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XX Cel 7336 XX Cel Fans of big boobs and BBW should come this way and walk on into XX-Cel. This site is dedicated to boobs, and the bigger, the better.
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XX Cel

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Short Review

Fans of big boobs and BBW should come this way and walk on into XX-Cel. This site is dedicated to boobs, and the bigger, the better. With 192 European girls in its model list and now boasting over 635 videos, XX-Cel offers you tit play, fondling, boob-worship and some amazingly large breasts in exclusive videos and images. The site staggers under the weight of a few navigation issues but also under the weight of these huge tits and amateur ladies.

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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 7/10
  • Quality: 13/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 13/15

Russian ladies, older women from Hungary and other East European countries and a huge amount of huge boobs between them, that's the main thrust of XX-Cel. This exclusive content site stays firmly in its niche, and that is, of course, huge tits and boob-play. There's no hardcore here although our host often gets his face between those boobs, even gets a sniff of pussy now and then, but as for dicks on show and babes driven to orgasm, forget it. It's purely about the boobs rather than hardcore sex.

However, we do have some amazingly large ladies here with girls like Roza from Russia showing off her 75K beauties as she lies on the bed, plays, fondles, nearly drowns under her own tits while the camera moves around her for fifteen minutes. Check out Sapphire too (from the USA actually as it's not All European busts we're looking at) with her 38L measurements, and Sofia Rose wither her strip and play session where she, and we, enjoy her 38K sized bust. In fact, the only way to find your content is to meet the models first.

There are 192 girls here, and they each has their own number of videos and galleries. This makes it nigh on impossible to calculate how many videos and galleries there are here; it's a huge list to look through and keep count of. The tour states 635 videos now, and that's more than possible. It also states the total number of images rather than galleries but either way, there are thousands. The trouble is, you can't separate videos from galleries and find them in their own sections. You get to see what's new when you land on the homepage but after that, it's model-led and, with no way to mark up your favourites, you can find yourself clicking back and forth to find the next piece of content while having to remember where you were.

Still, there are over 600 videos, I'm sure of it. These run for short lengths of time, around 10 minutes on average, and they take the boob-play, softcore theme, apart from when the guy appears to fondle or nuzzle, feel or fumble with what the top-heavy ladies have on offer. Videos also come in various formats with only one option, plus one stream versions. Streams are in Flash at 640 x 360 and look fine. They will go full screen but then pay while embedded in the model's page, so there are no descriptions or details apart from runtime and upload dates.

Downloads are in Mp4 these days at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and that's fine, older ones may come in WMV at 720 x 480, or if more up to date, 1,280 x 720; it depends on who you're looking at and when the movie was first uploaded to the site. The videos are reasonable quality though, natural and with clear image and updates appear to be very regular with either an image set of a new video every few days.

The galleries are found in the same way, via the model's page, and they hold various numbers of pics each. All are good quality and easy to view online where the thumbnail pages come with a link to a zip file download for the full set. You do have to open them one at a time, and there are no slideshows and, again, no information, but there are certainly thousands of hot, big-busty babes to collect.

Finally, there is no bonus content with your membership. It's one site, one theme and over 192 busty babes with their vids and pics, and that's it.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 3/5
  • Navigation Ease: 6/10
  • Features: 6/10

You may have picked up on toe navigation style here, it's unusual and, tbh, a bit of a pain. The home page makes it look as if you can click to videos and galleries in their own areas, but these images are only headings. To find content, you head to the model index and then browse the girls individually and click through from here. You'll get used to it, and it's probably best to start with the first girl (it's alphabetical) and work through to make it easier to remember where you were.

There are also several things missing from XX-Cel, things that you'd expect to find in any adult site these days. There's no menu as such, no way to rearrange content and no interactive options. You can't rate or vote, add things to a favourites collection and there are no descriptions. There are only a few stats with the models, mainly concentrating on their bust size, and there are no categories even though some scenes involve pregnant women and some have a kind of medial edge to them.

However, for all its navigation faults, XX-Cell lives up to its tour promises with exclusive BBW models, huge boobs and loads of content. It's also set at a very reasonable price. Only $ 19.95 per month with updates happening throughout the week. You can opt to join for longer and save a bit of cash with the three-month option being at $49.95 (which is the same as $16.65 per month).

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XX-Cel looks and feels very old fashioned and a little bit on the home-amateur side of the tracks, and its navigation system and member interface could do with a revamp and an upgrade, but there is no faulting the models. These (mainly) European girls are huge, not always fat but always heavy up top with amazing boobs. There are solo, softcore and boob play videos, so it's a site for the true fan of BBW, and it works. It's not expensive, and there is a heap of big-tit content to collect.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive BBW content
  • + Movies now HD
  • + Regular updates
  • + European BBW
  • + Not expensive
  • - Tricky navigation
  • - Not interactive
  • - Quality varies with age
  • - No information