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Mr Skin 1825 Mr Skin It started back in 1999 when a guy called Jim McBride used his extensive knowledge of nudity in movies, boob flashes on screen and full-frontals on film to find these clips and set them up in a websit
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Mr Skin

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It started back in 1999 when a guy called Jim McBride used his extensive knowledge of nudity in movies, boob flashes on screen and full-frontals on film to find these clips and set them up in a website. He'd been on the radio talking about it and called himself Mr Skin, and that's how the legend was born. The site is a collection of clips and stills from movies and TV where your favourite actresses bare all or show a little, and there are thousands of them. A top collection with plenty on offer.

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  • Quantity: 15/15

First of all, these are not porn movies. You're not going to find that long-lost porn video that your favourite starlet made when she was starting out because it's not that kind of site. (Actually, you might, but the point is, it's not your standard porn site.) Mr Skin collects clips and images from film and TV where actresses have been involved in a sex scene, flashed their boobs, walked naked across a room, shown a little thigh or ass cheeks, that kind of thing. Sharon Stone's famous leg-cross in Basic Instinct and Kim Bassinger's frantic sex scene in the rain can be found here, for example, and as Mr Skin is the top site for celebrity nudity, there are going to be plenty more gems.

There are, right now, well over 76,000 clips and videos, and somewhere in the region of 260,000 individual images. Clips can be short, images tend to be screencaps, of course, and there's no separate gallery area, but there's certainly plenty of content to view. Start at the Updates page and there you can see the latest clips and pics with dates, rates and stats. For example, 'Alien Expedition' was just up and showing Cody Renee Cameron and Whitney Neilson in six pics and two clips, and the tag words for those were nude breasts, underwear and butt; it's a standard sex scene from a sci-fi movie. Go to the six clips for 'Speaking of Sex', from 2001, and you'll find more flashes, nude breasts and simulated sex on set.

The updates page is understandably long, so another way to find your content is to use the Browse feature. Here, you have various headings, Celebs, Movies, TV Shows, Clips and Pics and the option to then go and browse all. Each available clip per show is shown on a page with other interesting details, and tabs across to any related pics, a nude scene guide and an episode guide, so you get far more at Mr Skin than just vids and pics, there's excellent information too. You can also 'sort by nudity' which I thought was great. Another handy way to find content is to use the Playlist tool and see what's been made up. Someone's done the work for you here, and you can find collections of clips, loads of bare breasts and asses, some harder sex and playlists with themes such as the hottest newcomers, or best lesbian scenes from movies.

So, there is masses of content here, and you get to stream everything. Movies can be run in Mp4 up to 1,080 x 1,920 or at 1,280 x 720, and there are smaller versions too. I found everything from 360 to 1080p HD, and with good options for streaming. They tend to run for an average of a minute or less as we're not talking whole scenes here. When it comes to the pics, you can expect the screencaps to come out at sizes around 1,940 x 1,140 px, with older ones perhaps being smaller. They are shown neatly enough, and you can browse through and run slideshows when you have larger sets.

On top of this huge collection of erotica, boob flashes, simulated sex scenes from movies and TV shows and the rest, you also have a fun area where you'll get to see some hardcore. It's only short repeating gifs, but over in the Gifs section, you'll find hundreds of these things with BJs, banging and more going on. There's also a page of special deals for members if you want to take a look and grab some discounts to other sites, but there are no actual bonus sites.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 8/10
  • Features: 8/10

Moving around this massive members' area and finding precisely what you want is easier than it sounds. The updates list is long, so you might want to try the search box which, when clicked, opens a list of tag words and some individual names, such as Game Of Thrones, the recent hit, White Lines and even some specific celeb names like Natalie Portman, so you can head straight to the most popular playlists. You can also filter the content through general tag words from nude to ejaculation, or invent your own. The pages like Skin Videos have categories and ways to sort and arrange the content, and the browse page gives you broader headings.

It can take a while to acclimatise yourself to the site and find where everything is, but that's simply because it's so big. But, once you've done that, you find yourself moving around for hours, remembering clips you saw before and then finding them, and it's easy to get happily lost among all the pages and content. That's what I did for a while, and I had no trouble finding my way home, there were no technical issues, and although I couldn't work out how to download some content (maybe I wasn't meant to), I had a hassle-free time.

What's more, you're only paying $15.00 per month to access this vast amount of celeb nudity and horny content. If you sign for a year, you can get that down to $6.00 per month (paid in one instalment per year), and there's also a $5.00 trial to take for a few days if you're still not sure. Watch out for any cross sale on the join page, but apart from that, it's plain sailing to naughty celeb heaven in a site that's still going strong after 20 + years.

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Mr Skin continues to be top of the pops for celebrity nudity, full-on sex scenes from movies, clips and pics of the famous showing everything from butt cheeks to pussy. There are thousands of clips here and even more screencaps from them, with top names and pornstars, some hardcore gifs, some very racy clips, and more and more content is added every day. Mr Skin remains everyone's favourite place for celebrity titillation whatever your favourite movies or TV show.

Pros & Cons

  • + Massive collection
  • + Obscure and well-known content
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Frequent updates
  • + Excellent price
  • - Not exclusive
  • - Cross sale