Horror Movie Babes
Horror Movie Babes 1822 Horror Movie Babes Horror Movie Babes provides nudity of the glamorous scream queens we all know and love. You will see the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt, and the glamorous MILF Jamie Lee Curtis on this very site.
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Horror Movie Babes

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Horror Movie Babes

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Horror Movie Babes provides nudity of the glamorous scream queens we all know and love. You will see the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt, and the glamorous MILF Jamie Lee Curtis on this very site. There is an overwhelming total of over 19,000 pictures, and over 5200 clips filled with nudity, sexy shots, and a little bit of bush if you are lucky. Once again Mr. Skins has produced one top notch celebrity site.

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Out of all the celebrity sites Mr. Skins has conjured up, this is the only one which made me ask the question, Why?. I mean the niche of celebrities is too specific, how many could there be? But Mr. Skins has proved me wrong, and has pulled through once again on massive content numbers, and a daunting database of scorching hot celebrities. I was surprised to see quite a few well known actors, who I never thought starred in horror films. Included in the line up is the goddess Jessica Biel, and the Mexican honey Salma Hayek. So there's definitely a good number of well known stars here.

Being a celebrity site, most of you would know that this is the kind of site you don't go looking for hardcore porn on. In fact the content on offer is way on the other end of the spectrum. Some content gets is so softcore that the ladies are fully clothed, but don't worry you'll still see the celebrities in sexy photos, and some of them even offer shots of their famous pussy. And I'm sure that I speak for all of us when I say these ladies are hot enough to get off to even if they are fully clothed. Now that you know what you won't see on this site, let me fill you in on what you will see.

Most of the content available comes in the form of screen captures, and short clips. These have been taken out from the various movies the celebrities star in, so the video clips are quite short. Some run for less then a minute, while others can go for a solid 5 minutes. Currently there's exactly 19,110 pictures to browse though, and a total of 5,242 video clips. Updates also come in quite frequently, with 21 pictures in this week alone, there's no sign of them slowing down.

I felt as though there could have been a few more downloading options available, as the only video format available is FLV, meaning you'll have to get a FLV player if you plan of downloading the videos, because the standard windows media player won't play that format. Obviously the clips are also available to stream straight of the site. Both the downloadable, and streamed videos come in a video bit rate of (900kbps @ 400x300). These videos are also available in lower quality formats, which are ideal for members on slower connections. Overall the quality isn't spectacular, though they're still quite a good watch.

Now some of you are probably thinking "crap! The pictures are screen captures". But you'll be wrong to compare these screen captures, to the ones you usually see on porn sites. For starters there's no rapid movement, so blurs are kept to a minimum. Plus the ones on this site are generally quite clear, you may notice a bit of graininess, though it's only very subtle. But the biggest difference is they come in huge dimensions of up to (1005x836 pixels). So as you can tell, these screen caps are on a whole different level compared to porn screen captures.

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Navigating through Horror Movie Babes is a fairly straight forward task. Plus the site itself isn't too bad to look at either. The banner has a twisted, horror feel to it, and if you have any troubles remembering the name of the actor you're after, there are plenty of search tools which will help you out with that. All in all it's a nice site to browse, with a few rough edges that don't really deter from the overall experience.

On the homepage, the first thing you'll probably notice is the section marked Today's Babe of the day. Obviously this changes on a daily basis, and if you're hard pressed on picking where to start, this will certainly come in handy. To the right is a column dedicated to the top 10 searched celebs, and surprise, surprise, Jessica Alba is at the top. The rest of the homepage consists of information in regards to the latest updates, and specs on content numbers.

Down the length of the left side of the page is where you'll find all the various search tools. If you already know the name of the actor you're looking for, you can simply type it in the search box provided. However, if you can't remember the actor's name, but remember her body features such as hair color, breast size, and whether she's shown her pussy or not, you can search through those criteria as well.

So once you've found the actor you want, simply click on the link provided, and you'll be directed to a page dedicated entirely to her. On this page you'll find a detailed bio, including information on when, and where she was born, and a nudity rating which indicates how much nudity content she provides. Down at the very bottom of this page is where you'll find the content.

The content is organized in a spread sheet like grid which is color coded. The different colors depict how much nudity there is in the video, or picture, and in that sense it can be very handy. However, the content isn't presented in thumbnails, so you never know what the picture is going to look like. Which is a minor problem in my books, but at times it does get a little annoying.

So that pretty much sums up the navigation of the site. For the most part it is very easy to browse, with my only problem being with the way the content is presented. To be fair though, it can easily be shrugged off, because the great content, and all the hot celebrities, drowns out this minor flaw.



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Mr. Skins just can't do any wrong. Here is yet another site of epic proportions, teeming with hot celebrities for members to get off to. The consistent updates will ensure that members will never run out of content to check out, and the database is so dauntingly huge, it's a task just picking where to start. I'm sure it's blatantly obvious by now that this site is definitely a must see. So if you're a big celebrity fan, check this one out right away!

Pros & Cons

  • + Plenty of hot celebs
  • + Includes lots of big name stars
  • + Mountains of content to see
  • + Great search tools
  • + Very easy to navigate