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GoGo Celebs 2340 GoGo Celebs Gogo Celeb is a unique site where movies and TV shows are turned into nasty, hardcore, adults-only cartoons.
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GoGo Celebs

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GoGo Celebs

Short Review

Gogo Celeb is a unique site where movies and TV shows are turned into nasty, hardcore, adults-only cartoons. The collection here consists of exclusive comic book style cartoon drawings based on popular actors, actresses, movie and TV characters and even video games, all with a very naughty slant! Batman, Lost and Battlestar Galactica are just the beginning of the naughty toon collection here, and membership includes 20 additional network sites, most of which feature live action hardcore porn!

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  • Quality: 0/15
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The collection here at Gogo Celeb consists only of cartoon images. There are no video toons, just small cartoon image sets featuring various characters from movies, TV shows, anime series and video games going very naughty things. Some of the featured TV shows are Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Prison Break and Desperate Housewives. Movies include Spiderman 3, Pirate of the Caribbean, 300 and 10,000 BC. Video games and anime flicks featured include Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy 12 and Rumble Roses. Only a few of the cartoons feature text. Most are simply drawings of various naughty deeds like fucking, blow jobs, pussy licking, toy play and more, all going on between cartoony celebs and characters.

There are 21 image sets with around five pictures each so far. There are no dates on any of the materials, and even though the site's news section mentions updates, no specific info is given and I really have no idea if or when the collection here will be increasing. Because of this lack of update information, I felt that the included network access was particularly important. You can access 19 additional, exclusive sites in popular porn categories such as ebony, cream pies, teens, hand jobs, butts, MILFs and even faked celebrity photos.

The cartoon porn images here range from around 900 to over 1200 pixels on the long side. They are very crisp and clear and feature bright, vivid colors. I thought they looked very nice and slick for this type of content, but I was a little disappointed by the fact that very few of the cartoons bear much resemblance to the characters or celebs they are supposed to represent. In fact, if I just happened across most of these images elsewhere, in almost all cases, I would have no idea who the characters were supposed to be based on the way they are drawn. In some cases, props, costumes and settings give it away, but many of these just seem too generic to be meant to represent anything in particular.

Nav, Design & Features

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Gogo Celeb's tour is done with neat and clean looking white and grey backgrounds and comic book style graphics, and many of the cartoons from the member's area are previewed here. You can also see a list which includes most of the available bonus sites.

Gogo Celebs is part of the All Elite Pass network, and all 20 of the network sites are available from a central member's area. Logging in puts you on the main page for the overall collection. From here, you can easily link over to many of the sites using the list near the top of the page, but you'll need to head to the drop down menu in the top corner in order to access the Gogo Celeb section.

At the top of the main entrance page is the navigation menu for the network, and no matter what page you end up on within the site, the same basic menu will always be there, so it's pretty easy to get around. The options include updates, a list of all included sites, a bonus DVD archive and search, plus two other choices, find a date and live chat which lead to ads or up-sells. When you enter a specific site's section, the photos and/or videos will be listed there with a view all link to enter the full archives. In the case of Gogo Celeb, that's pretty much all you need. From there, you can view the images from each set, and download the sets in ZIP files.

The network as a whole is rather short on details. No scene info is listed for the celeb based porn toons here, and the update log doesn't even list dates. The search page is also rather lackluster since you can really only search for models names, and that's particularly unhelpful for the cartoon collection. I'd much prefer to see some sort of system which would allow users to search for keywords and categories.



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I've never seen a site quite like Gogo Celeb, and for that reason alone, I think it's worth a look for anyone interested in the concept. That being said, the collection here is a bit small, and I am a little wary about the update schedule since there is virtually no solid info given. I'd also like to see the characters drawn to look a little more like the people they are supposed to resemble. In the end, I think the site works well as part of the Elite Pass network package.

Pros & Cons

  • + Unique, exclusive materials
  • + 19 bonus sites included
  • + ZIP files to download sets
  • + Nice, large drawings
  • - Toons often bear no resemblance to celebs
  • - Pretty small so far
  • - No update info