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Celeb Defamer 2339 Celeb Defamer Enjoy thousands upon thousands of hot celebrity fakes within the massive photo archives of Celeb Defamer.
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Celeb Defamer

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Celeb Defamer

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Enjoy thousands upon thousands of hot celebrity fakes within the massive photo archives of Celeb Defamer. Expect to see all of the big name stars along with some lesser known stars having their faces pasted on to some of the most erotic pictures which result in some of the steamiest fakes on the net. Certainly one to check out if you love your celebrities but wanted to see them in more risque photo shoots.

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Unfortunately a good number of big stars wouldn't be caught dead starring in porn and posing nude which is a damn shame because they would make some of the hottest porn around. So knowing that celebs won't be starring in XXX rated films any time soon some masterful photoshoppers have gone out of their way to bring us the next best thing to seeing celebrities showing off their bods and that's making us some great fakes by sticking the celebrities oh so gorgeous faces and stuck them on bodies of hot pornstars. From what I've seen some of the work is great and unless you look at the pictures with a magnifying glass you would probably pass them off as real, there are a few pictures which don't seem right mostly because their heads look a little too big for their bodies however they're far and few between.

Being a site which is dedicated to fakes it goes without saying that the site is heavily based on photo content. There are a few fake videos thrown in for good measure however they're heavily outweighed by the photo content, just to give you an example of how over shadowed the video content is there's only a current total of 5 exclusive fake videos as opposed to 164,270 fakes! Now I'm sure you can understand why I said the site is heavily photo based but hey if you were looking for fakes anyway I'm sure that's what you were expecting so it's all good. To give you a rough idea on what kind of stars you can expect to see on this site you'll come across the likes of Natalie Portman, Agelina Jolie, Kiera Knightly and plenty more, they've even included some Asian stars, and celebrities way back from yester year. Basically if you can name a star off the top of your head you'll more than likely see fakes of her on this site.

With sites like this the issue of consistent photo quality is always a big factor. However I'm sure fans of fake content knew that it's pretty much impossible to keep all the photos in the same dimensions, clarity, and colors. For the most part though the photos look nice and tend to be quite large as well, you will come past the odd grainy and faded looking photo however they're quite sparse and even though they don't look that bad either. Overall I would have to say that the photo content is pretty decent even though the quality and sizes do tend to be all over the place.

Well there's not much else to say about the content on Celeb Defamer because that's pretty much it, their archives are definitely of impressive magnitude plus the fact that the site is regularly updated guarantees members that they won't be running out of hot fakes in a hurry. In addition to all the content on this site members also gain access to another celebrity site which includes real pictures and videos, obviously though they aren't as risque as the stuff on this site, in fact most of it is accidental but still quite a turn on just because celebrities are so damn hot. Now the porn doesn't stop just yet because members also gain access to the entire All Elite Pass network which consists of 15 exclusive sites each one dedicated to a specific niche and given the variety of categories they have covered just about any type of porn fan can benefit from this awesome network.

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Celebrity lovers will certainly be turned on once they reach the tour pages of Celeb Defamer! You'll rub your eyes in disbelief that all your favorite celebs are on the tour pages showing off their knockers and pussies of course it isn't real but still it looks so damn great, one way or another celeb fans will be instantly hooked from the tantalizing sample pictures there aren't any sample videos obviously because it's only a minor part of the content but I'm sure the mouth watering photos will be more than enough to get celeb fans joining up left right and center.

Once you've logged in through tour pages you will immediately be taken to what looks like a portal page for all the sites on the All Elite Pass network. From here you can access all the bonus sites I mentioned earlier along with Celeb Defamer you'll find the links as you scroll down this page in the form of thumbnail and banner links. At the very bottom of this page you'll find information on all the latest updates across all the sites on the All Elite Pass network along with the top rated movies which have been voted by fellow members giving newbies some advice on which episodes are the best. There's a fair bit advertisement on the members area but thankfully the aren't the flashing eye sore type plus they never really get in the way so it's not too bad.

Making your way to the members area of Celeb Defamer can be done with a simple click on the banner link provided the same can be said for all the other sites on the network. You'll find that the site layout and the general site presentation of the members area for Celeb Defamer is quite professional, every thing is nicely spaced out and basically everything looks very neat. At the very top of the page is where the site logo is as per usual along with links to the content section and most recent news, from here you can also access the real celeb content by clicking on the link provided. The main members area includes all of the latest updates on the site plus every thing else that's new with the site.

Finding the celebrity you are after can't get much easier as you can simply enter her name in to the celebrity search engine, if you aren't too good at remembering names you can browse through them alphabetically and the list includes a portrait of the celebrity to further help those of you who can't remember that hot celebs name. That's pretty much it as far as search tools go and to be honest that's pretty much all that is needed as I found the celebrities I was after with no problems what so ever. Once you've found the celebrity you're after and have clicked on her link you will be taken to the main gallery from where you can view the various fakes. The photos are organized on indexed pages the number of pages depends on how many pictures the celebrity has on offer. These galleries work just like any standard photo gallery where you must click on the thumbnail to view the full picture. Nothing new and revolutionary here but like they say if it ain't broke don't fix it.

I felt the videos section could have been presented a little better but given the fact that there are only a few available I suppose it's not that big a deal. The main thing I wasn't too fond of is that there are no thumbnails representing the videos so you never really know what they look like until you've downloaded the entire scene. The problem here is that members might end up downloading a scene and not like it wasting the bandwidth they used up to download the entire scene. Now it might not seem like much to those of you with blistering fast connections with close to unlimited downloads but one way or another it would have been nice if they included some screen shots of the video to give members a better idea on what the scene looks like.



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Having quite the sweet tooth for hot celebrities I really enjoyed the hot fakes available on this site, big credit to the photoshop artists who have done a bang up job on making the fakes look as real as possible. The archive of fakes is massive and with regular updates members always have something new to check out. The video archive may be a little small but with a site like this it doesn't really matter. I had no major problems with this site in fact I highly recommend it to all celeb fans.

Pros & Cons

  • + Fakes look great
  • + Lots of well known celebrities
  • + Easy to find celebs with search tools
  • + Good site presentation
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Access to tons of bonus content