Big Wet Butts
Big Wet Butts 737 Big Wet Butts There's nothing more arousing then a big shiny round butt, all oiled up ready for fucking, if your into girls with big round bubble butts, and like to smear oil, all over their butts, till you can see
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Big Wet Butts

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Big Wet Butts

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There's nothing more arousing then a big shiny round butt, all oiled up ready for fucking, if your into girls with big round bubble butts, and like to smear oil, all over their butts, till you can see your own reflection, then this site, was made for you my freind, cum see the gorgeous ladies on this site, get their tight holes ploughed wide open!

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Alright I'll admit it, I'm a big butt fan, and not only that, but I also love it, when they're glistening wet, dripping with oil, cause it makes them that much sweeter, and they never fail to hypnotize me, once they start wobblin.

To my surprise, they've included quite a diverse line up, of bubble butted ladies. I'm used to seeing these big butt sites, filled to the brim with ebony babes, but on this site, you can expect to see, blondes, brunettes, Latinas, Asians, and fiery red heads. So no matter what kind of ladies your into, it's more than likely, that they've got it.

There are 82 big butt episodes, for members to indulge in. All the episodes are available to download in full scenes, 1 minute clips, and can be streamed. It's nice to see that they've included the short clips, as this makes things a lot more convenient, for people on slow connections, plus this way around, members can choose to skip the foreplay segments, if they wish.

The quality of their videos are stunning, they're clear, the colors are nice and bright, and they still look pretty damn good, if you were to view them through a full sceen! Not only that, but the quality is consistent, and considering, that the short clips, only get up to 10MBs in size, that's pretty impressive.

Each of the videos, come with a set of screen captures, and high quality pictures. As per usual the screen caps were lack luster, and essentially your watching the videos, through picture form, so personally I don't really classify them, as extra content. The high quality pictures, on the other hand, are awesome! They're nice and big, crystal clear, and the colors make the photos burst to life, truly a must see, if your like picture porn.

If the 82 scenes doesn't sound like enough, then you'll be glad to know that members are entitled full access, to their huge collection of 39 bonus niche sites, that cover categories like girls aged 18-19, big tits, and Milfs. With access to over 30 sites, all of which are just as good as Big Wet Butts, members will neve have to join another porn site again, and the huge diversity of content, will make sure their members, will never get bored.

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You'd be hard pressed keeping your cock down, while browsing through their tour pages. Gorgeous pictures, of mouth watering asses, glistening wet, slippery to the touch, will feed your eyes, till they can handle no more. But when you think it's all over, they've gone ahead, and thrown a couple of short teasers, to finish the job off, and sedduce, portential customers, into signing up.

All of the information you'll ever want to know concerning this site can be found on the homepage. On this page you'll come across information on the latest uploaded video, thumbnail links to the highest rated featured videos, news on updates for the upcoming week and links to their entire collection of scenes. They even have a members poll asking what type of scenes members prefer viewing so they know what type of scenes to upload in the future, talk about looking after their customers huh?

The featured videos, can be found towards the bottom of the main members area. Each scene is presented by a thumbnail of the starring model, a short description, on what the scene is about, and the links, to all the different media platforms, the episode provides, such as videos, screen caps, and streams. Clicking on any one of these links, will take you to that episode's, main downloads area, which I've explained in detail below.

The various media platforms, for each episode has been organized into 6 separate tabs, the bottom half of the page will change depending on which tab you click on, for example if you were to click on the Watch movie tab the bottom half of the page will change and provide you with the streaming links for that scene, or lets say you wanted to check out the picture gallery for the scene, simply click on the High Quality Pics tab and the bottom half of the page will turn into the picture gallery, a really great and innovative set up they got here. All up there are 6 different tabs to choose from, these include, high quality pics, screen caps, download movie, watch movie, 1 minute clips and comments. So you can pretty much access all the different types of media for that episode on this one page, which I must say, is quite convenient.

The area marked Network Girls is where you will find their entire back catalogue, of updates, to one of their many exclusive sites. These past updates, date all the way back to 2004! so the networks, been up and running for around 3 years now, and it looks as though, they're still going strong.

So that's pretty much it to the mechanics of the site. They've included quite a few innocative features, which I've never seen before, for example the tab feature, will make it a lot quicker, to sort through a particular episode's content. Plus there's so much information here, that you'll never be left behind, on whats been happening, with the network.



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Wow...what a site, not only is the content top notch, but browsing the site is a pleasure. I've oficially fallen in love with this site, one cause this is my faveorite kind of content, two cause the site's so easy to browse, and three because you have full access to 39! other paid sites! You'd have to be pretty dumb, to pass up this offer, this one isn't only for the big butt porn fans, but for porn fans in general!

Pros & Cons

  • + Huge amount of featured videos
  • + Full access to over 30 sites!
  • + Innovative interface
  • + Featured vids look awesome
  • + High quality photos look great