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Boobies And Cream 2581 Boobies And Cream Boobies and Cream! Sounds kind of like a new flavor of ice cream right? Well what this site has on offer is just as tasty.
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Boobies And Cream

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Boobies And Cream

Short Review

Boobies and Cream! Sounds kind of like a new flavor of ice cream right? Well what this site has on offer is just as tasty! Beautiful busty ladies getting their holes creamed in, if that sounds mighty delicious to you then you owe it to yourself to check out the humble collection of exclusive episodes available on this site complete with video and photo content. The site may not be huge at the moment however members also gain access to all the sites available on the extensive network Boobs and Cream is a part of.

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It seems as though a hardcore scene nowadays isn't without a decent amount of jizz being splashed over the horny ladies, though I've to say a fair few of them involve the guys spraying their load all over their faces and in the ladies mouths, but I have to admit I find it a lot more arousing and natural when the studs drop their loads right in the lovely girls holes, then the girls proceed to let it drizzle out sounds hot right? The thing you'll notice about all the ladies on show here is that they're all incredibly busty making this site a must see for both big boobs and internal cumshot fans.

I must say I was a little disappointed with the amount of content there is on offer even more so seeing that the site has been up for quite a few months 8 months to be exact as the first ever episode was uploaded back on the 26th of March '08. Anyway all up there's a total of 14 episodes which run for approximately 35 minutes each so you can classify them as full scenes. One thing the small collection of porn does have going for it is that they're all exclusive to the site, so you'll be hard pressed trying to find them any where else on the net. My main concern though is that the site hasn't been updated in a while as the last known update was logged back on the 24th of September '08, and with no apparent future updates the future isn't looking too bright. I'm hoping they're on a break because an avid porn viewer will go through those 14 episodes in no time.

It's nice to see that even though the site doesn't have a massive amount of content they've managed to keep the line up of ladies quite diverse as you'll be able to gorge your eyes on sexy Asians, hot brunette babes, seductive blondes, and raunchy Latina ladies. Not only does the diversity stop there but they've also provided petite, slender, and tall broads, but the one thing they all have in common are their massive titties hence the title "Boobies and Cream" and to that end they've definitely delivered the goods.

There's quite a few video options for members to play around with, for starters they can choose to stream the videos in browser or download them directly to their computers and keep for good as the video files aren't restricted by DRM. There's also the option of viewing the episodes in full scenes or short segments to make downloading that much more convenient for members on slower connections. The most impressive aspect hands down would have to be the HD quality they're available in clocking in at an impressive (2200kbps @ 1280x720), needless to say quality is not an issue with the content on this site. So by the looks of things the developers have certainly gone with the quality over quantity concept which is fair enough.

The quality doesn't just stop with the videos either as the picture content looks stunning! Each episode comes with a set of gorgeous photos so that's 14 photo sets to go through with an average of 290 images which is quite impressive as well. The photo sets feature the same hardcore action shown in the video footage though there are a few softcore shots at the start where we get to drool over the lovely ladies showing off their curvaceous bodies in erotic poses. The images are clear and colorful and not only that but they measure up quite well to boot with decent dimensions of (1280x850 pixels), picture lovers will certainly eat up these awesome photo sets that's for damn sure!

Now the developers obviously knew that only 14 episodes wasn't going to cut it for their members so they've gone ahead and given members full access to all 10 sites on their network (that 10 is including this one). Looking through the sites the network is highly based on internal cumshot porn though each site also covers a secondary niche to mix it up a little, examples of some secondary niches include milfs, teens, ebony porn, and big butts. It goes without saying that this is definitely a network for internal cumshot lovers to check out. So even though Boobs And Cream may not have the largest collection around, if you were to add all the porn up on all these sites you've got quite a bit of smut to keep yourself occupied.

Nav, Design & Features

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Be prepared to have your eyes poked as you enter the tour pages of Boobs and Cream cause there are huge knockers all around! In the top banner you've got gorgeous ladies showing off their tits and a few pictures of succulent looking twats with cum oozing out of them! Potential members will be bombarded with sample pictures taken from the most arousing episodes they have on offer. Now if you're anything like me the pictures will have you sold however if you're hard pleased then go ahead and check out the free samples of the episodes as they will certainly have you literally begging for more!

The first thing you'll come across on the main members area are the 10 latest updates all of which are represented by thumbnails featuring screen shots taken from the video content. Below the thumbnails there's a heap of information in including the name of the model, how long the scene goes for, and the average rating of the scene according to other members. The bottom half of the members area is the upcoming updates section but unfortunately there's nothing to be seen here. Down the right border of the site you'll find a search tool (which I found useless as there's only 16 episodes to go through) and a list of the week's top rated models.

On the main members area you'll notice alphabetical links which will allow you to browse the archive of content via model, keep in mind this will present you with all the content across all 10 sites on the network, not just this one. Just below the top banner is the main navigation menu which includes links that will take you to the models section, photos & movies galleries, bonus sites, and the bonus video feeds. The blog is a nice addition that will keep you in on the latest across the network and other mic. stuff in regards to the internet. I would also like to add that having the "bonus sites" section makes site hopping a breeze as you are presented with large banner links within this page where once clicked on you will immediately be taken to the main members area of your desired site.

The movies page includes all 14 episodes in the one gallery, these are organized from latest to oldest with the option of reorganizing them to the most popular. All episodes are presented by a single thumbnail featuring a nice portrait of the model getting her ass plugged, below the thumbnail is the length of the video, and above it the model's name along with the date it was uploaded. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to that episode's main page, the first thing you'll notice is a detailed description on what goes on in the episode, along with information in regards to which niches the episode covers. Just below the description is a link which will allow you to download the entire scene, below you'll notice a series of thumbnails, each one represents a different segment of the scene and below each thumbnail are the stream and download links.

At the top of the episode page you'll notice the two tabs "movies" & "photos" obviously if you're in the movie downloads page you'll want to click on the photos tab to take you to the gallery from where you'll be presented with a fairly standard picture gallery. The photos are spreads across indexed pages with up to 150 images per page. These galleries aren't much different from the usual garden variety you're used to so it's all pretty straight forward here.

So the site is fairly easy to navigate though it may take some getting used to (not much though). I did find it quite easy to make my way through the various sites thanks to the bonus sites section, and it's easy enough to access the photos and video content available on the site. I did find the search tool a little useless however as the collection just isn't big enough yet for it to have any use, but with any luck the collection should start to grow and the search engine may get some use but for now it's pretty redundant. Site presentation is great, the site's layout is nice and the interface is user-friendly. The only thing I noticed was that the items on the page are a little too close together but it's nothing to be crying over, other than that the site presentation is quite good indeed.



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Drool worthy babes with huge racks, incredible quality HD content, and pictures that will make you cry from the beauty of the outstanding quality, so there's definitely no issue when it comes to quality, but the thing they must start improving on is updates because 14 episodes just isn't going to last long enough to keep members satisfied. On a lighter note members do have a nice collection of bonus sites which offer content on par in quality with the content available on Boobies & Cream.

Pros & Cons

  • + Stunning HD quality vids
  • + Photo content is gorgeous
  • + Gorgeous busty models
  • + Site is easy to navigate
  • + All exclusive content
  • - Could do with more content