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18 Closeup 4384 18 Closeup 18 Closeup is a teen themed softcore porn site that specializes in HD videos and extreme close-ups of young, tight pussies and assholes.
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18 Closeup

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18 Closeup

Short Review

18 Closeup is a teen themed softcore porn site that specializes in HD videos and extreme close-ups of young, tight pussies and assholes. In addition to the normal teen toyplay and occasional girl-on-girl action, 18 Close Up also utilizes speculums so you can get really, really close, and the HD format allows you to see more than ever before.

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18 Closeup falls into the teen theme, but more specifically, into the extreme close-up niche. Because their content is brought to you in HD, they're able to truly pull off this theme. We don't just see these girls up close, we see them extremely up close! You can see all kinds of minute folds and muscle spasms, and thanks to their creative use of speculums, you can see the insides of these teens as well. Why, hello, cervix!

There's a lot of exclusive content here, with roughly 300 videos available. Each video runs about 5 minutes long, and is a part of a multi-part longer episode. Depending on your membership, you can either view these in standard quality (640 x 360 pixels), HDV (1280 x 720 pixels), or true HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). Bitrates range from 1000 kbps for the standard to 5000-8000 kbps for the HD. Unfortunately, HD videos are only available to those who pay a premium price that is $6 to $12 higher than the standard membership. Accompanying each video is a set of photos, which are just screenshots from the movies. These too have quality options, and you can choose from HDV (1280 pixels on the long side) or HD (1920 pixels on the long side). The site is updated with new videos twice a week.

The models here are young and pretty, and there are close to 60 to choose from. All of them are white, and all of them are amateurs. Some of the girls are featured as a pair and do multiple episodes together, but most of the stuff is solo work. The site has a section for bonus content, which consists of 9 bonus models with several episodes apiece. I wasn't able to figure out why these are bonuses, as both the videos and the girls themselves look like everything else on the site. This content is even listed with the regular updates, labeled as bonus content, which confuses the issue even more.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour page features a whole lot of red and too much blinking text. Otherwise, it provides a good deal of information. A site stats box tells you exactly how many HD videos they have (248), how many DVD quality videos (59), the number of models (58), and the amount of downloadable content (166.642 gigabytes). They promise full HD quality - 1920 x 1080 pixels and 8000 kbps, which they deliver on. There are lots of episode previews available with thumbnails, scene description/length, and models featured. The first two have 30-second video clips, but the rest don't. The final page of the tour has thumbnails for all of the models on the site.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the members area has a muted beige color scheme, which is much better for the eyes than the blinking red of the tour. The first thing you'll see when you log in is a large banner for the most recent update, but no link to the actual video. Further down, you'll see an update log that lists every update in the site's history. Only one video is linked for each model, so most of this is just text. After scrolling through 3 years of updates, you finally get access to the recent additions.

There's not much to the organization of the site. Aside from the main page as described above, there are pages for models, updates, and bonuses. You can scroll through pictures of models to find their content, or you can go to the updates page and find...a list of pages of updates. Yes, clicking on the updates page will bring you to a list of latest update pages (choose page 1 - page 31) and older update pages (choose page 1 - page 12). Each of the second tier update pages has 5-10 episodes listed. That's it - no search boxes, no filtering, no categories.

Videos are available for download only, and are offered in AVI format for each of the three quality levels. While there are buttons for ZIP files of the screenshots, there's a note below each one that says, "Zipped screenshots are not yet available." Sure enough, clicking to download a ZIP file will redirect you to a tour page. So as far as pictures go, for now, you're limited to the 7 photos/screenshots that are previewed with each update.



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The true HD videos are the best thing 18 Closeup has to offer. HD adds a lot to the extreme closeups, and you really can see things you've never seen before. But the site needs some major improvements. Content needs to be linked together, update pages need to be streamlined, ZIP files need to be added, and something needs to be done about all the scrolling necessary to get to anything. Check it out if you'd like to see teen anatomy up close and personal, but have a scroll wheel ready!

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive teens showing pussy closeups
  • + Unusual things like speculums also included
  • + Updates regularly
  • - Site is way too plain
  • - Sets listed by text links only
  • - Must pay more for the HD videos