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French Movie Babes 1820 French Movie Babes What's hotter than a horny French lady? A naked French celebrity that's what! French Movie Babes is brought to you by the good fellas at Mr. Skin.
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French Movie Babes

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French Movie Babes

Short Review

What's hotter than a horny French lady? A naked French celebrity that's what! French Movie Babes is brought to you by the good fellas at Mr. Skin. A company well known for bringing you the best celebrity nudity on a grand scale. You can expect to see big name French celebrities who have starred in Hollywood movies. But it doesn't end there either, they've also included T.V stars, and sport stars, as long as they're famous and can give any man a hard on, they're on this site!

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I'll be honest with you, and tell you that I don't know too many French celebs. But from what I've seen so far, they're just as attractive as American stars, besides they wouldn't be shown on the big screen if they weren't hot right? One celebrity I was familiar with is the lovely Eva Green, well known for her role in the Casino Royale movie. You'll get to see her fully nude on this site, bush and everything! Obviously the content on this site can't really be classified as hardcore, in fact some content can't even be classified as porn as the celebrities are fully clothed. Clothed or not, these ladies could turn on even the most hard pleased man.

Most of the content comprises of screen captures, and video clips taken out from various movies. Members are also treated with magazine photo shoots, and photos from important events the stars have attended. French Movie Babes is updated quite frequently, and in this week alone was filled with 42 pictures, and 2 new clips. There's a massive amount of content to go through. In total there are over 9,900 pictures, and over 3,800 short clips which run for 1 to 5 minutes each. Given the frequent updates, members are sure to be entertained for months on end.

Although the picture content is mostly screen captures, they've done a great job on keeping the quality decent. These shouldn't be compared to porn screen captures, as they are by far superior in quality, and come in huge sizes of up to (1113x924 pixels), some images do appear a little grainy, but it's ever so subtle, and doesn't deter from the overall quality. Depending on the celebrity, you will also come across magazine shoots, and photos. Needless to say these are awesome in quality, and also come in large sizes similar to the screen captures.

Most of the video clips on offer are fairly short, so you rarely have to sit through a lengthy download period. Before downloading, or streaming the videos, you may want to download an FLV player, as they won't play through your standard windows media player. The videos have been encoded in a fairly decent bit rate, being 900kbps. video size is also quite decent measuring in at 400x300. Overall they're a fairly decent watch, not spectacular, but they certainly get the job done, and they're generally quite clear.

Nav, Design & Features

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French movie Babes has a great looking user interface, complete with nice designs, easy on the eyes color scheme, and a simple layout. I was also quite impressed with the search tools on offer, and even through there's a ton of celebrities to go through, it's easy enough to find exactly what you're after. There were a few small things which got to me, but they weren't overly critical, and can be shrugged off.

The homepage is where you want to be to keep up to date on the latest, and greatest. At the top of the homepage there's a section dedicated to the babe of the day. Obvisouly this changes on a daily basis, and is a great place to start if you're having troubles choosing which celebrity you wish to view. Below this section you'll find information in regards to the site stats, including the total amount of pictures, video clips, and how many updates were loaded within the week. Down the length of the right side of the site, there's a section on the top 10 searched celebrities. This will definately help people out who don't know too many French celebrities like myself.

The left side of the homepage is where you'll find all the search tools. There's a search engine provided if you already know the name of the celebrity you're after. If you aren't too good with names however, there's a nice selection of browsing cateogories to help you out. You can search through celebrities via body features, including breast size, hair color, and whether or not the celebrity has shown bush or not. All in all, these search tools were great, and will definately help you out if you don't know the celebrities names.

Once you've finally chosen the celebrity you want to perve on, you'll be taken to her main page. This page includes a ton of information about your chosen celebrity, including her biography, what movies she's starred in, and some trivia. The bottom half of the page is where you'll find her content, and this is probably the only aspect of the site I wasn't too fond of. The content is organized in a color coded grid, the different colors specify how much nudity, or if there's any nudity at all in the clip, or image. There aren't any thumbnails so you'll just have to go with your best bet. In a way it is helpful, though I prefer browsing through content via thumbnails.



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This site is a French celebrity fan's dream. The huge database of celebrities, along with the epic amounts of content will make the task of choosing where to start, a mind boggling one. Quality isn't fantastic, which was to be expected, but it never gets to the point where they're horrible to look at. Definitely worth a look at if you're familiar with French celebrities, or if you generally like hot French women.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tons of content
  • + Lots of celebrities
  • + Includes big name stars
  • + Great search tools
  • + Site looks nice