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Big Butt Movie Club 2084 Big Butt Movie Club Ah yes the hypnotizing allure of a round heart shaped ass, something I can definitely stare at for hours with out getting tired of it.
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Big Butt Movie Club

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Big Butt Movie Club

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Ah yes the hypnotizing allure of a round heart shaped ass, something I can definitely stare at for hours with out getting tired of it. If you find yourself in the same mind set as me then I suggest you check out Big Butt Movie Club as it delivers round assed hotties by the truck load. Watch hour after hour of girls getting their juicy asses slapped and fucked all in HD quality. With the promise of consistent updates and free access to everything the HD Movie Club has to offer!

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No one can truly define what it is that makes a women with a round healthy ass so much more attractive. Maybe it's the thought of how soft and great it would be to slap, maybe it's the sensual curves, what ever the hell it is all I know is that I am a big fan of cute round asses, and if you're the same as me then the babes found within this site will really get your socks rolling. So some of us may associate big butt content exclusively to bubble butt ebony babes. Well you will certainly find quite a few foxy ebony hotties within this site but there's also a ton of white, and Latina asses in the mix as well. All in all the variety of women is worthy of mention.

Being a brand spanking new site I will give the site some slack for having a fairly humble archive of DVDs in store as there's a current total of over 30 full length DVDs. There's a promise of consistent updates however so I'm sure we will see this site grow into much more considerable sizes very soon. The fact that the site is largely focused on big butt content may worry some of you in to thinking that you'll be seeing the same old shit over and over again. But you couldn't be further from the truth. You see although the main niche of the site is "Big Butts" the various DVDs also fall under secondary niches like for example teens, interracial, gangbangs, or anal. So you need not worry about the diversity of the content on offer.

So the site may still be finding it's feet as far as quantity goes but when it comes to quality this site really shines, it shines so much that you'll have to shield your eyes from the awesomeness of the quality of the videos. Apart from being specialized on big butt content this site also hammers down on providing content which comes in awesome high resolution video, making this site a must see for those of you who are true quality buffs, and anyone else for that matter. Videos can be streamed or downloaded with no DRM restrictions with the highest encoding rate clocking in at a whopping (2500kbps @ 720x480) So no matter what you're going to be in for some top quality porn viewing.

One way or another 30 DVDs is still going to take quite some time to go through unless of course you watch like 10 DVDs a day but damn that's a whole lot. Either way if you do find yourself running a little low on content you'll be glad to know that there's another 19 sites for members to sink their teeth in. This is because Big Butt Movie Club is a part of the HD Movie Club network meaning members get free access to every thing it offers. Each of the 19 extra sites covers a unique niche, and all of them offer HD quality content. Across all of the sites there's a total of over 1800 full length DVDs to enjoy, so there's certainly no shortage of content when you look at the whole picture.

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Big Butt fans will start drooling once they feast their eyes on the tours of this page as they're strewn with pictures of gorgeous ladies showing off their tantalizing round asses. Within the top banner you'll find the site stats which include how many DVDs there are across the entire network and a countdown timer on when the next DVD will be launched. Down the left side of the tours you'll find a whole heap of information in regards to the gorgeous high res content available, and down the main section of the tours are large sample pictures taken out from the various scenes including free trailers.

The main color scheme of the site is purple and pink which is really easy on the eyes and nice to look at. The site presentation doesn't take itself to seriously and the entire page is certainly fun and bubbly to look at. Thumbnail links and the writing are just the right size and nothing is so microscopic the you have to squint your eyes to make things out, all in all the site presentation just screams professionalism, a job well done by the site designers.

Down the left side of the homepage are links to the 20 individual sites on the HD Movie Club network within the column situated to the left of the site. This makes site hopping a breeze as a single click on these links is all that's needed to make your way to the members area of each of the sites. Below this column are search tools which will allow you to search through the content via studio, series, and porn star. A great feature if you have found yourself a favorite model and wish to see all the content she stars in.

Down the main section of the homepage are where all the latest updates are situated. At the very top is the last update and has it's very own section. Here you will find two large sample pictures taken straight from the video, information on which pornstars star in the scene. Just below this section is the upcoming DVDs section which will give you a peek in to the next few days so you know which DVDs to look out for. Further down are the rest of the updates, and at the very bottom of the list are indexed numbers which are linked to the rest of the past updates.

All the DVDs are represented by their box covers. These are links which will take you to the main download area of the DVD from where you can access all the media that is needed. Once you make it to this page you'll be presented with both the front and back covers of the DVD including all the information you need about it including the stars, the studio which produced the DVD, and a short description. Scrolling down this page you'll come across large sample pictures which will give you a good idea on what the scene involves. Obviously this is where you will also find the download and streaming links for the different qualities and formats for the various scenes included within the DVD.



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A brand new site which has a bright future ahead of it. Mainly because of the fact that the site developers know exactly what aspects to hammer down on, quality, girls, and updates. I give the site some slack as far as quantity goes as it is still very new, besides all up there are over 1800 DVDs which you have access to, and the best part is that they're all in fantastic HD quality. So big butt fans should definitely line up for this site, as it really delivers on the things that count.

Pros & Cons

  • + Awesome HD quality
  • + Site looks great
  • + Consistent updates
  • + Access to 20 HD sites
  • + Very easy to navigate
  • + Really delivers on the main niche