Phat White Booty
Phat White Booty 74 Phat White Booty Sexy white chicks with big round asses, I might even go as far as saying that these sexy white babes are on par with their ebony sistas.
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Phat White Booty

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Phat White Booty

Short Review

Sexy white chicks with big round asses, I might even go as far as saying that these sexy white babes are on par with their ebony sistas. These sexy white chicks are are similar to their ebony sistas when it comes to an ample back side, they're so damn close to it, I'll let you guys decide. One things for sure though these girls sure love getting their asses plugged inside out for the whole world to see what exactly is up that ass!

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There's not a man in the world who could say no to a sexy round curvy ass, there is just something about a woman with a sexy butt that makes guys and girls hornier than a horn. The lovely ladies that star on this site have great asses, so great that it makes you wonder if their mothers are black. Currently there are 46 episodes that are available for download all of which have been split into shorter equally sized clips. The available video formats are in mpg and wmv, members then have the further option of choosing which quality they wish to view their videos in, be it high medium or low, obviously the higher quality videos are better suited for customers with higher speed connections where as the lower quality video files better accommodate for customers with slower speed connections, I'll give you this piece of info just to give you a rough idea on how fast their server speeds are, on a 1.5Mb download connection speed I was averaging at around the download speed of 85Kbps, it took me around 15mins to download a high quality video file which was 30Mb's in size, so yeah you could say that their server speeds are ok though they aren't blistering fast.

All their episodes include picture galleries comprised of vidcaps from that particular scene. The vidcaps themselves aren't too bad as blurring and awkward angled shots are kept to a minimum, the quality of these vidcaps vary from scene to scene as the lighting conditions change, but from what I've viewed the vidcaps aren't half bad as far as video capture standards go.

Once again another porn network site with no information at all in regards to when they last updated or when they will be updating, I've said it before and I'll say it again this information is crucial! members want to know if they can look forward to a new episode and potential customers need to know if the site offers persistent updates to make sure that they will be getting their moneys worth.

Phat white booty is doing pretty good for content numbers by network site standards, with their 46 episodes and hundreds of video captures, members should be entertained for quite some time, not to mention the 27 other bonus niche sites members can browse through when they need a rest from these hot round assed white babes.

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Finding your way around this site couldn't get much easier, all the media this site has to offer can be accessed straight from the main members area, no site navigation menus or search engines as they aren't really needed. The first thing you'll notice in their members area is a link to their latest uploaded video, there is no information however on when the video was actually uploaded, so it may have been quite some time since they last updated. Scrolling down further the members area you'll come across a thumbnail gallery, these thumbnails are links to the individual scenes that are available for download, the thumbnails are vidcaps taken from that particular scene so they give you an incite on what you could expect to see in the scene. On clicking one of these thumbnails you'll be taken to that particular scene's downloads and information page from there you can view the picture gallery of video captures and download the various video files and formats.

Towards the bottom of the members area you'll notice another thumbnail gallery each with an eye catching logo, these are links to their bonus sites, each with their own designated niche, these range from Asian creamy pies, Phat booty Brazil and many more, they even have gay sites like Knob Squad and Penis Palooza if your into that type of thing, these bonus sites definitely stretch the value of the membership and should keep members happy for awhile.

There's not much else I can say about the navigation side of this site other than it's really simple and straight forward and we all know that this is a good thing, I know I'd much rather be able to access things with a single click rather than hunting it down.



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Well the content and girls are great on this site and it's good to see a network site with a decent amount of content for members to watch and even if they do run out of content to view on this site they can always check out the other 27 niche sites, the girls are hot and this big butt porn site is easy to navigate, theres really nothing I can complain about, great little site here guys come check it out!

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot chicks
  • + Great content
  • + Easy navigation