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Boobs XXL 4013 Boobs XXL Boobs XXL features some of the world's biggest natural boobs we're talking gigantically massive tits here.
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Boobs XXL

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Boobs XXL

Short Review

Boobs XXL features some of the world's biggest natural boobs we're talking gigantically massive tits here! These women love to pose for the camera and show off their enormous racks, hop in the shower and lather them up, and even use them to play the bongos! You won't find any hardcore action here, but what you will find is really, really big boobs - and lots of them!

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With a name like Boobs XXL, you're going to expect some big boobs, but what you get here is really, really, really big boobs! True to their word, these tits are all 100% natural. The models, all amateur, come from all over the world (but mostly Europe), and range in age from early 20s to early 40s, with most being towards the older end of things. Some of the women are really hot, and some are less so; some are rather slim, some are BBW, and most are somewhere in between. There's a little bit of everything, but the one thing these women all have in common is some seriously massive tits.

There's a ton of content here, and it's all centered around the boobs. You'll very rarely even see anything other than tits, and there are never any men in the scenes. Updates come in regularly at least a few times a week.

There are over 270 4-5 minute movies, which are really smaller segments of a full scene released over time. I'm never a fan of this setup, but at least updates are coming regularly. Bitrates range from 2000-4800kbps, though the video frame size is never larger than 720x480 pixels. As far as pictures go, there are over 300 photo galleries here with an average of 30 pictures, with each one being a small portion of a larger photo shoot. The photo quality here is unbelievably high. Even the photos dating back to 2006 are up to, and sometimes over, 1600x2400px!

I found one very bothersome thing - when looking at the oldest content, I saw an update from 9-16-2006 that looked somewhat familiar. Later, when I was back on the updates page, I realized why - that EXACT same photo set had been posted again on 5-2-2010! Granted, the quality was higher on the latest version and there were a few more pictures, but it did strike me as odd. I couldn't confirm any other repeats, but with over 300 galleries, it's hard to be sure.

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The tour page, displayed in mostly reds and gold on a solid black background, actually gives a pretty good taste of the content inside. There aren't any video previews, but there are photo previews for 23 models. For each of the 23 different women on the tour page there is a large photo, 8 thumbnails, and a link to their model information page. Each model information page includes stats (name, nationality, age, height, weight, and cup size), basic profile, and over 30 thumbnails.

When signing in to the members area, you're given the choice of seeing the site in English or German. After selecting a language, you can see a list of all the most recent updates, including their date, type, number of pictures, model featured, and user rating. There are no search options, but the navigation bar at the top has tabs to allow you to quickly access updates, movies, pictures, models, top voted, history, and specials. The updates and history bar both show all the updates to the site newest-to-oldest, but the updates page does it as described above, while the history page simply shows dates, titles, and type, and is viewable by year. It's easy to see at a glance how often the updates are coming.

Each video segment page has links to the other videos in that particular series, so it's fairly easy to watch the whole scene. The videos can be streamed in your browser or downloaded in WMV and sometimes MP4 formats. The photo pages are set up in the same manner, with links to the other photo galleries from the same shoot at the bottom of each page. The photos are available in basic thumbnail galleries, with no slideshows or ZIP files available.



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Boobs XXL has a very precise goal to showcase some of the biggest and best natural breasts out there and they stick to it well. There's a ton of content here, and updates have been consistently regular throughout the history of the site. Navigation could be better, and there's a chance that some of the content is recycled, but overall this is a great site with a lot to look at with some really high quality stuff.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive big tit scenes
  • + Truly dedicated to tits, and ONLY tits
  • + Regular updates
  • + Quality is good
  • + Add. months cheap
  • - Vids/Galleries released in pieces
  • - Needs better search/navigation featur