Shay Laren
Shay Laren 2507 Shay Laren One of the most elegant brunette babes I've seen in quite some time Shay Laren is definately a site for sore eyes.
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Shay Laren

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Shay Laren

Short Review

One of the most elegant brunette babes I've seen in quite some time Shay Laren is definately a site for sore eyes. shay invites us to her official site which is filled with exclusive episodes and tantalizing photo content. Shay's content is mostly softcore in nature where we get to indulge on the lovely lady's beautiful figure and pretty face. Certainly worth a look if you're in to very girly brunette babes with luscious lips and doe like eyes.

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I don't know how many times I've said this but Shay Laren is one of the hottest feature girls I've seen period! And this time I really mean it hehehe! Anyway you'll know exactly what I mean when you feast your eyes on this goddess. Every thing about Shay oozes of perfection from her silky smooth fair skin, those mouth watering titties of hers, those slender long legs ending with a heart shaped ass, her sexy brown hair, flat stomach, and best of all those luscious pouty lips. Yup not only does she have a smoking hot body but her face is very attractive as well so it's no surprise that she has an entire site dedicated to only her!

It looks as though Shay's site has been up and running since late in 07' as the first featured episode was loaded on the 21st of November. Unfortunately it looks as though the site has slowed down on updates as the last logged update was back in September 27th 08, just under two months before this review was completed. This is on the video side of things though the site has been updated with a new photo set on the 31st of Oct just under 2 weeks ago so the site is still active though not as much as it could be. All in all there are 46 episodes and 104 photo sets, so even though the site has slowed down on updates there's still a decently sized archive of content for new members to wade through.

Shay Laren's site is obviously a featured girl one, the type that tends to concentrate more on softcore content involving the lovely Shay showing off her curves, showering, or having a bit of fun with that tantalizing little pussy of hers. Quite the trend amongst feature girl sites like Shay's though what she does have in her favor is that she is so very very beautiful, so even though the videos don't involve her getting porked by some random dude I'm sure even hardcore lovers will be aroused by this gorgeous babe.

Shay's episodes can run from any where between 5 to 10 mins each. They're available to download in full scenes and short segments which are all available in wmv format and have not been held back by DRM restrictions. Quality of the videos is exceptionally high available in a jaw dropping video bit rate of (5000kbps @ 1280x720). To those of you who know what those numbers mean you've probably just creamed your pants, to those of you who don't just know that they're in true HD quality and will make your eyes rot because they're pure eye candy. Certainly one of the most stand out aspects of Shay's site is the quality of her exclusive vids!

Shay's photo content has been split in three categories being candid, girl on girl, and solo. Personally I found the candid pictures to be the most entertaining/arousing as they give you a quick glimpse of Shay's life and some behind the scenes photo sets. Shay hasn't pulled any punches with quality even with the photo contents and I would go as far as saying that they're just as drool worthy as the video content on offer. These photos would have been taken with top of the line cameras and it looks as though they've gone throug the effort of making sure the lighting is professional. You'll see how perfect Shay is in these photos as every last detail of her gorgeous body shows up as the photos are super crisp, damn this girl has got flawless skin! The images also size up quite nicely at (1037x1549 pixels). An awesome addition to the great video content that's for sure.

Bonuses members gain access to are quite tasty indeed, all up they have full access to 6 sites 2 of which are based on niches and 4 of which are feature girl sites just like Shay's. The great part is that these sites offer content which is just as high in quality as the stuff you'll find on Shay's site, in other words insanely high. This is certainly the network of sites for people who enjoy lesbian/solo girl content but absoloutely must have top of the range quality content. Probably one of the best feature girl networks I've seen in a long time.

Nav, Design & Features

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Upon landing on the tour pages on lookers will instantly fall in love with this ridiculously beautiful brunette. You've got a large picture of Shay looking quite seductive to say the very least cupping her drool worthy set of jugs. To the right of this picture you've a nice trailer with segments taken out from a few of her episodes. Towards the bottom of the front tour page there's a few personal details on Shay and you can get a more in depth look on what kind of content she has on offer by checking out the pictures and video section of the tours.

when it comes to site presentation Shay's page just oozes of professionalism, the designs are modern and flashy, the site has a nice layout, and in a way the site looks very clean as every thing is nicely spread out and hasn't been cluttered. Once in the homepage you'll be welcomed by a hot picture of Shay laying down in the top banner with the navigation menu just below. This menu consists of links which will take you to the video and picture galleries, and you can even access the bonus sites from here. There are a few other links within the navigation menu though they're mostly of third party services such as an online adult store, and special offers on other great sites.

The homepage will keep members up to date on all the latest and greatest, below the navigation is where the latest updates are presented including both the picture and video updates. Towards the very bottom of the page is where the top rated pictures can be found, these have been nominated by other members so you can be sure that they're the hottest around. Down the right side of the homepage you'll come across Shay's Diary and there's even a link to her forum where you can comminicate with her and other members.

The video gallery is currently spans across 6 indexed pages which consist of up to 8 episodes each. All episodes are linked via thumbnails from this section with each of the thumbnails sporting a screenshot taken from the video to give them a rough idea on what the scene involves. To the right of the thumbnail there's a short description along with the average rating. To make your way to the download section simply click on said thumbnail and you will be presented with all the download links needed for the episode.

Upon clicking on the "pictures" link within the navigation menu members will be taken to a page with three thumbnail links. These thumbnail links will take you to the different types of photo sets i.e candid, girl on girl, and solo. From there members are taken to a thumbnail gallery for the photo sets, and if there are over 20 galleries within that section they will be spread across indexed pages. Obviously clicking on the thumbnails which represent the photo sets will take you to the main gallery and from there it's pretty straight forward as they work just like any other photo gallery would. You may notice the little zip file link below each thumbnail, you can click this to download the entire photo set in a zip file.



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Shay's site has a lot of things going for it and I dare say that it is one of the best feature girl sites around, not only because the site has a nice amount of exclusive content which is outstanding in quality but also because Shay is one of the most beautiful/hot ladies I've seen in a while. There's nothing to bad to point out about the site as it is perfect, plus with all those other great bonus sites this is a feature girl fan's dream cum true!

Pros & Cons

  • + Shay is a goddess
  • + Decent amount of exclusive content
  • + HD quality videos
  • + Photos look amazing
  • + Site looks very nice
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Bonus sites are awesome
  • + All around great site