White Booty Bang
White Booty Bang 2122 White Booty Bang White Booty Bang is dedicated to delicious white girls with juicy round asses which could put some of the most bubble butt black girls to shame.
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White Booty Bang

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White Booty Bang

Short Review

White Booty Bang is dedicated to delicious white girls with juicy round asses which could put some of the most bubble butt black girls to shame. So if you're a man who starts going hard at the sight of a thick assed white girl then the girls and content on this site will certainly be right up your agenda. Enjoy hour after hour of hardcore non-stop fucking featured in high quality exclusive episodes.

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Usually when it comes to a big butt site I'm used to seeing the pages filled to the brim with black girls, now I love my chocolate ladies just as much as the next man but where the hell are all the white girls with big fat asses I'm sure there's quite a few of them walking around. Well here they were right on this very site, but the question is do the hot ladies on this site deserve to be put on a big butt site? All I can say is hell yes! Just check out the tour pages when you get the chance and you will be treated with all the white ass you can handle.

There's a lack of information in regards to dates so I'm not a hundred percent sure on how long the site has been up and running but by the looks of their small collection of episodes it's pretty safe to say that the site is till quite new. Although there's only a current total of 15 episodes things are looking bright in the upcoming future because there's information on upcoming updates which is always good to keep members moral up in knowing that the site hasn't stopped on updates. The 15 episodes are all exclusive to the site and can be downloaded to your comp with no DRM restrictions meaning you can keep and cherish the steaming hot videos for as long as you see fit.

Quality wise the episodes are quite decent indeed clocking in with encoding rates of (1300kbps @ 640x480) actually now that I think about it they're a little more then decent, they're damn fucking good! The only downside with the videos would have to be the download options because all the videos are only available in the wmv format and on top of that they can only be downloaded in short clips with the option of being able to download the entire episode in one shot kept out of the picture. Not a huge hinderence though it may be a bit of a hassle for members on fast connections having to individually download the clips. Members also have the option of streaming the episodes straight off the site as well.

Picture content included was pretty average as they are screen captures after all. Each episode comes with a set of these and well if you like screen caps they you'll probably appreciate them as they have done a good job on trying to keep the blurring down to a minimum. They are however quite small measuring in at roughly 600x400 pixels, it would have been nice if they included some actual photo content as they would have really done the hot models justice buuut I guess we can't win them all.

So the fact that there's only a handful of episodes may have turned a few of you off but never fear because White Booty Bang is actually a part of the Original Hardcore network which is quite awesome in it's own right. As most of you probably already know being a part of a network certainly has it's advantages because members are usually given access to all sites included and that can be said for this network as well. Currently the Original Hardcore network consists of 8 sites which like this one are still fairly new, by the looks of things I can easily say that this is one network of sites to keep your eyes on as they provide high quality videos and some of the hottest ladies around. The network also covers a nice selection of catagories ranging from sites dedicated to mainstream niches like big butts, big tits, and cumshots.

Nav, Design & Features

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As I said earlier in the review once you make it to the front pages of this site you will be bombarded with enough white ass to make you go butt crazy! Don't be surprised if your eyes are poked out with the many pictures that litter the tour pages of the white hot asses shoved right in to the screen. All I can say is that I was hooked from the get go as I'm quite the ass man myself and all my fellow ass lovers will certainly find it hard to resist a join up and to get an even better insight on what kind of steamy flicks you're up for on sign-up you can check out the various free trailers on offer.

Immediately after logging in through the front pages you will be taken to the main members area for the entire Original Hardcore network this is made obvious as you have the huge network logo staring right back at you within the top banner along with some hot looking ladies. This area will certainly come in handy as members can keep up to date on the entire network with out having to visit the different sites to keep updated on the latest and greatest. From this page you can also access the latest updates across all sites by utilizing the thumbnail links found within the bottom half of the site. If you wish to make your way to the White Booty Bang site simply use the link within the top navigation menu marked bonus sites or the quick links found within the drop down menu situated just below the navigation menu.

Once you've made your way to the White Booty Bang site you'll notice that nothing really changes except for the featured episodes. The top banner remains the same along with the top half of the page including latest news. The bottom half of the page is where you will come across the thumbnail links for the various episodes each one featuring a screen shot of the episode to give you an indication on what the episode involves. Below the thumbnail links I mentioned there's information on the model's name, how many times the episode has been viewed and the general rating of the episode according to other members.

Clicking on said thumbnail link will take you to the main media section for the individual episodes from where you can proceed to download the video files and view the picture galleries. At the top of this page you've a large thumbnail of the model giving it her all along with a short description about the episode. The bottom half of the media section includes thumbnails which when clicked on will take you to the streaming area for the particular segment you chose. Below the streaming window of the video is where you will find the download link a single click on this and your download should automatically start.

Well that's pretty much all there is to explain about the site, as you can probably tell the site is very simple maybe a little too simple for some of you but hey at least you can get to your porn downloads within a few clicks. As far as site presentation goes the site does look alright, it does feel a little plain at times but at least the pages aren't overflowing with ads and you never get the feeling that the site is cluttered. Overall the site presentation and navigation isn't overly great but it gets the job done and in the end that's what counts.



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Not the biggest site at the moment with only 15 exclusive episodes but with information on future updates I'm sure the site will grow in to a more acceptable size soon enough plus you gain access to the entire Original Hardcore network so you I'm sure you won't find yourself running out of content any time soon. What the site does excel in though is quality of videos and hot round asses white girls and if that's good enough for you then definitely check this site out.

Pros & Cons

  • + Thick assed white girls
  • + Good video quality
  • + All exclusive
  • + Info on future updates
  • + Access to entire network
  • + Very simple interface
  • - Small at the moment
  • - Only screen captures available