Round Mound Of Ass
Round Mound Of Ass 1485 Round Mound Of Ass What red blooded man could resist a perfectly round ass just begging to be smacked! None I tells ya.
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Round Mound Of Ass

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Round Mound Of Ass

Short Review

What red blooded man could resist a perfectly round ass just begging to be smacked! None I tells ya! If you're one who can't help but stare at a sexy ladies butt as she walks on by then you're going to love the models starring on this site because each one has such a healthy round backside you would swear their mother is black! Funny thing is though there are no ebony models to be found on this site, as the models consist of bubble butt white chicks, and hey..I ain't complaining!

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When it comes to big butt sites you usually think of chunky assed ebony babes right? Well here is a site which strays from the usual and exclusively stars white chicks! So do they hold a candle to those ebony sistas when it comes to having a sexy round ass? You can bet your bottom dollar they do, and not only do they have gorgeous asses but they also look absolutely stunning. There's definately no shortage of eye candy here folks!

Round Mound of Ass has been providing the net with bubble butt ladies for over 3 years now. Every since the 25th of May 2005 the site has been filled with over 60 scorching hot scenes. By my standards that is some what a little low for a site that has been up for over 3 years, however I will give them credit in that all the scenes are exclusive and that the site is still being updated. Their update patterns are a little erratic but it looks as though they try to get at least 2 up every month.

When it comes to the hardcore factor the episodes provided are definately not lacking. The scenes are as hardcore as can get you'll see the ladies get drilled in the ass and pussy, take a full shaft deep down their throats, creamed on, and basically getting stuffed like a Christmas chicken! Yep these scenes will definately get your rocks rolling all the way down to pussy town!

All scenes on offer can be downloaded with no DRM restrictions or viewed straight off the site. The downloadable version only comes in full scenes, fortunately they never get too big in file size as the largest files only get up to 200MBs in size. Streamed versions are a little more convenient as they're also available in short clips. I felt the videos could have been better as far as quality goes, as all the scenes have been encoded in a fairly mediocre bit rate of (500kbps @ 480x360). I wouldn't say they're terrible but they could definately do with a tweak. Both streamed and downloadable videos come in Wmv format.

Aside from the videos each scene comes complete with both screen shots and proper photos. Now we all know that when it comes to screen shots the result of the image quality depends on how high the quality of the video was. Well seeing as how the quality of the videos on offer are pretty average the screen shots turned out pretty crappy as well. On a brighter note though the proper photos look amazing and the bigger images measure in at a formidable 900x600 pixels.

Although Round Mound of Ass as a stand alone site doesn't provide a ton of content, the membership that you acquire will grant you access to more big butt porn than you can ever hope to go through. With your membership you gain access to over 20 exclusive bonus sites, and a nice selection of video feeds. Across the bonus sites there are over 1600 exclusive scenes, not including the 1500 bonus scenes which come along with the network as well. So it's pretty safe to say that you won't be running out of porn, and keep in mind that most of the sites are still getting updated.

Nav, Design & Features

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Once you hit the tour pages it's butts galore! You'll see dozens of gorgeous pictures featuring butts so perfect you'll want to reach out and chew on them. All the pictures shown on the tour pages are samples taken out from the various photo galleries included within the site. Plus if you want to get a quick glimpse of some of the episodes there's also a bunch of free trailers to get your juices flowing. An awesome tour page which really portrays the butt niche of the site.

Once you make it to the members area you are presented with a clean looking page which is just oozing with quality. The color scheme mostly consists of silver and white which gives it a very professional look, and the layout is very simple yet effective, making the site a joy to browse.

The first thing you'll notice is the eye catching top banner featuring even more healthy looking asses. Situated just below is the main navigation menu from where you can access extras like the live cam shows, the various bonus sites, and online personals. Below the navigation menu is where you'll find a link to the collection of bonus scenes which come free with your membership.

You may notice that the navigation menu doesn't include any links to the featured content. This is because all the featured content is organized on the main members area for quick and easy access. The first section you'll come across is dedicated to the latest upload. This includes a large thumbnail of the model showing off her ass, along with a detailed description on what the scene involves, and of course the streaming, download, and picture gallery links.

Scrolling further down the homepage will land you amongst the past updates. These are all portrayed with thumbnails which are linked to the main media area of the episode. Once you click on the thumbnail you are taken to a section which includes the streaming links to the various segments of the scene, the download link for the entire scene, and links to the screen shot and photo galleries.

Once you make your way down to the very bottom of the homepage you'll come by the links for the 20 plus bonus sites. These links are in thumbnail form and a single click on them will land you on the homepage of your desired site. Members also have the option of utilizing the drop down menu situated just below the main navigation menu. This includes simple text links to the various bonus sites as well.



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Well the site definitely has potential but there are two fairly important aspects which are holding it back from being an awesome site. First and foremost the collection of episodes could be a little more extensive as the site has been up for over 2 years now. Second of all the videos could really do with a tweaking as they look pretty average. They're still very arousing to watch don't get me wrong, but if you're a quality buff then they may fall a little short on your expectations.

Pros & Cons

  • + Models have perfect asses
  • + Tons of bonus sites and scenes
  • + Still active on updates
  • + Site presentation is great
  • - Could do with more content
  • - Videos look pretty average