Big Butts Like It Big
Big Butts Like It Big 2193 Big Butts Like It Big Here we have yet another site from the well renowned Brazzers network.
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Big Butts Like It Big

Reviewed 2008-07-08 l Last update on

Big Butts Like It Big

Short Review

Here we have yet another site from the well renowned Brazzers network. This one in particular teams up girls with big round asses with guys with long thick meat sticks to make some of the hottest hardcore episodes you are ever likely see, available in awesomely high quality videos. Hot girls, great looking videos, and free access to the entire Brazzers network as a side dish to the delicious porn on this site.

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Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that a big butt is going to need a whole lot more of meat then say a tiny petite butt! Yup there's a reason why some girls got big tasty asses it's because they were born to love big thick cocks! Alright so I was more than happy to have the chance to review this site because I am quite the butt fan myself, I just can't resist staring at a women's juicy behind as she walks on by and knowing that this site is a part of the Brazzers network I knew I was going to be in for some quality content as they never fail to provide awesome looking videos.

Having had the pleasure to browse through the line up of sexy girls starring in the episodes I've to say that they have really delivered on girls with thick round asses and the lucky dudes who get to slam these hotties deserve to be on a big cock site such as this. Apart from having delicious asses the girls on show are very attractive and all put up an awesome performance especially once the anal action starts to kick off as they put their big butts to the test. Knowing that there's anal action involved it's obvious that the scenes are as hardcore as can get so there's no need to worry as far as the hardcore factor goes.

Big Butts Like It Big is the most recent addition to the awesome Brazzers network and if you've ever had the chance to check out their sites before you'll know that they never fail on delivering excellent content. Having only been up for four days I won't be so tough on the fact that the site only includes 10 episodes so far. Besides we've to keep in mind that they're all exclusive to this site plus you get access to the entire Brazzers network which is quite extensive including 21 sites, some of them consisting of over 100 episodes each. So all up you gain access to quite a bit of content spanning across the entire network and with episodes being frequently added to this site in particular I'm sure we'll see this site grow in to a considerable size in no time.

Besides from being so damn arousing to watch the episodes on offer are so damn sweet your eyes might end up rotting from all the gorgeous eye candy. Yup when it comes to quality Brazzers network just doesn't do wrong, the highest quality versions of the episodes come in a whopping video bit rate of (2000kbps @ 640x480) this version comes in mpeg format and is available to download with no DRM restrictions. They've also provided lower quality videos in (1000kbps @ 640x480) which still look amazing and are very convenient if you're on a slow connection. But you can take my word for it that you'll want to stick with the highest quality videos as they are well worth the wait. Members also have the option of streaming their videos within the browser, this version is in flash and clock in at (1800kbpd @ 640x480). So as you can tell by those numbers quality is certainly not an issue here.

As a side dish each episodes comes with two sets of photos these include high quality photos and screen captures. Now most of you might associate screen captures with the word "crap" but being as high quality as the videos are on this site the screen captures also turned out quite nice and large indeed, however we all know that when it comes to quality the actual photos is where you'll want to turn. Ok so the high quality photos are...well exactly that high quality photos! They're amazing clear and feature full blown colors which make the pictures come to life, not only do they look great but they also come in large dimensions which really fill up your screen. Great pictures and awesome videos the content section of Big Butts Like It Big gets my two thumbs up!

Nav, Design & Features

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If you're a man who likes a nice thick ass then you're going to cream yourself once you fire up the tour pages of this site. You are pleasantly welcomed by sexy girls in the top banner with their thick asses getting filled and stretched by massive dongs. Quite the arousing sight indeed but once you start scrolling down the length of the tour pages you'll find yourself drooling from all the hot sample pictures from the episodes and if these don't do it for you click on the free trailers and you won't be able to resist a sign up.

The main members area of Big Butts Like It Big was obviously designed to give members quick and easy access not only to the content on this site in particular but to all the content across the entire network. This is apparent through the navigation menus provided as they include links to the latest updates across the entire network, and quick links to the bonus sites. Below the main navigation menu is a section dedicated to the latest update including a large thumbnail of the scene along with a description, links to the media the episode includes and information on the scene in regards to the starring pornstars and which categories the episode covers.

Below the latest update is a section dedicated to the upcoming update, members can take a sneak peak on what's in store for them in the next few days and they can even check out a trailer of the upcoming video. Below this section is the most popular pornstar area for this site in particular, if you find yourself having a hard time choosing which episode to watch then maybe the hot pictures of these stunning pornstars will help you decide. At the bottom of the homepage there's more highest rated sections, an entire section dedicated to live web cam girls, and recommendations on other great sites.

Members have a number of ways to browse through the scenes. You'll find a section within the navigation menu entirely dedicated to the episodes, these will allow you to browse through the scenes from latest to oldest, highest rated scenes, and most viewed scenes. Clicking on any one of these links will take you to the episode archive which is currently made up of one page including all 10 episodes. Each episode takes up a section of this page which includes a screen shot taken from the episode to give you a good idea on what you can expect to see, a short description, and links to the media section.

The media section I mentioned is obviously where you can access the various media an episode has to offer. Once you fire up this page you'll notice a large video screen in which the video you chose will stream, a simple click on the play button will begin to load the scene. Further down this page is where you'll find the downloads to the entire scene and the various segments of the episode. From this page you can also access the high quality pictures and screen captures using the tabs found above the video screen I mentioned earlier. You can also check out comments from other members to read their opinions on the episode.

Well there's not much else to say about how the site works, as you can tell it's a breeze to access the content and they've made navigating the entire Brazzers network a walk in the park. Presentation wise the site looks great, they haven't over done it by making the site look way too flashy but the site isn't dull and plain to look at either, it's just right to put it simply and definately enhances you're porn viewing experience. Easy access to the entire network, quick access to the content, and a great looking site to wrap it all up.



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Another Brazzers site review completed and another impressive review. It's not surprising anymore that they produce some of the best websites out there on the net, in fact I would be more surprised if they released a shit site that's how confident I am when it comes to the Brazzers network. As always great high quality videos, scorching hot girls, and episodes which will have your balls drained. Top notch stuff Brazzers network and I can't wait to see how this site will grow with new updates!

Pros & Cons

  • + High quality videos
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Hot round assed girls
  • + Frequent updates
  • + Access to the entire Brazzers network
  • + Great site presentation
  • + All around great site
  • - Needs more epsiodes