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Female Stars 2372 Female Stars Female Stars has been providing the net with sexy pictures of well known celebrities since 1995 so it's no surprise that their database is MASSIVE.
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Female Stars

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Female Stars

Short Review

Female Stars has been providing the net with sexy pictures of well known celebrities since 1995 so it's no surprise that their database is MASSIVE! They've got everything from movie stars, models, sexy athletes, you get the idea, if they're famous then you'll more than likely find them naked on this site. Female stars provides a mix of photo and video content, there's also saucy gossip on celebs and plenty more extras for the celebrity buff.

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Now there's quite a few celebrity sites of this type floating around the internet but I can say with much confidence that Female Stars is the biggest and most diverse celebrity based sites I've come across thus far. Your jaw will drop on the sheer volume of pictures and video clips there are available for members to download. Needless to say the bulk of the content is softcore in nature including nude photos of hot celebrities, some of the photos don't even include nudity as they're just sexy photos of the celebrities. Some of the video content on offer can tend to get quite hardcore, well as hardcore as celebrity sex tapes can get I suppose, but knowing it's that steaming hot celeb getting banged makes them oh so hot.

Having been up and running for over a decade it's not surprising that Female Stars database of content is pretty damn epic. There's a grand total of over 1,300,000 individual pictures and over 12,000 video clips spanning across over 25,000 celebrities which members can dig in to. That's not the end of it either as the site still gets updated quite regularly, put it this way if there's new sexy photos of a hot celebrity that pops up anywhere in the world it won't be long till Female Stars get their hands on it. Their range of celebrities is also on an epic scale including movie stars, athletes, models, singers, soap stars, T.V stars, and foreign Celebs in 90 different countries! So it goes without saying that celebrity fans are going to have their hands busy for quite some time, in fact with the magnitude of content available they may just be set for life.

Quality of the photos is all over the shop as one would expect from a celebrity site. See the pictures are a mix of magazine scans, photos taken from various events, paparazzi shots, and screen shots taken from movie scenes. Some pictures are large especially the magazine scans whilst others are a little on the small side, thankfully though they're all relatively clear some of the older magazine scans do tend to look a little...well aged is the only word I can think of but overall even though the consistency of quality isn't that high they're all relatively decent.

The same goes for the video content, they've all got the home made amateur look to them as they pretty much are sex tapes, not full on hardcore scenes shot under artificial conditions. So some do tend to look a little grainy with crappy lighting and shit angles but you can usually see what's happening, don't get me wrong they aren't horrible just don't go expecting what you normally see on a typical hardcore site. Video options allow members to download videos with no DRM restrictions and stream their videos off the site. Videos run for 5 minutes max, though there are a few videos that are quite short not even reaching the 1 minute mark. Videos come in both wmv and mpeg format, while the wmv videos specs tend to drop and rise quite dramatically through out the various videos, the mpegs are a lot more consistent available in bit rates of (800kbps @ 400x300).

Other than all the hot pictures and videos of the sexy female celebrities there's also a ton of extras to keep members in the know with what's going on in the crazy world of Hollywood. You can read up on Celebrity Scoops to find out the latest rumors and going ons with well known celebrities, celebrity gossip including steamier news than the scoops, celebrity mugshots and the stories behind the mugshots, vintage celebrity photos, plenty more information on the lovely celebrities. For bonus content members are treated to truck loads of feeds including pictures and videos, keep in mind these are hardcore feeds so they're always nice to check out when you're itching to watch some hardcore content. That's not the end of the bonus content because members also gain full access to 35 bonus sites all covering a different category, now that's definitely more porn than any man can handle!

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Well the tour sites are definitely going to get the celebrity fan's attention given screen shots of Linsay Lohan sucking cock taken from her cell phone. Scrolling further down there are sample pictures of Britney Spears nude shower clips, Megan Fox taking a skinny dip, and plenty more pictures of hot celebrities showing off their goods. You'll notice that just below the top banner there are links which will take you to different sections of the tour page, these include the actress, musicians, and athletes sections which basically look like the main tour page except they show sample pictures of the corresponding genre of stars.

Upon login you will immediately be taken to the celebrity section of the site which is pretty much movie stars and singers mixed together. At the top is where you'll find the navigation menu which will allow you to visit the other sections of the site including the athletes, models, singers, soap, movie stars, and TV girls. Down the left side of the site is where the search tools are situated, you can either type in the name of the celebrity within the search box provided or click on the drop down menu which includes letters allowing you to browse through celebrities alphabetically if you aren't too good with remembering names. Below the top navigation I just mentioned is where the links to the different bonus feeds can be found, a single click on these and you will be ported to another page from where you can access all the bonus content.

Upon clicking the different tabs to port you to different the different sections of the site you will be presented with the 15 most popular celebrities in that genre. Above the 15 thumbnails for the most popular celebs you'll notice numbered links, needless to say this will take you to the various indexed pages all of which include 15 thumbnail links per page. Clicking on said thumbnail link will take you to that celebs main page from where you can read up about her and check out her stats. From there you will also be able to access all of her pictures and videos simply by clicking on their thumbnails.

You may notice the quickies tab found within the top navigation menu. What this link will take you to is a page dedicated to specialty galleries, what do I mean by specialty galleries? Well take for example there's a gallery completely dedicated to Baywatch stars, other galleries are of vintage pictures, Survivor series galleries, and plenty more. I felt they've categorized and organized their content and celebrities quite appropriately and makes the kind of content you're after very easy to find. The site presentation is also quite nice, even though the site is mostly made up of light and bright colors it's never too straining on the eyes.



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I think my view on this celebrity based site is already pretty clear. Yes this is the must see site for all celebrity fans, I would even for as far as saying that it is the best celeb site I've come across thus far. With a massive archive of photos and videos, and an even larger range of hot celebrities to choose from you just can't go wrong. The quality does tend to drop and rise a bit but that's pretty standard on sites like this. Celb fans don't miss out on this one!

Pros & Cons

  • + Heaps of content
  • + Lots of different celebrities
  • + Good search tools
  • + Very easy to navigate
  • + Site looks nice
  • + Very active on updates
  • + Nice extras