Brown Hair Girls
Brown Hair Girls 2160 Brown Hair Girls While the prototypical porn star might have big tits and blonde hair, brunette lovers know that dark hair is where it's at. Brownhairgirls.
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Brown Hair Girls

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Brown Hair Girls

Short Review

While the prototypical porn star might have big tits and blonde hair, brunette lovers know that dark hair is where it's at. promises to bring you hundreds of thousands of videos and photos starting brunette babes plus a myriad of bonus materials in almost every conceivable genre. In reality, the site offers a small number of brunette photo sets and third party streaming videos plus access to other sites in the network.

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Brown Hair Girls is a very small site on its own with just around 54 photo galleries. The only video materials I found came from third party feeds and from other sites in the network, and furthermore, even the photos don't manage to stay completely on- topic. While most of the women I saw did indeed have brown hair, a noticeable portion of these honeys seemed to be natural sexy brunettes who had bleached their hair blonde. In a world full of smoking hot brunettes, why choose the ones who have altered their natural color? Unfortunately, this is just one of the many ways I felt disappointed by this tiny, non-exclusive and non-updating collection.

The Brown Hair Girls photos range from 800-1300 pixels on the long side, and while I did notice some amount of variation in the quality, there are no major problems. All of the sets I saw featured a solo girl posing, teasing and sometimes masturbating with toys. Settings can include an outdoor patio, the hearth of a comfy-looking fireplace, a lavish living room, a garden or even an operating room, but there is no info given about the models or the scenes, so things end up feeling rather bland. There were some models I recognized and some that I didn't, and most of the women seem to be in the 18-25 range with plenty of luscious curves and gorgeous faces.

There is a large bonus package available here including adult jokes and stories, access to around a dozen third party feeds plus membership to over 70 other network sites, although none of these seem to be specifically brunette themed and most are just as small as Brown Hair Girls if not smaller, and the videos from the third party feeds are pretty poor quality for the most part. Some of the bonus sites and feeds available include Red Hair Sex, India Uncovered, Taboo Insertions, Fucking Toons, Club Heshe, Cheerleader Love and Naughty Nurses.

Nav, Design & Features

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In keeping with the brown theme, the Brown Hair Girls tour pages are done in mostly shades of brown and beige. Not much helpful info is given and I didn't really see any specific previews of anything I actually found once inside. I did notice various untrue statements throughout the tour such as a claim of over 125,000 brunette videos for download and streaming and another of over 50,000 brunette images when in fact the number is closer to 5,000 individual images in the 54 galleries. Even if you add in the rest of the brunettes you may find among the bonus materials, I just don't think this one lives up to its own hype.

The all brown layout is replaced with a brown background and white foreground once inside the site, and like all of the other sites from this network that I've seen before, the layout here is very simple with no advanced functions or options. The main menu provides access to the galleries section where you'll find the core Brown Hair Girls photo collection as well as sections for jokes and games and two others called interactive and video feeds, both of which contain third party bonus feeds. The live and chat options simply lead to other sites which require additional memberships and fees for live cam shows. Below the menu, you'll see plenty of ads as well as some of the various materials and feeds highlighted in different ways followed by a list of all available bonus sites at the very bottom of the page.

Each of the 54 galleries available here is displayed in a typical thumbnail gallery with individual text links to each numbered page of the set, but there is no info about the model or scene given. Clicking an image generally enlarges it to full size, but I had some trouble with these galleries and sometimes had to refresh the page several times and click on an image repeatedly until it worked. I can definitely think of some improvements which could be made in the member's area here, but for a collection this small, not much more is needed anyway, and more to the point, the lackluster member's area layout is far from the worst of this site's many problems.



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Conclusion offers a small amount of brunette themed materials for admirers of brown haired babes, but the tour makes a lot of big promises which aren't really kept once inside the member's area. Relying far too heavily on bonus materials, the small core collection here just can't carry the site, but porn fans lusting after a large variety of smut may well find some value among the large bonus package.

Pros & Cons

  • + Some brunette babe pictures available
  • + Large bonus package
  • - Relatively small collection
  • - No videos of its own
  • - Non-exclusive materials
  • - Doesn't live up to claims made on tour