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Mr. Skin has been covering the naughty exploits of naked celebs on film for over 10 years now, and this long-running site is now so famous that it gets its own attention in Hollywood movies now! While other celebrity-based sites rely on outright lies about a Lister's sex tapes that have never and will never exist, Mr. Skin knows that there's so much nudity all over the place that you don't have to make things up!
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Our total rating: 85/100

Detailed Review:


Mr. Skin is, hands-down, the best archive of naked female celebrities on the net No one else can even come close to the sheer number of video clips and photos available here, not to mention the additional entertainment aspect found in the site's numerous extra sections, news reports, celebrity gossip sections, movie reviews, and opinion columns. They've got tons of text reviews and columns, and recently they started adding their own videos that feature spliced together short clips of various movies and TV shows and give members a sneak preview of stuff that's not even out yet.

Because of the way the site is set up, it's virtually impossible to give an accurate count of how many video clips and photos are available here. There must be hundreds of thousands of each, and I wouldn't be surprised if the total combined number of videos and photos is approaching 1 million by now. Instead of set updates at regular intervals like once a week or even once a day, Mr. Skin updates constantly throughout the day with new articles and materials, just like a blog or news site. That means the entertainment value is even higher because there's almost always something new to see every time you visit, even if you visit several times a day.

Another really impressive aspect here is just how broad their catalog of celebrities is, at least within this e-mail celebrity category. They've got naked footage and pictures of some of the most famous women ever to walk the face of the earth, but they also offer the chance to discover lesser-known actresses and performers as well as actresses from those that you may not have ever heard of otherwise. The site rates each star on a five point scale based on how nude and naughty she gets!

Aside from the "celebrity news" style videos that Mr. Skin puts together himself, all of the video and photo materials here are taken from various sources including television shows, Hollywood movies, talk shows, and more. Unlike most other celebrity-based sites I have visited, Mr. Skin doesn't appear to use paparazzi photos, promo shots, or magazine photos, and instead the majority of the pictures here are just screen captures taken from the videos they offer. The quality level of things depends heavily on how good the original source material looked, particularly when it comes to the more recently added stuff. Streaming video clips in Flash format are available at up to 1280 x 720 pixels and look quite nice.

Features & Navigation:

The members area design and layout for Mr. Skin might be a little bit overwhelming to those who are more comfortable with a traditional style porn site in terms of navigation, but for those who are adept at navigating modern blogs and frequently updated sites, getting around should be no problem at all. A main menu near the top of the page takes you to all of the main sections of the site including recently updated materials, a list of all of the included celebrities, a list of movies and television shows that are covered by the site, playlists, Mr. Skin exclusive videos, and a few sections that are really just ads for other sites and services. A keyword search box at the top of the page is a quick lodging place for just about anything you want to find. You'll definitely want to check out the advanced search page where you can get extremely specific in your searches for celebrities, titles, and clips. The site honestly offers many, many more search and navigation options and I would hope to cover here. Rest assured that it's a very advanced site that nevertheless remains simple to use.

Up until very recently, the Mr. Skin videos were available for download. Unfortunately for those who would prefer to be able to save these clips, that's no longer the case. Personally, I didn't really mind the streaming the nature of things because the site is extremely easy to use and the quality of the streaming version is just as good as most downloadable videos I see these days, but I know downloads are an extremely important aspect of any site for a good number of viewers.


Although the nude celebrity scenes available here at Mr. Skin are available from a virtual infinite number of sources, the tidy packaging and extensive extras including reviews, commentary, news, and more really make this a unique destination. I honestly can't think of another celebrity site that truly gets it right, and in a way I think a membership to the site really pays more for a service than a product. Celebrity skin fans, this is the site you've been waiting for!

Pros & Cons

+ Massive collection of nude female celebs
+ Constant daily updates
+ Interesting extras and features
+ No fake sex tapes or other lies
- All main celeb materials can be found elsewhere
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