Italian Movie Babes
Italian Movie Babes 1823 Italian Movie Babes Italian Movie Babes is one of the many sites produced by the celebrity gurus behind Mr. Skins.
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Italian Movie Babes

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Italian Movie Babes

Short Review

Italian Movie Babes is one of the many sites produced by the celebrity gurus behind Mr. Skins. This site provides a massive database of all the well known Italian celebrities like Monica Bellucci, plus all the lesser known stars who are still hot enough to get most people going. The content available largely derives from the various movies, celebrity outings, and magazine shoots. Most of which can't really be classified as porn, However the site isn't without a healthy amount of nudity to indulge

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I love those luscious celebrities just as much as the next man, but when it comes to Italian celebrities in particular, I'm afraid I'm not the best person to come running to for information. American celebrities yeah, I could fire off dozens of names off the top of my head, but as far as Italians go, I could probably name one, or two. Anyway, those of you who do know your Italian celebrities back to front will definately want to check this site out, because their database of celebs is epic.

As I mentioned in the short review, the content available can't be classified as porn, well hardcore porn anyway. So unless you're a big celebrity fan, then you may want to look else where. Don't worry though, you'll get to see your fair share of nudity on this site, but that's pretty much as far as it goes. Some of the ladies star in sex scenes, but they're obviously very softcore. Being as gorgeous as these celebrities are though, they could be taking out the rubbish, and it would still be a turn on.

The kind of content you can expect to see largely consists of screen shots, and video clips taken out from the many movies the celebrities star in. Members will also find a few magazine shoots, and pictures taken from celebrity events as well. So it's all quite softcore stuff, some celebrities don't even provide any nudity content, but that doesn't change the fact that they look oh so hot in the pictures.

Just like the database of celebrities, the amount of content provided is on an epic scale. All up there's a total of over 7400 pictures, and over 3300 video clips. And that isn't the end of it either, because the site is updated very constantly, so far in this week alone there have been 31 new pictures, and 6 new clips. So it's pretty safe to say that members will be hard pressed on running out of content to view.

Now although the bulk of the pictures are screen captures, you'll be wrong to compare these with porn screen captures, because for the most part the scenes don't involve rapid movement, eliminating those nasty blurs you're used to seeing in porn content. Plus the screen caps on this site are very large, sometimes reaching (1176x775 pixels) in size, so they aren't small by any means. Quality stays fairly consistent through out the collection, and I'm glad to say that they're fairly decent. They can get slightly grainy, though it's only very subtle, and you probably won't notice anyway.

The videos on offer are short clips, some barely breach the 1 minute mark, while others go for a good 5 minutes. All videos are encoded in FLV format, and are available to stream, and download. That being said, you'll want to acquire a FLV player if you plan on viewing the downloadable videos, as they won't work through the standard windows media player. Both the downloadable, and streamed versions are available in the same encoding rate of (900kbps @ 400x300). Although the specs aren't spectacular, actual viewing quality is a different story, as they're quite a decent watch.

Nav, Design & Features

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Italian Movie Babes presents itself quite nicely, the layout of the site is nice, the color scheme is a shade of brown, and very mild, and is generally easy on the eyes. Navigation is also fairly straight forward, though there were a few gripes I had, but I'll get into those a little later. Overall though, I felt the site is a fairly easy browse, all the while looking great as well.

The homepage is the place to be to keep up to date on all the current news. This page includes the latest updates, and the current stats as far as content numbers go. The homepage also has the top 10 searched celebrities, the latest celeb goss, and the various tools to find the celebrities you're after. All in all, a very informative, and helpful homepage.

Down the left side of the homepage you'll notice quite a few links. Most of these are tools which will help you search through the archive of celebrities. If you know the name of the celebrity you're after you can simply type it in the search box provided. If however you aren't familiar with the celebrity names, you have the option of searching through the database via body features, such as hair color, breast size, body type, and whether or not she shows full nudity. With all these search tools at your disposal, you should have no problems finding the celeb you're looking for.

After you've accessed the celebrity of your choice, you will be presented with the star's page. This includes her bio, and a nudity rating. The nudity rating is made up of stars, 4 of them to be exact. If only one of the stars is filled out, this indicates the celebrity shows hardly any nudity. If however the rating has 4 stars filled out, you'll probably be treated to some shots showing the celebs muff, and maybe even a sex scene.

The celebrity page also includes the content she provides, they can be found towards the very bottom of this page. Now here's where my main complains lay. The content is organized in a color coded grid. If the content shows full nudity it will be in the red section, if there's no nudity it will be under the yellow section. So in that sense the grid is quite helpful. However the content is presented with numbers, with no thumbnails to give you an indication on what the content looks like, this is my main, and only concern about the site, but to be fair, it's not too critical.



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Once again Mr. Skins has developed an awesome site for celebrity fans. As always the celebrity database is huge, and includes all the big name stars, plus the content numbers are outstanding, giving members a shit load of content to get off to. Obviously the content isn't for hardcore porn fans, but I'm sure you guys already knew that. So the final verdict is the site's great, especially if you know a whole heap of Italian celebrities.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tons of celebrities
  • + Includes big name stars
  • + Nice amount of content
  • + Constantly updated
  • + Site looks nice
  • + Helpful search tools