Solo Butts
Solo Butts 2025 Solo Butts Solo Butts is an adult site which is part of the Jerked Network. If you're familiar with this network of sites then you'll know that they offer sites which include video content of awesome quality.
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Solo Butts

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Solo Butts

Short Review

Solo Butts is an adult site which is part of the Jerked Network. If you're familiar with this network of sites then you'll know that they offer sites which include video content of awesome quality. The same can be said for Solo Butts as the exclusive videos on offer are pure eye candy, the videos and the curvy assed women of course! So if you're one who can't pass up a good solo masturbation scene starring a round assed model then this site may be what you're after.

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Who would of thought I'd ever find a site which combines my two favorite porn niches of all time. Girls with perfectly round asses starring in solo masturbation scenes! A dream cum true in my books. Anyways if you share the same tastes as me (which I'm sure you do otherwise you wouldn't be reading this review) then you'll go certainly appreciate the episodes this site provides, oh yeah and did I mention the videos are in HD quality? This site just sounds better and better as we go along doesn't it?

So how do the girls stack up as far as the butt factor goes? Well you need not worry as all the babes starring in the episodes are as juicy assed as most ebony women out there, they wouldn't be starring on this site otherwise right? Besides from having perfect asses the girls faces aren't half bad to look at either, all in all they're very attractive broads, and certainly know how to entertain as they coax themselves to a toe curling orgasm.

Solo Butts is a relatively new site, it's been around since May 2007 and currently boasts 28 episodes. Certainly not the most impressive collection around but to be fair the site is still fairly new, and the fact that you won't find these episodes anywhere else on the net certainly gives the collection more credibility. Either way the future does look a lot brighter as the site is still being pumped with new content every 7 days, plus with information on upcoming updates members are guaranteed there will be something new to check out. An excellent effort for a site which provides exclusive content.

The episodes on board can be streamed and downloaded in short chapters and full scenes. Members will also be glad to know that the episodes aren't held back by any DRM restrictions meaning you can keep them for as long as you wish. The episodes are available in 4 different qualities to make downloading easier on members with dial-up connections. However you'll definately want to stick with the HD videos as they're the main reason why you'll want to join this site. Needless to say quality is certainly not an issue here as they are HD videos after all, here are the various encoding rates on offer.

wmv: (2000kbps @ 720x480) download
wmv: (1000kbps @ 640x480) streamed

Every single episode within the site comes complete with 5 separate picture galleries. 3 of these galleries include screen shots while the other 2 include high res photos. The only difference between the different galleries is the dimensions they come in as they essentially feature the same images. Being as high in quality as the videos are the screen shots also turned out quite nice, the largest screen shots measure in at 1280x900 pixels which is pretty damn big for screen shot standards.

Now I'm sure you all know when you hear the words "high res photos" you know you'll be viewing some high quality images, well you'd be damn right because these photos are a sight to behold. The clarity is superb and they're drenched in beautiful colors. Most of the pictures follow the action of the scenes though you'll find a few posing shots towards the start of the galleries. These photos certainly do the models justice as they look so damn hot in them.

Solo Butts isn't without it's fare share of extras and bonuses. Members are entitled to discount prices on other porn sites, live cam girls, online personals, and best of all members are also entitled full access to all the exclusive sites on the Jerked network, and guess what all this comes at no extra charge! What a bargain right? As I said in the short review the sites on the Jerked network provide videos of top shelf quality, plus the diversity of niches they cover make this network a worthy join for just about any type of porn fan.

Nav, Design & Features

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Not only do the videos on this site look awesome but the site itself looks pretty damn neat as well. every thing is evenly spread out across the pages giving it a clean uncluttered look. The color schemed used consists of light colors but not to the point that you'll be squinting at the screen. Needless to say the tour pages of the site look awesome, after all this is what advertises the site's content. There are dozens of high quality images of ladies digging into their pussies as though they're trying to find a penny. They've also included plenty of HD trailers for potential members who need extra convincing.

I've noticed that all the site logos on the Jerked network look awesome and have something to do with the site niche. You'll find the logo within the site banner along with a large picture of a seductive looking brunette. The navigation menu is situated just below the site banner. From here you can access the bonus sites section, and all the extras such as the cam girls, specials on other porn sites, and online personals.

The reason why there are no links to the featured content in the navigation menu is because they're all presented within the main members area. The latest update has it's own section in where you'll find a large thumbnail featuring the starring model, other items included within this section are links to the photo galleries, downloads and streaming links, and information about the episode and when it was uploaded. You'll come across the rest of the past updates as you scroll further down the members area.

Each of the thumbnails features a close up picture of the starring model's face, below the thumbnail is information on when the scene was uploaded and the name of the model. If you click on this thumbnail you'll be taken to the main media section of the episode you chose, this area is similar to the latest update section in that you'll find links to the picture galleries and download links there. From there it's as simple as clicking on the various links to access the content.



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Solo Butts is coming along quite nicely, the collection of episodes is still a little small but the content they currently have on offer is top notch. Also the site is being updated on a weekly basis so the issue of content numbers should slowly diminish. Overall the site has huge potential, the niche has huge appeal, the models are very attractive, and best of all the big booty videos are in HD quality!

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + Great niche
  • + High quality content
  • + Weekly updates
  • + Site looks great
  • + Access to Jerked network