turn up things which don't seem to really match up.

There is a main menu with several options which lead to ads, plus some useful options like the photo and video sections, erotic stories and bonus third party streaming video feeds. You can also access a favorites feature in order to save scenes for later viewing within the members' area. Scene info is extremely limited, and most of the materials are just listed as a short title and a single thumbnail image. Each video is offered in only a single format, and they can include WMV, MPG, AVI, MOV and possibly others I didn't see. Only split pieces are offered, and only for download. Likewise, photos are offered in basic galleries without advanced viewing or download features.



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There's no denying that Big Boobs Forever offers a huge collection, but it's really not as specifically geared to big boob porn as I thought, and frankly, it's hard to get too excited about DVD videos when so many sites offer several thousand of them at much higher quality levels and in much more advanced and feature-filled member's areas. The trial price here will recur at a high rate, and the 30 day price is pretty steep for non-exclusive materials!

Pros & Cons

  • + Large collection
  • + Claims weekly updates
  • - Not 100% focused on big boobs
  • - Vid quality varies and can be bad
  • - Non-exclusive materials
  • - Needs better search tools