Brandi Belle
Brandi Belle 712 Brandi Belle Say hello to little Miss Brandi Belle, boys, and girls. Shes one hot little brunette minx, whos petite, young, and hornier than rabbits on heat.
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Brandi Belle

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Brandi Belle

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Say hello to little Miss Brandi Belle, boys, and girls. Shes one hot little brunette minx, whos petite, young, and hornier than rabbits on heat. If you like the cute type of chick, the kind of girl you'd introduce to your mom, then you'll fall in love with Brandi, don't be fooled by her innocent, visage though, cause deep down inside, she's a horny nymphette!

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There's a wide variety of different types of scenes available on this site, with a nice blend of softcore, and hardcore scenes, ranging from Brandi getting herself off with one of her faveorite toys, getting down and dirty with one of her naughty girlfreinds, or getting her juicy little snatch ploughed, by some horny guy.

Currently there are 65 exclusive videos, of Brandi. All of which are available to stream and download, in three different video lengths, including the big clips, that run for about 5 mins, short clips which only run for around a minute, and of course the entire scene. Providing these short clips, makes downloading, a lot more convenient, as members can choose to skip the foreplay segments, if they wish to only view the hardcore bits, which will save them, a lot of bandwidth in the long run.

The short clips can get up to 10MBs, and are available in wmv, and mpg formats. Being small in file size, they're ideal, for members on dialup, or 56k connections. The quality of the short clips, by far exceeded, my expectations. Being small in file size, I was expecting them to look pretty bad, but to my suprise, they were clear, played through a decent sized screen, and the motion is flawless, officially making these, the best looking vids, under 10MBs I've ever seen.

The big clips, and full scenes, can get quite large in file size, so they're directed towards, members with fast broadband connections. Just like the short clips, the quality of these ones are outstanding, and truly breaks through the standards, as far as reality porn goes.

Each of the episodes, also come with a set of screen captures. I must admit I was a little bummed out to see that they've only provided screen captures. But once again I was suprised, with some fairly decent looking screen captures, now I don't think I've ever used the words "decent" and "screen captures" in the same sentence ever before, so this is a first.

Aside from all this content, members are also entitled to extras like, Brandis' blog, wallpapers, screensavers of Brandi, and even Brandi comics! So there's a lot of cool stuff, here and even better content. Brandi has really raised the standard for reality porn, and has answered my question, on whether or not good screen captures exist. Truly a site worth checking out if the idea of a sexy brunette babe that is wild and loves to fuck turns you on.

Nav, Design & Features

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I was a little unsure of what to think about the brown, and straw yellow color scheme, but the rest of the site, looks pretty neat, so I tried not to let it get to me, plus the top banner looks really cool. Non-members can browse through the site, as if they were members, which will really give them a taste, of just how much content there is on this site. Instead of being able to watch an entire episode, they only get to watch a short teaser, which will really have potential customers, grabbing their credit cards.

As you arrive, on the main members area, you'll notice large thumbnails, which represent Brandis latest update, that. Under the large thumbnails, you'll find some detailed information, about what the scene is all about, and includes details like, when it was uploaded, and how long the scene runs for.

The bottom half of the main members area, consists of small thumbnails, of her past updates, going all the way back to September 19, 2006. You'll notice a link, at the very bottom of the list of updates, which will direct you, to even more, past updates, that date all the way back to, October 1, 2005.

Keeping up to date with news and latest releases, has never been easier. The Bang Bros. main homepage, is oozing with information and thumbnails, in regards to their latest updates, and top rated episodes, so that new members, know where all the good stuff is, rather than having to hunt them down, for themselves.

All the extras, like Brandis' blog, extra downloads, like screen savers, and wallpapers, can be accessed from the navigational menu, situated on the left side of every page. This menu will also allow you to go straight to the homepage, and access a section, where you can read up on Brandi, and find out what kind of girl she is, when she's not behind the camera.

It was a stroll in the park, finding my way around this site. All her latest videos, can be accessed straight off, the main members area, and everything is set out in a logical manner, which makes everthing basic and self explanatory. Unless you have no common sense, you won't be finding yourself lost in this site, cause it's simply not possible!



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Easily one of the better, feature girl sites I've reviewed in a long time, not only cause of the fact, that there's a decent amount of content here, but more so the fact, that the content on this site, looks absoloutly gorgeous. Their videos are flawless as far as reality standards go, truly a site you don't want to miss, all you reality fans out there come check this site out, right now!

Pros & Cons

  • + Brandi is hot!
  • + Decent amount of vids
  • + Videos are awesome
  • + Screen captures are suprisingly good
  • + Easy to navigate