Black Movie Babes
Black Movie Babes 1817 Black Movie Babes If you've ever seen a hot ebony babe on the big screen, chances are you'll see her on this site. Black Movie Babes brings you the hottest celebrities the ebony race has to offer.
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Black Movie Babes

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Black Movie Babes

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If you've ever seen a hot ebony babe on the big screen, chances are you'll see her on this site. Black Movie Babes brings you the hottest celebrities the ebony race has to offer. Whether she be an actor, singer, or a model. Most of the content on this site can't really be classified as porn, as there are a lot of fully clothed shots, and video clips, but don't fear as you'll still see you're fair share of nudity. Besides most of these black hunnies could turn any man on clothed or not!

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The people behind Black Movie Babes, are the very ones behind Mr. Skin, now if you're a big celebrity fan, and look through the internet for nude photos, chances are you've heard of these guys, and in my opinion they're the leading company for celebrity nudity content on the net. Obviously, this site in particular is based on those black hotties you see on screen, to fire off a few names, there's Beyonce Knowles, Halle Berry, and Jada Pinkett Smith. But you'll also see other types of celebrities such as Lil' Kim the singer, and Tyra Banks the super model. Needless to say this is an ebony celebrity fan's dream site.

First of all, lets get one thing clear. If you're after hardcore porn, then you won't be finding it on this site. After all these classy celebrities don't really delve in to that kind of thing, so I'm pretty much stating the obvious here, but I had to mention it just to be sure. The kind of content you will see, mostly consists of video clips taken out from movies, and screen captures of movie scenes. Some feature nudity, and some don't, but you can bet you're bottom dollar that the content is just as arousing as porn. You'll also see photos from special celebrity events, and magazine shoots as well.

Black Movie Babes gets updated quite frequently. In this week alone there's been an addition of 8 images, and 3 new video clips. All up there's quite a bit to go through, including over 1100 video clips, and over 4000 images. You'll also appreciate the size of their date base of ebony celebrities, in a word, it's epic. Just about every black celebrity I could think of can be found here, and there's also a heap of information on each one, including bios, and filmographys.

Quality of the content provided was fairly average, and it was to be expected as most of the pictures are screen captures, and short clips taken from movies. However you'll be wrong to compare these screen captures to actual porn screen caps, as they are by far better in quality, because for the most part they don't involve rapid movement. You'll also notice that the screen captures are surprisingly large, sometimes getting up to (1200x770 pixels) in size.

Most of the video clips on offer are fairly short, sometimes barely breaching the 1 minute mark, though you will find a few clips which can run for 5 minutes or more. The videos are available to stream, and download in FLV format, so you'll want to get your hands on a FLV player if you're planning to download them. The highest encoding rate the videos come in is 900kbps, with a video size of 400x300. Now the specs might not be magnificent, but actual viewing quality is a whole different story, as they are quite a treat to watch.

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Some of you may be thinking that it's going to be a chore to find the celebrities you're after, especially if you don't know their names right? Well you'll be glad to know that they've provided a healthy dose of search tools, to make the search process as easy as possible. I should also mention that the site's layout is neat, and the color scheme really suits the site. Basically the site is easy to look at, and it never looks too cluttered.

The homepage is packed with all the essential information. There's a content counter showing you exactly how many videos, and pictures there are, and there's information on the latest updates. To those of you who will have a hard time on choosing where to start, there's a top 10 searched list down the right side of the page, this is a great place to start off. There's also a babe of the day section at the top of homepage, also convenient if you don't know who to look up.

Down the left side of the homepage is where you'll find all the search tools. If you already know the name of the celebrity you're after, the best tool to use is obviously the search engine. However if you're finding hard to remember the name of the celebrity, but remember what she looks like, you can search via body type, hair color, and breast size. So overall, you shouldn't have too much problems finding the celebrity you're after.

Now let me tell you about the individual pages for each celebrity. So once you've found the celebrity you were looking for, and have arrived at her main page, you'll be presented with a nice little picture of her, and a nudity rating counted in stars. All up there are 4 stars, and the more stars, the more nudity the star provides. If the star is down to one, there probably won't be any nudity, though you will be treated to some sexy shots of the star.

Within the celebrity's main page, you'll also be presented with her bio, and a link to a movie store if you're interested in purchasing one of her movies. Down the very bottom of the page is where you'll find the content on offer. The content is organized in a spread sheet type grid. This is color coded by how much nudity the content has, yellow having none, and pink with. What I wasn't too fond of was the fact that there aren't any thumbnails on show, so you never know what kind of picture you'll be looking at. But I suppose the color coded grid does have it's advantages.



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This site is definately a must see for black celeb fans. The database of celebrities is daunting, and there's a shit load of content to go through. All the big name stars are here, and even the lesser known stars make their appearances on this site. All your black celeb needs will certainly be met on this site, check it out now!

Pros & Cons

  • + Lots of black celebs
  • + All the big name stars are here
  • + Mountains of content
  • + Great search tools
  • + Site presentation is great
  • + Lots of celebrity info