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Babylon X 1606 Babylon X Babylon X brings you celebrity nudity at it's finest. If a celebrity has been nude in public, or in a movie, you can be sure Babylon X has pictures of the eclipse like event within it's very pages.
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Babylon X

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Babylon X

Short Review

Babylon X brings you celebrity nudity at it's finest. If a celebrity has been nude in public, or in a movie, you can be sure Babylon X has pictures of the eclipse like event within it's very pages. Members are treated with sneaky paparazzi shots, screen shots from sexy movies, and video clips, featuring all the big celebrities. With a huge archive of pics, and video clips, Babylon X gives other celebrity sites a run for their money.

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Now there may be a fair few celebrity sites out there, but what I always notice is lacking, are paparazzi shots, and Babylon X does extremely well on providing rare photos of celebrities caught nude in public. Whether a celebrity is having a topless sun bath, or a quick nipple slip, you can be sure that Babylon X is on the ball, to bring you some of the most enticing shots of celebrities, they never wanted the public to see.

Along with all the paparazzi shots, the site also includes screen shots of sexy scenes from various movies, pictures taken at big events, high quality magazine spreads, and short clips taken out of movies. Needless to say, this is definately not a site you want to go looking for hardcore porn on, as it's all fairly softcore stuff. However, the developers have been generous enough to include some bonus content which ranges from hardcore, to softcore porn. Of course, they don't star any celebrities, but I'm sure you guys will want some steamy porn on the side.

You'll find content on all your favorite stars on this site, as the database of celebrities, is truly on a grand scale. You can expect to see big name stars like Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman, Christina Aguilera, and many many more well known, and lesser known stars. Just as large as the database of stars, is the archive of content available. The site promises over 5000 video clips, and over 70,000 nude pictures. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that, it's going to take quite some time to check every thing out.

The video clips provided are fairly short, sometimes barely reaching the 1 minute mark. This was kind of expected though, as the videos only feature short sexy scenes taken out of the movies the celebs star in. As far as quality goes, the videos won't be winning any medals, but they're good enough for this type of site. All the clips can be downloaded with no DRM restrictions, in files of Avi, and Mpeg encoding. There's not a whole lot of difference between the two, but the Avis are available in a slightly higher encoding rate. This format comes in an encoding rate of 283kbps, in a small screen of 320x240. Mpegs are marginally lower in encoding rate, clocking in at 242kbps, also in a screen size of 320x240.

Seeing as the picture content is a mix of both screen shots, and magazine spreads, the quality does tend to sway from time, to time. But from what I've viewed, they're generally quite good in quality. Obviously though, the screen shots are some what grainy, while the photos are remarkably clear. Dimensions vary quite a bit as well, though for the most part they're decently sized, sometimes getting as big as 1300x998 pixels. Overall, the quality is quite varied, you'll come across pictures which look grainy, but you'll also come across photos which look superb.

Nav, Design & Features

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I'm some what having troubles coming up with a verdict for the look of the site. It looks kind of nice, but in some ways it looks a little tacky. What I was a little turned off by, was the weird looking background, just take a look at the screen shots I took, and you'll know what I'm getting at. I do admit, the navigation menu, and site banner is quite eye catching, so it's not all bad. Besides, navigating the site is very easy.

Once you've made it on the homepage, you'll first notice the scroll down panel which consists of the latest updates. To the left of this section, you'll come across a few links. These include links to the various types of content, the bonus porn scenes, and streaming videos. You have the option of using these links, or the links provided in the navigation menu. Personally I prefer using the top navigation menu.

Within the navigation menu are links which will take you to the different types of content on offer. These include celeb pics, celeb vids, the scandals, who's hot, extras, oop's vids, flash vids, and the most recent updates. The Scandals section is where you go to keep up to date on all the latest celebrity goss, great if you're into that kind of stuff.

With a huge database of celebrities, I did find it a little strange that they don't offer a search engine. Instead you have to browse the celebrities in alphabetical order, in accordance to their last name. I felt this was a little unforgiving on members who aren't familiar with the celebrities last names. So there's definately a need of some type of search tools. However, if you are quite adept at naming celebrities at the top of your head, then you shouldn't have too much problems finding the celeb you're after.

Accessing, and viewing the content is dead easy. Pictures are organized in a number of pages, all of which are presented with small thumbnails. Needless to say, clicking on these thumbnails will bring up the full sized image. The same can be said for downloading videos, all members need to do is click on the download links, and they're set. So other than the lack of search tools, the site is very easy to use.



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Babylon X really has a competitive edge against other large celebrity sites. The amount of content, and the huge database of celebrities on offer is daunting, but what I was most impressed with, was the fact that they offer some rare paparazzi shots I haven't found on other celebrity sites. Quality of the content, is pretty much what I expected from a celebrity site, it's not spectacular, but it's good enough to get off to. Definitely one of the better celeb sites</a>.

Pros & Cons

  • + Huge database of stars
  • + All the big name celebs
  • + Massive amount of content
  • + Constant updates
  • + Rare paparazzi shots
  • - Needs some search tools