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Body Parts 5157 Body Parts Body Parts is a unique site that focuses on close-ups of female models and sex acts like blow jobs.
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Body Parts

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Body Parts

Short Review

Body Parts is a unique site that focuses on close-ups of female models and sex acts like blow jobs. The site is the only online spot to see the pictures and videos shot by popular close-up photographer Frannie Adams. The site features both amateur gals as well as professional porn models showing off their pussies, breasts, mouths, and other body parts close-up. You'll see lots of posing and spread shots and a little bit of hardcore action here. Let's take a look inside for the full story!

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Body Parts has been online for a couple of years now, and while the site claims to update multiple times per week in each of its various sections, it's actually a bit difficult to get a handle on exactly how many full scenes are offered here and how frequently things are truly updated due to the way the site is set up. Photo sets and videos are often divided into several different pieces and released separately, so it's hard to say exactly how many full-length scenes are offered here. There are somewhere around 1200 individual video clips and 700 partial photo galleries. My best guess is that there are somewhere around 300 full galleries and perhaps 300 or 400 flicks.

The close-ups here mostly focus on pussies, complete with lots of close-up spread shots. You'll also see butts, ass cracks, breasts, mouths, tongs, and even feet, displayed in an extreme close-up style. There's lots of detail here, and you will literally be able to see every single goose bump and hair on these models bodies. In addition to the straight posing and spread shot videos, the site also offers a bit of action that includes everything from fairly tame lesbian touching and kissing to full on hardcore sex. The site features models from all different ethnic backgrounds and even includes some pregnant models, but one type of model that Frannie Adams will not shoot is a model with fake breasts. Every single tit you will see here is all-natural and homegrown.

While the concept here is fairly unique, the site itself comes across as somewhat generic due to the complete lack of model or scene info and the repetitive, nondescriptive names of the videos and photo sets such as "Isabella" or "Isabella 2." Often times, several clips go together to form a full scene, but the clips aren't released at the same time and aren't listed anywhere near each other. I don't think most members will appreciate the amount of effort that goes into finding a full set or scene here, so just a little bit of effort to get things more organized would go a long way.

In keeping with the close-up scene here, quality is pretty nice overall. The photos, in particular, are extremely well shot and have perfect, lifelike color balance and good clarity. Some of the videos I downloaded were somewhat discolored, with the models begin appearing in odd shades of yellow or orange. Other videos are almost as flawless as the pictures. These flicks are available for download at up to 1280 x 720 pixels with bitrates in the 3000 kbps range.

Nav, Design & Features

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Although the tour pages don't give a lot of factual information about the size of the site or the update status, I appreciated the clean lines and simple navigation, and it offers an excellent chance to see the kind of models and close-up posing and action you'll see inside the members' area.

As I mentioned, the way the materials here are presented isn't exactly user-friendly. The fact that the videos are split into so many different pieces and released at different times makes it difficult to see a full-length flick. The keyword search box can help, but since titles often repeat (for example, there are 4 different updates titled Krissy 1) it can be hard to know which updates go together to form full movies.

The majority of the videos here are available only for download in your choice of WMV or MP4 format, and some of the more recent additions are also available for streaming in Flash format. The photo sets are offered for viewing in basic thumbnail galleries and may also be downloaded in ZIP files.



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The Body Parts collection offers an interesting concept with good quality photos and videos, but the way the full-length videos are dragged out over time and the disorganized way the materials are presented are definitely noticeable problems. I'd like to see a more reasonable way of getting around here, but the materials themselves are certainly worth a look if you're interested in seeing this kind of close-up photography.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive close-up materials
  • + Good mix of posing, spreadshots, hardcore, lesbian
  • + Closeups of multiple body parts