Asian Movie Babes
Asian Movie Babes 1814 Asian Movie Babes Here is yet another awesome site from the good fellas at Mr. Skin. This site brings you the naughtiest pictures, and video clips starring some of the most attractive Asian celebrities known to man.
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Asian Movie Babes

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Asian Movie Babes

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Here is yet another awesome site from the good fellas at Mr. Skin. This site brings you the naughtiest pictures, and video clips starring some of the most attractive Asian celebrities known to man. Members can indulge in a huge database of Asian celebrities ranging from well known stars, to the lesser known hotties. Truly an Asian celebrity fan's dream come true.

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Asian women, exotic, elegant, yet irresistibly cute. And here Mr. Skin brings you the hottest Asian women on earth. Now I'm don't know too many big name Asian celebrities, but browsing through the immense database of stars on offer, I've got to say I've been missing out on some gorgeous Asian eye candy. One big name star I'm sure we're all familiar with, is the seductive Lucy liu, well known for her spicy roles in a number of block buster movies. within this site I found footage of her dancing naked on a strip pole!

As much as we'd all like to see the celebs star in hardcore porn scenes. I'm sad to say that you won't be seeing any hardcore romps on this site. You may find some sex scenes, though they're very softcore, which was to be expected as they are classy celebrities after all. The kind of content you will see includes screen captures, and video clips taken out from movies, some of which feature nudity, and some don't. But you can bet your bottom dollar that they're all very arousing. Members are also treated to sexy magazine shoots, and photos taken from important celebrity events.

Updates occur on a daily basis, so the already massive archive of content rapidly grows. Their database of celebrities consists of 15,000 stars, needless to say it's a daunting task trying to pick where to start. All up there are over 30,000 video clips, and over 175,000 pictures! Given the daily updates, I'm sure you'll be hard pressed trying to get through all that's available.

Although most of the pictures are screen captures, you'll be surprised at how good they look. Unlike porn screen captures, these ones usually don't involve rapid movement, so blurring there's hardly any blurring if any. I was also very impressed with the dimensions they come in. Sometimes getting as large as (1000x700 pixels) in size. Keep in mind that there are also magazine shoots, and photos taken from events. Obviously these are by far better in quality compared to the screen captures.

Video clips do tend to be quite short, and to be honest it doesn't really come as a surprise, because they aren't porn scenes after all. Length of the clips do tend to vary, ranging from short 1 minute clips, and some 5 minute clips. Usually the 5 minute clips are music videos from Asian singers. All videos are available to stream, and download in FLV format. So I suggest you get your hands on a FLV player if you're planning on downloading the videos. Quality wise the videos are fairly decent. These videos are encoded in a bit rate 900kbps, and measure in with a video size of 400x300. Although the specs may not be too impressive, actual viewing quality is pretty decent, as you can see every thing perfectly clear.

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With an immense database of stars, you'd think that finding the one you're after would be almost impossible, especially if you didn't know their names. Well Asian Movie Babes has provided all the right tools to make celebrity searching as easy as possible, and even if you don't know the Asian celebrities name, there are still ways to find the one you are after. Other than being a breeze to navigate, the site also looks quite nice. The color scheme is easy on the eyes, and the layout is nice, and simple.

On the homepage you'll find all the specs of the site. There's a content counter showing you exactly how many videos, and pictures there are, and there's a section dedicated to the latest updates. For those of you who simply can't choose where to start, there's a top 10 searched list down the right side of the page, this will certainly help things along, as they're always the hottest stars available.

Down the left side of the page you'll notice the powerful search tools provided. If you already know the name of the star, then simply type it in the search engine, and you'll be presented with a list of matching names. If you aren't too good with celebrity names, but remember her body features, you can search stars through body type, hair color, and breast size.

After finding the celebrity of your choice, you'll be directed to her main page. From here you'll be presented with a small picture of the star, and a nudity rating meter. This meter is made up of stars, 4 of them all up. The more stars there are, the more nudity the celeb of your choice provides. If there's only one star, chances are the content only includes sexy shots with no nudity at all. If there are 4 stars, you'll probably get to see some bush, and titty shots.

On the celebrity's main page, you'll also be fed a ton of information about her, including her biography, and filmography. Some pages even include interesting trivia facts about the star. If there's one thing I wasn't too fond of, it would have to be how the content is organized. Content links can be found towards the bottom of the star's page. These are organized in a spread sheet type grid, with color coded blocks indicating how much nudity there is. Now the color coding does come in handy, but there aren't any thumbnails, so you never know what kind of picture you'll be seeing until after you've loaded it. It is fairly helpful I suppose, but I would have preferred a traditional approach using thumbnails.



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Asian celebrities galore! Is the simplest way to describe this site. With a huge database of celebrities, and a seemingly endless amount of content, Asian celebrity lovers will never have to join another celebrity site again. Another job well done from the guys at Mr. Skin. Here's a true celebrity site that makes others seem crappy. Obviously this one gets a huge recommendation from me, and my two thumbs up.

Pros & Cons

  • + Lots of Asian celebs
  • + All the big name stars are here
  • + Tons of content
  • + Media looks good
  • + Easy to use interface
  • + Site looks nice